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Found 23 results

  1. Hello! I'm currently using the Wexley template. I'm content with how it looks on desktop but on mobile, theres a ton of extra padding on the top and bottom of the site (on all pages except the cover page) and I cannot figure out how to remove it (just on mobile) . If anyone has any ideas that would be great. Attached is a screen shot and my website is www.duolooks.com. Thank you!
  2. Hello, does anyone know how to change the background color of each page when using the Wexley template? It appears to be custom code that's needed, but wanted to check in first? -Ted
  3. Hi, I am using Wexley and I would like to have a full screen slideshow. I already found out, that the header can be put away like this: <style> #header { display: none; } </style> Unfortunately the button "x" also goes lost. Is there a way to add the "x" to the full screen gallery or only hide the Site Title and Navigation and keep the "x" in the header? Thanks in advance!
  4. How can I edit Read More to Explore in Wexley template?
  5. I'm using the gallery pages for a few pages on my site and on one of the pages I do not want the Lightbox feature to be enabled, however I do want it enabled on the others. Is there some css I can use for this?
  6. Hi, I have a website with the Wexley template, and I'd like one of two things to happen when a user clicks on an image in a gallery on the page: 1) The click leads to another URL (clickthrough URLs are enabled) 2) The lightbox opens, but a caption appears under the image. Is either of these options possible? My site is www.dana-simmons.com Thanks!
  7. How do you make the gallery images the same size and height? Upon clicking, they reveal the actual size/dimension of the uploaded photo. Example here: http://www.nicolefranzen.com/
  8. Hello, I am using Wexley template and I want to know how to use css passing white to dark mode with a simple button? Anyone could help me? Thanks a lot!
  9. I'm trying to construct a 'vertical features' page. I can add images to the image blocks. After adding an image, I want to edit some settings of the image. The image is shown completely in the content item of the image. However when I save the image, the image is shown way bigger. I also enabled the option to stretch the image in the container, but it doesn't seem to help... Can someone help me with this one? Thank you very much!
  10. I've read through other posts that there should be an option to "Hide Entry Author" but I can't find this option for the life of me. I'm scared to use a CSS code to override this as I don't want to do it wrong or enter a faulty code and have it break my site. I also tried to add a basic author and make their name blank but I have to have some symbol or letter for that author's name so it doesn't completely remove the author's name through that way. Any advice? I'm using Wexley version 7. Thanks!
  11. Hello Everyone I would like to know if there is a method or any way to add text for a single picture in WEXLEY template. WEXLEY template has one page with all images like in the image I attached.Then you can click on a single image and look the single one solo. Anyone knows if I can add a text somewhere for a single image ? (I attached another example). I really hope to get some good answer here.Looking forward to hear from you Thanks in advance to all of you.Best, x William
  12. Just looking to change the font color for mobile devices only when using the Wexley template.
  13. Trying to figure out how to put an image in the header of Wexley pages. I tried the squarespace method of adding it in media as a thumbnail/banner but it just disappears. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. When creating a blog post and selecting words within the text field to create a link, the link button doesn't select. I'm on the Wexley template. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!
  15. Hello Squarespace-I just created a new site on my https://www.karynmariechabot.com/ domain using your template Wexley. Please visit the home page and click on one of my images. Notice the click doesn’t take you anywhere. Instead, it just opens the photo larger. How can I insert a link into these image so when a customer clicks on one of my many images, it will take them to another webpage with more information instead of just enlarging what is already there? I did put links inside each image as shown in the screen shot below, but when clicking on the front end on a picture, nothing happens. Regardless, inserting these links doesn’t bring anyone anywhere. Any solutions? Please advise. Thank you. Best, Karyn
  16. Using the Wexley template, is it possible to completely disable the 'zoomed out' gallery mode and have the site open up directly to the Lightbox mode?
  17. Hi guys. I have a problem on my website. Recently I noticed that on the header of my website the cursor override is not working. That is odd since it was working before. I'm not much of a coder, better say I'm not at all but with some googling, I managed to achieve the result that I wanted. Until recently everything was working fine, but now I see pointer cursor even on the parts of the header where there is no link or anything at all. you can check my website here https://www.aplusstud.io/ I hope I managed to explain the problem since this is not my main field of work. Thanks.
  18. Hi there, Ive have been looking for some code injection to change the colours/ opacity for each thumbnail on the gallery page in wexley. Any help would be most appreciated!
  19. Hi, I am trying to move the caption below the image rather than on top of the image in wexely slideshow. Does anyone have a solution??? Thank you!
  20. Can I add image captions? If no, would this be easily possible with some one-time CSS tweaking, by a just-better-than-newbie? Thanks!Joe
  21. Hello, I'm trying to find a way to add a caption to the videos on my Wexley template. Every CSS solution I've found overlaps the bottom of the video. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  22. Is there any way to make Wexley's images behave like projects instead of single photos? When you click an image in my portfolio, I'd like it will display all the images related with that particular project. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello all! I would like to center my content (Gallery block + Infos block) while my Title is left aligned on Wexley, does someone has a workaround please? Unfortunately, the content is always aligned to the title on this template, here is my website : www.nabilmendes.com(The title is centered for now as i want my content to be centered too) A tremendous Thanks to the champion who'll come up with a solution, this question has been asked several times but no one resolved the mystery yet.. Same request 1 :https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/114496/wexley-center-align-page-left-align-navigation.html Same request 2 :https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/127030/how-do-i-center-a-text-block-on-a-left-aligned-sit.html
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