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Do I have to resize my photos before I upload them?

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For the vast majority of images the answer is no, you don't have to resize. When you upload an image to Squarespace, it is resized into several different dimensions to ensure the smallest possible size is loaded on any given page while still maintaining the image's quality.

The only instance in which you'd need to resize a photo is if the image is over 15MB (that is a HUGE image, so you'll likely never hit that limit).

Developer Evangelist at Squarespace.

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You don't have to resize your images before uploading to Squarespace, but you really should. Let me explain.

Squarespace automatically creates 6 sizes of your image for use in different scenarios. This is a super-awesome feature of our system. Although, our system can't necessarily optimize your image as well as you can. Also, the original may come into play on large, high resolution displays ... so the image you upload should only be as large as you're comfortable with putting online.

The image you upload should also be compressed to load as fast as possible without hurting the image quality. For my photography, I use a max-width of 1980 pixels and run them through JPEGmini for compression - works great.

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Hi, I'm a new trial user here. First, I wanted to extend thanks and appreciation for a very elegant look and feel to Squarespace. I wish you all the best. I am running into a resizing/image quality reduction problem when uploading simple screenshots. A very simple need on my potential Squarespace site is uploading screenshots of stock charts. These charts are often less than 200kb, however, when I upload them to the Squarespace trial site, they become blurry and the image quality goes down significantly. Also, I'm unable to click on them and see them in full quality. I'm sure there's an easy way to upload ultra sharp screenshots, as the example photos on my trial site are very sharp and crisp. If we could somehow make screenshot uploading for stock charts very very easy, sharp, allow resizing to be toggled on/off, and allow for some more options for the visitors, I'm certain that many in the trading/investing community would check out Squarespace's offerrings, as there's a trend now for investors/traders to make blogs as journals. If you go to stocktwits.com, you can see how easy it is there to upload your screenshot, and then it can be viewed super clearly instantly. I know that I'm no web wizard like you all, but I can't tell you how many potential new customers you'd attract if you could make this feature as good or better than the stocktwits experience.

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I am seriously considering switching to squarespace, but this image degrade problem is a major issue for me. The images all look more blurry than the original version, and I have tried every solution possible. The fact is that squarespace reduces the image quality when uploading. Razor sharp images don‘t look so sharp. If squarespace can fix problem this I will gladly subscribe, because this is the only issue I have.

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@eanderson - I don't understand what you are saying here "the image you upload should only be as large as you're comfortable with putting online." If I have a picture with text, the larger the picture is the crappier it looks.

When ever i upload this picture that has text, squarespace changes the resolution of the picture and makes it blurry, no matter what i size the image to, the text still turns out blurry. Here's what I'm talking about >>


I used the snipping tool to capture this selection from this webpage link text. i then uploaded it to squarespace and it ended up looking like this >> alt text

why does this happen?? i have even gone to the lengths of changing the deiminsions myself to 770x430 using paint.net and it still turns out terrible. are you saying that if someone has a bigger better monitor the image wont look blurry? that makes no sense to me



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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