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Found 32 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.ninebyjanellethon.com/ Hello. I have a full width gallery slideshow in my home page, but I want the images to always run in horizontal. When in Mobile View, the slideshow width adjusts automatically (which I know is part of the responsive design), but then the images are cropped in a vertical format. I would like for these images to appear as horizontal as possible, because the images have a very wide view and would like to showcase that. (I attached both desktop and mobile view of my website)
  2. Site URL: https://retronaut.com/home-index Hi there folks - I have used Brine Sonora for this site. I have added a fixed header plugin to the code injection, and a sidebar. I want to use constrained width so that index banner images do not pixellate on large monitors. However, when I do this, the header expands beyond the width of the site and window (see attached images). The issue is only visible on 'large' monitors, which show the whole site is constrained, except for the header. You can see in the attached grab that the header has expanded beyond the window, cutting off the top right social icons. I could switch to full background - but then the padding of the sidebar vanishes, which is another kind of problem. If anyone can help me, I will owe them big time... Wolfgang
  3. Hi have tried looking to see if there is a code already mentioned that i can use but can't see a response to help with my query. I am on version 7.1 and have set up a grid-masonry galley with landscape and portrait format images with inset width. I would like to reduce the width further but cannot find a way to do that. I am also having problems with the portrait format images appearing very large vertically with the whole image being higher than the screen size. This means only 2/3rds of the portrait image is visible at one time and you need to scroll down to see the bottom 1/3rd of the image (see attached photo of example). The html code for one of the portrait images from inspect is as below: <img data-src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5df7b9c2c15c2c1fc90f169e/5e0641c31aa65222ba975ea6/5e064206e2b52a3155f25a0b/1577574232104/okyiva_120101_5586.jpg" data-image="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5df7b9c2c15c2c1fc90f169e/5e0641c31aa65222ba975ea6/5e064206e2b52a3155f25a0b/1577574232104/okyiva_120101_5586.jpg" data-image-dimensions="1667x2500" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="Elmina Castle, Elmina" data-load="false" style="width: 502px; height: 752px; object-position: 50% 50%; object-fit: cover;" data-parent-ratio="0.7" class="" data-image-resolution="2500w" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5df7b9c2c15c2c1fc90f169e/5e0641c31aa65222ba975ea6/5e064206e2b52a3155f25a0b/1577574232104/okyiva_120101_5586.jpg?format=2500w" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1577661569410_1336"> Any suggestions on how i can control both the width (of landscape photos) and height of the portrait images? thanks in advance
  4. I'm using a brine template. I want to have banner images on each page, but I would like the images to always display full width. Another way to say this is that I would not like the images to become cropped horizontally if the window is scaled. ideally I'd like to retain parallax, but this is not necessary. I have toyed with making the pages indexes, and putting a 1-image gallery at the top of each one, but the images are not all the same height so I run into other scaling issues when I try to do this. If I were to go the gallery route, I would like to find a way to control the gallery spacing and aspect ratio parameters per page. Currently these controls are site wide.
  5. Site URL: http://www.katewoodcock.co.uk Hi, can anyone help me with some custom CSS to increase the width of the drop-down (folder) in the main nav of my clients site? Any advice hugely appreciated. Jez
  6. I'm trying to add custom css that will make my posts on my portfolio page alternate widths. I want to have a grid that has 2 projects and then 1 beneath and 2 again after for example.
  7. Site URL: https://seynova.com Hey guys! Trust everyone is well and keeping safe. I wanted to ask whether your site's width (as seen below) is the maximum width you should adjust your images for? When initially optimizing images on my site, I resized the banner images to 1500px according to SS help guides etc as they listed it as the 'maximum width' SS will stretch the image to. Should it in fact be 1200px?
  8. Site URL: https://www.r2rdigital.co.uk Hello 🙂 I'm currently a bit baffled... I've created a Privacy Policy and as you scroll down the page, the content width seems to be getting smaller both on Desktop and Mobile. Could this be something to do with CSS? I don't think I've ever specified or added code that would have this effect... Any advice would be greatly appreciated and the page in question is: https://r2rdigital.co.uk/privacy-policy Thank you in advance, Thomas
  9. Site URL: https://www.winkeyewear.com Hello, I've added a form to a product that should be filled out when the product is added to cart. It works fine on desktop but on mobile it loads too wide and causes issues when you try to resize it or scroll around it. For now it is only attached to this one product but we need it to work on all of them. https://www.winkeyewear.com/ophthalmic-products/kirk-amp-kirk-cady Sonora Template (Brine family) Squarespace 7.0 effect is present on iphones on both chrome and safari. I can't confirm on non iOS devices. Is there a way we can modify the width of the form lightbox for mobile using CSS? thanks all.
  10. Site URL: https://cardinalconcepts.squarespace.com/ Hello, Hoping to find code or instruction on how to change the size of a video on a product page, added under additional info, video block. It is from Vimeo. Right now it stretches across the full width of the page and looks ridiculous. It would be great if we could left align it with this size, width="640" height="480" https://cardinalconcepts.squarespace.com/shop/mnemonic-letter-flashcards Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/ Hello, Is there any way to adjust the column or image width of a specific column or set of images in a masonry gallery? Id like to make the left hand column narrower (or be able to adjust the size of all images in the left hand column) in order to better line up the bottom of the images. https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/ PW: NOTREADY100 Thank you in advance!
