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  1. Hi there! I've searched the web for days and says and spent dozens of hours trying various snippets of code, none of which have worked. I'm creating a custom "linktree" page on my url, so that I don't have to use a linktree or biosite, and instead, drive traffic to my own site. I'm running a personal plan (I can't use custom CSS or code injection, only code blocks on a page) on version 7.0 with the Wexley template. I've somehow managed to hide the header and footer successfully, though that took tweaking code between recommendations for 7.0 and 7.1 versions. But I can't for the life of me hide the "menu" nav on mobile. It's gone off desktop, but nothing I try works for mobile. So here I am posting to the forum. Can you please help? I need a workaround that involves code into a code block on the page where I already hid the header and footer using this: <style> #header, #footer { display: none; } My page is https://www.andreabakacsphoto.com/links Thank you! Andrea
  2. Hello forum, I'm rebuilding a website in Wexley 7.0. I am having trouble with the site title 'Broome Youth and Families HUB'. It's in the very top left hand corner of this screen shot. The last word in the title is capitalised, even though it's not capitalised when it asks for the site title. I don't know how to change the font or size. I want to keep the logo. See attached 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://bronze-blackbird-asjn.squarespace.com/ Title says it all. I'm using the Wexley theme at https://bronze-blackbird-asjn.squarespace.com/ Right now, I have the entire site aligned to center. The portfolio grids, blog, and print shop just look better to me with a centered look. Despite this, I do not like my nav bar and title to be centered. I wanna get them left aligned and split from each other, like the screenshot I have below. If I use the site config, it aligns the rest of the site to the left, what I don't want. What CSS do I need to enter? what code injection do I need to enter? Please help. Thank you.
  4. Site URL: https://cindyclaudia.com Hi, can I ask the custom CSS to change the 'menu' to hamburger for mobile and tablet view? I'm using the Wexley template My site is cindyclaudia.com (password: 123456) *If possible, I'd like the 3 lines hamburger menu. But if not, the regular 2 lines is fine too. And next, I'd like to know how to make the menu content full screen when selected (on mobile and tablet) like the examples I attached. Thank you!
  5. I've been trying to add clickthrough URL's to some images on my site. I can add a clickthrough URL to an external site to an image in the settings tab for that image, however I can't find any way to make this clickthrough open in a new window when it is clicked. I don't really want visitors to leave my site when they click on a an external link that is on an image - such as the Apple Music logo for example. I have a couple of other sites on different templates and this isn't an issue on those templates. Is there any way I can get external links that are on images to open in a new window on the Wexley template? I like the main gallery style in Wexley for the particular site I have on it (a photography portfolio site) which I why I chose Wexley rather than a different template for this site. Is there a different template that has the Wexley style galleries but not the issue with clickthrough URL's not opening in a new window? Many thanks Phil
  6. Hi, I have a website with the Wexley template, and I'd like one of two things to happen when a user clicks on an image in a gallery on the page: 1) The click leads to another URL (clickthrough URLs are enabled) 2) The lightbox opens, but a caption appears under the image. Is either of these options possible? My site is www.dana-simmons.com Thanks!
  7. I want to have a separate, not linked page in my site that doesn't contain the header. I've removed the header by using: #header { display: none !important } What I want is to have a series of images that span from the top of the page to the bottom, without margins. Even though I removed the header, a "Header Content" text block remains that I cannot remove. How can I get rid of it? Also I would like to know how to get rid of the mobile dropdown menu too, to get the same result. I've tried some code in ask threads to no success, it doesn't seem to ever go away. ( EDIT: I've removed the menu but there's still the same problem with a space between the image and the top of the site) To sum it up: I want to have a non linked page that is just a simple series of connected images from top to bottom but I don't seem to be able to get rid of the header completely. I'm using the Wexley template, if that has anything to do with it.
  8. Site URL: https://www.ryanlusteg.com/ I have a cover page set as my homepage at www.ryanlusteg.com and once a user follows that into my site, if they were to click on my name which displays my portfolio that is hidden from navigation, it re-routes the user back to my cover page. Is there a way to prevent this so my name just links the user back to my portfolio? Many thanks in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://www.ryanlusteg.com/ Is there a way to get custom css I already have to be applied to my cover page? Thanks in advance!
  10. Site URL: https://www.michaelhellen.com/ux-portfolio Hello, I would like to hide the navigation on just one page, I'm using the Wexley template. Is there a way to do this using custom CSS? Thanks
  11. Hi there, first off: Sorry, I'm not a native speaker, but I'll try my best to describe what I'm struggling with: I've set up my website using Wexley on a 13" screen. As for my images, I made sure they all work in their composition fairly well when there are always 2 right next to each other. With the interactive design, this is of course not the case anymore on bigger screens. Is there any way to force Wexley to not mess around with how many images are in each line, no matter how big the display is? And if not, is there a template with such grid-like design where you'd have power over the exact display? I've certainly uploaded the images in a sufficient resolution. I've attached two screenshts as an example; the first one how I'd like to have it no matter the display size, the second one showing how it'll not make the images bigger but will just put more in each row. Thanks, Pat
  12. Site URL: http://www.adamsonvisuals.com Just working on redesigning my site - I'm using Wexley template - trying to have a cover page with a number of images that scroll automatically - all works more or less ok but the images appear to have a reduced opacity and are not displayed as uploaded.. Any suggestions as to why this is (probably a function of the template I guess) and how I can get around it and display them as I intended rather than how Squarespace think they should look. Thanks in advance
  13. Site URL: https://matthewtrainor.com/ I like my template(Wexley) but there is no option for adding a background image. Right now my background is just black and I need to add an image. Is there a custom way to do so?
