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Ariz Shahbaz

Can I set up email address at my domain?

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I have a website hosted at Squarespace: www.randomcaptures.com.

I wish to integrate emails for myself and my employees as ariz.shahbaz@randomcaptures.com. My question is whether it is possible to do it from Squarespace website? If yes, then how to go about it, because I don’t see any links on the configuration panel.

If Squarespace doesn’t provide email services, what free email services do you recommend?

Update January 15, 2014

Thanks everyone for their valuable inputs. This question has been running since quite a while and I must say, Squarespace should come up with an email solution of its own apart from templates, hosting and domain facilities.

I have integrated Zoho Mail which comes out to be free for the first 3 users and 1 GB data storage. This was more than I required for my business to run for right now. There are other various possibilities for redirecting mails as described in previous posts, and Gmail was kinda pricey for the low budget startup. Thanks Shon for your advice.

To add, there are hosts of other office management stuffs Zoho provides and can be used per your requirements.

Anyways, people who want to configure Zoho to their website, kindly post here so that we are able to help.

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Hi Ariz / Jack,

This support post should point you in the right direction. The bottom line is that whilst Squarespace do not offer email services directly, it is pretty straightforward to enable a 3rd party email provider such as Google Apps to provide email addresses for your domain, regardless of whether it is managed by Squarespace or not.

Web and mobile developer.

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Google apps can do it, but it's a bit expensive at $5/month or so.

Instead I went with http://www.crazydomains.com.au/ which is like $0.50/month.Once you have a email host you need to go back to your domain name server and set up an MX Record and A Record to point to the crazy domains servers.

Don't worry this won't interfere with the A record that already points your domain name to squarespace6.com servers.

Hope this helps

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Zoho Mail is a free solution for email with a custom domain. But as noted in some comments, if you have your own domain provider (where you purchased your domain), often they offer pretty painless email solutions. I believe GoDaddy still includes 1 email address with your domain.

If you've registered for a free domain with Squarespace, you can also use Zoho or any other provider of your choice. We've got a guide for accessing your Squarespace Managed domain and setting up email here:


Finally, if you use a form block on your site to allow visitors to contact you, his effectively masks your email address from the public, and will also curb quite a bit of spam that comes with publicly displaying an email address on your site.

However, just like email forwarding, your replies to form submission emails will come from your personal email address. You'll need a custom email address without forwarding to also reply with your site's domain.

Hope this helps!

Customer Support Supervisor

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Ariz, I am interested in creating internal email addresses using Zoho such as info@mycompany.com, contacts@mycompany.com, etc--is this possible and what are the steps. I signed up already but not sure how to integrate or setup. Thanks!

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I've used Zoho mail for many of my Squarespace sites, but it's not ideal. If you register the domain with Squarespace, I wish they would add a simple email forwarder 'Catchall' to another email address. So simple, would be a massive time saver.

I find Zoho can have delays and be inconsistent in forwarding messages. Google Apps is way too complicated and costs.

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My answer would be yes as I already got this doubt some years back and I worked on it successfully! The mail id which I gave to register into your blog is an example of such mail. Even the site http://essaymama.org/ will allow you to work on as you wish. Hope you would check it out soon!

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