  12. Site URL: https://www.curio-ap.com/ Hi, any ideas how to get the image header, text block and summary blocks to be all in the same width? any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Site URL: https://www.focus-hhc.org See this page, www.focus-hhc.org. It's 7.1. Ignore the rotating banner block on the top of the home page, just look at "about us" or any of the other pages. The sections on all the pages are medium-width. I just like it that way. The problem is that the header is always full width of the screen. Doesn't look balanced. I've tried all of squarespace's options for the header. Nothing gives me the ability to make it match a medium width section. I'd like to control the header width and make it "medium" like the sections. Any idea on how to accomplish this with custom CSS or other...? BTW, all mobile width screen resolutions that are small enough for the minimized menu look just fine. So I'd like to NOT mess that up. I guess what I'd like is header padding to equal the main page padding. Thank you in advance for your help. Dave
  14. Site URL: https://albertorozco.co/news Do you know why my blocks dont extend to the width of my header. They extend on a smaller screen but when i use my 27" computer monitor it does what is shown below. Can you please help? I am using jasper template if that helps. I dont want to switch to another template.
  15. Site URL: https://bernardandhawkes.com/photolog Hi, I'm wondering how I can change the width of most of my page content just on iPad. It currently looks fine on Desktop, and I have been changing the width using the built in options in Squarespace for Desktop (I'm on 7.1) but when viewed on iPad the content is very narrow. Any help would be appreciated! Attached a few screenshots of different pages! Thank you!
  16. Hi guys Do any of you have a custom CSS code for changing the width of the spacer-block so that it can go to 0? I was able to change the height, but haven't cracked the width yet. Cheers,
  17. Site URL: https://www.maartenrots.nl/patron To offer customers the possibility to sign up for a subscription with creditcard as well as with PayPal (Squarespace doesn't support PayPal for recurring payments...) I've come up with the solution to use two separate buttons below a block of text. One button is a regular button, this one links to PayPal. The other one is a product block set to display the button only. My problem is that I can't figure out how to make the add-to-cart button span the container, like the regular button does after playing around with some CSS, just for this particular page (#patron-plans). On desktop everything looks fine, I have manually made the size of the add-to-card button to more or less the same width as the block above it. But when you switch to tablet or mobile view the button size changes, where the regular button nicely follows the width of the block above. I would really appreciate your input and/or solutions to make this work, thanks a lot in advance. Here's the CSS I have used (applied to #paypal-plans only): /* Patron Creditcard Button Styling */ .sqs-add-to-cart-button{ font-size: 12px; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 2em; border-width: 0px; background-color: #77A2AC; color: #fff; } .sqs-add-to-cart-button:hover{ font-size: 12px; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 2em; border-width: 0px; background-color: #D8E8E9; color:#545454; } .sqs-add-to-cart-button-inner { padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; } /* Patron Paypal Button Styling */ .form-block .lightbox-handle { font-size: 12px; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 2em; border-width: 0px; width: 100%; color: #fff; background-color: #9FC7CD; } .form-block .lightbox-handle:hover { font-size: 12px; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 2em; border-width: 0px; width: 100%; color: #fff; background-color: #D8E8E9; color:#545454; }
  18. Site URL: https://lisarettenbacher.com/ Hello everyone, i hope i find help here. I have tried a few things already but nothing seems to work. Currently I have one banner image, but I would like to add an image collage of three images (all in one image) so I can showcase more images at once. I added a few sample images. The photo with the couple is my current banner, but I would like to change it to the one where you can see three images in a row. Unfortunately the banner always gets cut off so the images aren't displayed properly. Is there any way to change the banner width to always stay at a 100% without scaling. I would like this to work on mobile devices as well of course. I have a block identifier and tried to change it in the code but i couldn't make it work. I use the theme "Sonora" (Brine Family) Thanks for helping!
  19. Site URL: https://www.zooperfit.com/ Hi there, I would love to know if there's a way to set a minimum width for my design to switch over to stacked block view (mobile settings)? This is for a 7.1 site. And my issue is that I have side-by-side text blocks, with buttons that all align nicely -- until the window size is reduced to a certain point, at which it starts to get wonky and goes out of alignment. I'd love to be able to set a minimum width for the window (or for the individual blocks) where the view would convert over to the mobile view (stacked blocks). Thank you! Best, Carolyn
  20. Site URL: https://www.macmoss.work/ I cannot figure out how to get my header and content to continue to expand past 1920 px wide. When I scale my page beyond 1920px, extra white space is added to the sides. Any advice out there? Thanks so much in advance.
  21. Site URL: https://www.dfwmicropigmentation.com Hi ya'll, probably a simple request: I need help scaling a banner image 100% width on my home page. It does it on iPhone, just not on desktop computers. Thanks for any help!
  22. Site URL: https://paddlefish-kazoo-s59j.squarespace.com Hello, I need to make the instagram block in the footer full width. I have tried multiple custom css codes available on the internet with no luck. Please help. Password is "minnamarina" Thankyou
  23. Hi, I can't seem to figure out a way to set a site wide maximum width for a site I'm working on. Nothing in custom css I've tried worked. I'm using the Carson template, and it doesn't have page max width options under design. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hello all, I have a question, how can I make it that the Basic Blog Grid has the same width as the page layout? Thanks for help 😉
  25. Hello, i am currently creating a portfolio site using the jasper theme. However when creating a project page using the "blank" template i can't seem to get the content blocks to fit the width of my site, resulting in what you see in the images below. Not sure if i need to apply custom code to fix, but any help would be great. Website: https://tangerine-grape-bx5g.squarespace.com/test?p Password: marley
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