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  1. Site URL: https://www.vincentcalloud.com/ Hello, I am currently using the Wells template. I find that the arrow for navigating from photo to photo is really small, especially on small monitors. Do you know if it is possible to modify the size of this navigation arrow to obtain a larger and more visible one whatever the size of the monitor used? Thank you very much
  2. Site URL: https://erincjax.com/home-jp Hello, I'm working on making my website bilingual and am having trouble with the mobile navigation. For desktop, I've already figured out how I can display Wells main navigation for all L1 (English) pages and hide the secondary navigation for L2 (Japanese) and vice versa. <!-- MAIN MENU HTML IN SITE/PAGE HEADER --> <style> .main-nav#secondaryNavigation { display: none; } </style> <!-- SECONDARY MENU HTML IN SITE/PAGE HEADER --> <style> .main-nav#mainNavigation { display: none; } </style> However, I can't seem
  3. Site URL: https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/ Hi there, I'm working on my first Shop page in Wells. I'ts currently not linked anywhere or active but can be seen here: https://rebeccalennoxstewart.com/shop While I've pasted all my store policies into the Commerce section I don't think these are prominent at all. They come up as tiny grey linked areas only when a customer presses the final 'purchase' button. Why would a customer click on those just at the point of purchase? And I wouldn't want them to either - I want them to make the purchase, but be informed about it! I would like eit
  4. Site URL: https://www.alexlakephoto.com Help Squarespace friends! I'm redesigning my site in wells and having trouble with the galleries. When in a gallery, if you click to enlarge an image and then click out, it pops back to the top of the whole gallery instead of staying at the point you've scrolled to. I thought it might have something to do with a bit of custom CSS I added in, but when I removed all of it and checked it out, the problem was still there. alexlakephoto.com Couldn't find an answer for this anywhere online, an insight would be appreciated! C
  5. Site URL: https://www.rwpho.com/ Hello, I would like to be able to have the wide aspect ratio pictures on my website be displayed larger than they are currently. They look very small compared to the vertical ones. Is there any way to do this? I am using wells template. Also, would love to know if there is a way to individually edit gallery options. I would like for the landing page gallery to be two images wide when viewed on a regular size computer, but one of the other pages only one image wide. Thank you so much for any help!
  6. Site URL: https://the-image-world.com Hello, I'm using the Wells template for my portfolio website and would like to change the background color to black and the text (body, navigation etc.) to white for the following two pages - https://the-image-world.com/not-another-photo-album https://the-image-world.com/hands-of-god I'd also like for the navigation menu text to be underlined for the active page and on hover. Thank you for your help! PS. I have a personal account so it seems I can only use Custom CSS as Advanced/Code Injection is a premium feature.
  7. Site URL: https://peterhadfield.com Hi there, Does anyone know how to add hovering titles to gallery images or video in the Wells Template? I assume I need to add CSS to achieve that, but I don't know much about CSS 😕 Any help appreciated. Thanks Peter
  8. Hey all, site: https://caterpillar-porpoise-glck.squarespace.com/ password: thanks! I want to customize the audio block on my site. I was able to get the background color to change by using the code: .sqs-widgets-audio-player.light { background: #f9c365; } But I can't seem to figure out how to customize the code to make the play button, title, and time lapsed font a different color other than the basic black. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://www.davidstinsonphoto.com/ Currently, I have one photo that's full bleed for the background image on the home page (I have it set to only display the background image on the homepage). I want it to cycle through maybe 8-10 photos, BUT I do NOT want a slideshow on the home page. I want a different photo to load up randomly each time the homepage is visited (or refreshed). Anyone know the CSS to make this happen? So much appreciated! I'm using the Wells template.
