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Text-only alternate to available templates?


I have worked my way through the available templates during my trial period but cannot find one (or modify an existing one) that meets my needs.

Briefly, my needs are:

  • Text-only blog format
  • Site name at the top of the page
  • Logo beside, below or above my site-name
  • Navigation menu alone in a sidebar
  • Date/timestamp under the title of posts

The built-in templates are very image-heavy. I’ve been through them all, trying to strip out and pare down the features to meet the above requirements. Perhaps where the site name and logo are concerned, I need to create a banner image containing the logo and the site name?

Paul Thurrott’s and Llewellyn’s blogs are Squarespace-hosted and meet pretty much all my needs but theres no indication which templates they use.

Are sites such as those possible only via self-made templates?

Many thanks for any suggestions!Apologies for my dim-wittedness


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It looks to me like those sites you're referencing use Squarespace version 5 not 6. ie an older version of squarespace. I don't think version 5 is available anymore for new sites.

You are correct in saying that the current Squarespace 6 templates are very image centric. At least half of the templates are aimed at photographers (much to my frustration). I suspect photographers are the biggest customers of Squarespace, given the amount of templates they produce for them!

This issue is discussed here:http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/943/which-template-would-best-for-this-magazine-news-style

However, some of the templates cope fine with or without images. eg this one:http://calvinblogs.com/stephanie-b/

which I got to from here:http://www.squarespace.com/templates/?q=blogging

When you sign up for a new site there is an option to remove all the default content when you get to the editing of the blog pages. I suggest you do this, then add some new image free content. This will give you an idea of which templates cope well without images.

Edited by scoobie

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Is it true you can't sign up for new V5 sites anymore? If so, that sucks. I can't seem to find how to sign up for one anymore... real shame if that's the case.

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Thank-you Scoobie! As to the version 5 templates, I feared as much.

I am off to try out the Peak template, as you so kindly suggested!

Rock on!peter

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