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How can I limit Contributor access to ONLY blog pages?

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Thanks for this. It seems a little strange that they would have such robust blogging tools yet such a limited range of usability.

Well, one can keep hoping. In the meantime I am going to have the various contributors make their submissions via email. (I have nine people contributing to one project blog.) While it is a shabby stand-in for true user privileges, this email method will at least prevents contributors from inadvertently running amok in other design areas of the site.

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Also interested. I'd also like it if there was a way to further restrict those blog-only content editors to being able to write posts and set them to "Needs Review" instead of allowing them to post whenever they want.

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+1 Here also. I have a client that wants to allow other contributors to write stories but wants to have final approval before they go live. A simple solution would be to have a check box for that contributor that says something like" Only allow to post for review/draft".

It would also be great if there was a little check box that said. "Allow or disallow the ability to edit non-blog pages" So we can have them just touch Blog Content and not worry about other more "Designed Pages" Also would be great if similar buttons existed for Events, Galleries.

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Ya to be honest, I though this would have been re-introduced by now - there was a lot more control over what a user could and couldn't do in V5 on a per page/blog basis.

Different editors/authors for example shouldn't be able to log in and have control over other editors/authors blog posts, or even see them. Makes no sense unless its a main site-wide admin.

Standard editors/authors really should be only able to view, edit, delete, publish, assign tags etc to their own posts.

Same applies to the individual page content others talked of above.

Wishful thinking?

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Totally agree. I think I saw somewhere that Squarespace is working on bringing over some of the permissions/audiences/etc controls from ss5 to ss6, but that they couldn't give a timeline for it. (Sorry, I can't remember where exactly I saw this otherwise I'd link.)

@XNBoston - are you using the built-in "post by email" feature?

Because this is how I'm going to be working around this issue. (It'll work if you don't mind the posts getting published automatically. It'd be nice if emailed posts could be added as drafts instead! But.. nope.)

I tested this out, and it seems to work this way:

  • Anyone can post from any email, as long as they have the "post-by-email" address.
  • If the email you're posting from is associated with an Squarespace account, it will fill in your first/last name based on that. If it's not, it'll just display your email address.

So, you could invite someone as a Comment Moderator/Trusted Commenter, and then provide them the post-by-email address. (You can even remove permissions afterwards, if you want.) Then, they'll be able to post to your blog but not actually access any part of the admin console.

Hope that helps somewhat..


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Thanks lisao!

I have used that feature While that feature works well with straight text and an image or two, it does not allow videos, formatting (bold, italic), and other features that actually we have much need for in our posts (especially the video inclusions, as we have many). So unfortunately the email system creates more back-end work than it simplifies.

I appreciate you mentioning this though.

I am hoping SquareSpace finds a solution soon!

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One other issue with the post-by-email is the inability to push content. This is a vital tool – and one main reason i choose SquareSpace. So while a post goes up, we still have to go in and manually push content. As some of our content is time-sensitive, pushing is a key element.

I guess I just have to trust the contributors for now and keep my fingers crossed they don't cause accidents!

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squarespace, any news on this one?

not having a working snapshot site backup functionality and in addition not having fine grained control over content editor's permissions .. makes me think over the whole squarespace solution.

I now need to make a decision if I'll keep on going the squarespace way for me personally and for several new customer sites .. and I'm not sure yet .. unfortunately.

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You can set up multiple "basic authors". But sadly Basic Authors cannot log in to your site currently. You need to add the content and then select the Basic Author from the Author dropdown in the Options tab of the editor.

See here:http://help.squarespace.com/guides/adding-a-basic-author

alt text

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Thanks for your two comments, Scoobie. I don't understand why SS can't provide the option to let basic authors have access to a blog (without further content access). This feature would help me out a lot. As it is now, the post-by-email solution, coupled with the basic author setting, is a very frustrating workaround that prevents some key features (posting videos, editing the blog posts, etc).

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Sort of a step in the right direction. I think what most people want is something that could be called a "Content Contributor" where they could post to a blog or gallery but not see anything else and maybe as a option be limited to "Draft" only so someone with higher authority can decide whether it can be posted.

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