  10. Site URL: http://melissamohammadi.com Hi! I'm previewing Wells (the live site is currently Avenue) and I'm trying to get the image description box that appears over the images in galleries to stay put underneath the navigation when on desktop. As of right now, it moves around depending on the size of the window/text size of the browser. Can someone help me write some coding to pin this box to the bottom left of the website on desktop? Thanks! Melissa Screen Recording 2020-04-15 at 03.37 PM.mov
  11. Site URL: https://www.henrysherman.co.uk Hi all, I'm looking to keep the Wells Template Gallery permanently centred on my site. At the moment the title and navigation block - on the left - mean the gallery is always slightly off centre and to the right. Is there a way to introduce an empty container or padding to the right of the gallery that is the same size as the navigation block, so the gallery and photos stay in the centre. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Site URL: https://www.jasonperreault.com/ Hi everyone! I am currently tweaking my website with some custom injections, I am using the Wells template. I have two questions: The first is that I am trying to remove the hover effect on the image on my home page, and want to make it 'unclickable' entirely. I've tried pointer-events: none, but the code does nothing. Second question: On my 'WORK' page, I would like to add a hover effect to show that the images are indeed clickable. Probably a soft white filter hover effect. Thanks so much,
  13. Site URL: https://danielkobin.com/ Hi there, I was able to load a custom font (Hanson) as H3 but am having issues getting it onto my cover page of my website (Wells template). If that's not possible via CSS custom code, I was then hoping there would be a way to change the logo positioning of the cover page from top of the page to dead center of the page. I'm trying to do either of the following. 1. Load a custom font (outside of the standard SS fonts) and make that the font of the Cover Page HEADLINE text. (I was able to load the custom font in CSS, but am not sure of a code fi
  14. is there a way to get a Gallery page in Wells to automatically transition between images? I can get it to work if I use a gallery block slideshow, but I like how the Gallery Page fills out the whole screen. However I just get arrows to click between slides, and can't figure out how to make it change to the next picture automatically.
  15. Hey gang, I am building a website using the Wells template see link here https://helix-chicory-pegn.squarespace.com or live version https://murroninteriors.com/ I would like to make the slideshow gallery automatically slide / fade through the images. Does anyone know a useful bit of code I can add? Also, I would like the same format on the mobile version, currently it stacks all of the images on top of each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, whats with Squarespace removing all the great content on Squarespace Answers forum? Thanks guys!
  16. Site URL: http://www.eliatticusjager.com Hello! I'm building a website for some photography work I do. eliatticusjager.com (very much a WIP) and I like the wells template, but I want to add copy above the gallery. Is it possible to add blocks around a gallery page with custom code? Thank you.
  17. I'm using the Wells template with the image gallery as the homepage. I want to make each image a click through or (linked page) to a hidden page not displayed on the navigation. I've gone through: image settings >options>clickthrough>green>save Then after I still continue to get the light-box of image (3rd at bottom of attachment) I've included an image with my issue below. So how can I make the images on the well template homepage click into hidden pages? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  18. Site URL: http://www.jamie-kirk.co.uk My site is running on the Wells template but the logo doesn't seem to click-through, back to the home page and gallery titled 'WORKS' - can anyone help with this? The gallery titled 'WORKS' doesn't show the images either if you click on any page on the site, for example contact and click back onto WORKS nothing appears? (I've uploaded images as examples). My site is: www.jamie-kirk.co.uk Any help is appreciated!
  19. Is there a way to hide tags in blog posts (Wells template)? Thanks! Alex
  20. Hello I am beginning to create a blog (https://philipus.com/journal) and wish to prevent the full posts from showing on the blog landing page. I have tried to create blog post excerpts however the image I attach always fills the width of the blog page. I don't want this, but wish that the excerpt image size remains untouched. I have tried to edit the image using the built-in image editor (from the Image properties pane) and re-saving it as current size, but that doesn't work. And there is no way in the Options tab under the blog post settings to add spacers or such. I am using the We
  21. Site URL: https://www.jayclulow.photography/ Hello, I'm nearly complete with my website but I've ran into a number of snags I can't figure out. If you load the homepage you'll see Im using custom CSS to display a full screen gallery that almost works perfectly. What I would like is to introduce a footer element that starts immediately where the image stops so it doesn't look like the page looks half finished. Also I want to have these full screen experiences on the subsequent pages listed under portfolio. In order to get them to look like I have on the homepage they are blank pages w
  22. Site URL: http://www.maisonc.com/ Hello, I'm trying to figure out what code I should apply in order to have the gallery slideshow present on the Wells template on web, happen on mobile as well. Basically I don't want the images to be stacked on top of one another on mobile. How can I fix? Thank you so much!
  23. Hello, I'm looking for a quick couple of tweaks to my site (www.jayclulow.co.uk) on the page Gallery Block 2 I'm using a Gal block but I'd like it to span the available width of the window. The site width maximum seems to be 1800px and I'd like to overwrite this if possible. Also I'd like a tweak when using a page set as a gallery that the image is cropped to maximise height. So to avoid this happening in small browsers where the image impact is lost Thanks in advanced.
  24. In Wells template for mobile use, how can I change the little Menu word at upper right to a pancake?
  25. Hi All, I'm trying to increase the padding size between thumbnail images in the Wells template. I've seen answers for people successfully removing padding, but not increasing it.Any help is appreciated Thanks
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