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Follow these guidelines to ensure the Squarespace Forum is a welcoming and helpful place for all users.
Make sure you’re in the right place
This forum is a space for Squarespace users to connect with and learn from each other.

For help with your Squarespace account - including billing, domain or other topics that require personal information - please contact Squarespace Customer Support.
Respect Others
Squarespace Forum is a space for all Squarespace users to contribute and receive assistance. 
Moderators reserve the right to close posts and suspend users at anytime if these guidelines aren't followed. Please help us keep the forum a productive and positive space by flagging any posts that violate these rules.
Soliciting for Support or Business
To hire a designer or developer, see our Squarespace Marketplace program. 

For designers, including Squarespace Circle members, we ask that you offer a solution or general guidance before offering your professional services. Please call out any affiliations with a service or solution that you’re suggesting. In your Forum profile, you’re welcome to link your portfolio or Squarespace Marketplace profile.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests
All bug reports and feature requests should be submitted directly to the Squarespace Customer Support team.

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Add a signature to your profile to communicate a bit about yourself and your business; however please avoid unnecessary or distracting design elements.

Terms of Participation
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