  14. Site URL: https://adamsonvisuals.com I'm revising my site and trying to get functionality like this site https://www.yannb.net/ which is also based on Wexley. When you arrive on the site you have a gallery of several images that auto scroll - in full page full bleed format. From there menu items will take you to regular image galleries of standard layout - just struggling to work out how to get the initial full bleed home page look - any advice? Seems simple but can't work it out. Thanks
  15. Site URL: http://www.proverbialphotos.com Trying to get my page content to be centered while maintaining the title and navigation bars aligned to the left
  16. Hi squarespace expert users! I'm choosing a template for my portfolio site. I'm a sculptor. I want my website to include Lightbox enlargements of my photos (not for the thumbnails on the index page, but for the large scale photos on each “gallery page”. Though, maybe significantly to my question, I’m planning to build these pages from blank templates rather than use real gallery pages because I need to include little bits of text (which I believe isn’t possible in gallery pages). I wanted to use 7.0 (more flexibility and control, recommended by various friends) . HERE’S MY QUESTION THOUGH - if I want to use Lightbox, should I/must I, go for Wexley? My doubt about Wexley is that it doesn’t allow Ajax, which I want. I sort of presumed Brine would allow lightboxes as it is apparently the most feature-rich and flexible 7.0 template, but the advice here https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812708 has left me confused. Apart from wanting lightboxes and Ajax I want a super simple clean portfolio site. Any advice hugely appreciated, thanks so much for reading.
  17. Site URL: https://candidcreature.com Does anyone know if there has been an update in SquareSpace to allow for a sticky header using Wexley templates? Thanks, Ian
  18. When creating a blog post and selecting words within the text field to create a link, the link button doesn't select. I'm on the Wexley template. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.ceciliasweetcoll.com/ Two-parter: 1) Centering/horizontally aligning: I want the content on my site to show up in the middle of the window, no matter the size of the window, but right now it hangs on the left side of the page if the window is bigger than the page content. 2) Having the content of the page size up with the size of the window - as of now it scales up and down until a certain point and just stops there. I don't have this problem on mobile, just on desktop. Might not be visible if you're on a smaller laptop. How can I fix these?
  20. I'm using the Wexley template and want to make the header also react to the browser size and go full-width. I'm using a gallery page here as a homepage. The gallery itself seems to extend to the edge of the page, but the header (with a gallery carousel inside) doesn't seem to. See pic below -the grid of pictures is full width, but the carosel header doesn't go all the way. Any help?
  21. Site URL: http://theilloco.com Hi all, I'm trying to remove the link in a text logo navigation on the Wexley template. I have seen and tried a few suggestions with no success. It seems it depends on the template you are using. Hoping there is a simple solution. Thanks all
  22. Site URL: https://www.aphotois1000words.com/abstract Hi, I have a very simple site. It's a collection of gallery pages. When the gallery pages display on mobile devices, the images display in one column, which is fine, but there needs to be more padding in between each image (see attached JPG). Could you help achieve this? thank you. Stefan. aphotois1000words@gmail.com
  23. Site URL: http://aidanodowdphoto.com The title of my website includes a space ("Aidan O'Dowd"), which means that on mobile, the title becomes two lines instead of one, and the space between my first and last name causes the title to be off-centered (it's subtle, but VERY annoying to look at). Is there a CSS fix for this, to make Squarespace ignore the space? Alternatively, I've found if I decrease the title font size enough, the my full name fits on one line, even on mobile. The only problem with that is I don't want my title that small on desktop or iPad. Can I just change the title font size on mobile using CSS? Also, I'm pretty new to using any kind of custom CSS on my website, so any help with where I put this CSS code would be appreciated.
  24. Site URL: https://www.fesseyphoto.com/ Hey guys. I'm having issues with the Wexley template. Is there any way to change the gallery so that instead of opening a lightbox it opens the image fullscreen like a splash/cover page? I asked support but it appears its only doable with code. I wouldn't know where to begin with code. If it's not possible, can anyone recommend a template similar to Wexley but has the option to do what I want within Squarespaces settings? Thanks guys
  25. Site URL: https://www.lindseylively.com Hello, I am using the wexley template and I need the mobile version of my site to display the image titles somehow..... I also need the titles to display during the slideshow/lightbox presentation on desktop. ...Right now, the titles only display when you hover over an image, and only on desktop. Can anyone help me with custom css for this??? Thanks so much in advance. Edit: I added my URL.
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