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Found 12 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.kevalahealth.com.au Hello I'm very new to my squarespace site and so far its working well. I'm now looking at adding videos for membership only and not sure which paywall system to use. My business is small and I teach live stream yoga and pilates classes, as well as products in my shop. Needs to be easy to use and easy to add videos ( as I'm not very tech sav!) Not take away the look of my homepage Be a good price to use. Choices on landing page and match squarespace Have been looking at sentrylogin & memberspace The main
  2. Site URL: https://charlottewiseman.com/workplace-wellness-blog/working-from-home-mental-health-tips Does anyone know the code to resize blog videos in mobile view? The videos are half cut off when viewing on mobile. I tried using the below code which has worked for me on other sites, but doesn't seem to work on Squarespace. Any ideas? Thanks! <div class="video-container"> VIDEO </div> https://charlottewiseman.com/workplace-wellness-blog/working-from-home-mental-health-tips
  3. Site URL: https://www.nondysdesigns.com/ Hey guys... I've been trying to find articles on How to embed or upload a video to Squarespace as a Video Block (not banner image) but to disable auto loop/autoplay and also take away the play, pause, hover, etc,. functions. Basically, I want it to be like a gif, but not using a gif file because gifs are large files that I don't want on the website. I want to use Links from Youtube or Vimeo to create these autoplaying type gifs. I found what it seems to be a great blog post on how to do it here https://www.justinwyne.com/thoughts/2018
  4. Site URL: https://www.cofats.com/episodes Hello, On my embedded YouTube video links, I'm getting a strange line or extra piece of content that are not in the original videos. It seems to go away when you play the video, but always there when you first get to the page: https://www.cofats.com/episodes I've also attached a screenshot here... Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to change a few things from the videos with a custom htlm/css code. I want to remove the play arrow from the videos and I want to make these have autoplay and loop. I also have the specific html embed codes but I have no idea how to place these inside the HTML code. Any suggestions? I appreciate the replies and thanks in advance.
  6. I am working on building a site so I don't have a link for you to look at. I am wanting to be able to link our YouTube channel to our SS website so that when we upload a new video in YouTube, it automatically shows up on a video page on our website. Does anyone know if this is possible.
  7. Site URL: https://james-oconnell-gdyg.squarespace.com/config/pages Hello Forum, Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me - I'm a composer who writes music for commercials so my site relies heavily on video content. I want to make my site a bit more interesting visually, so swapping from Avenue to the Horizon template. Here's the issue. I've created gallery pages for each project, with each page linked to my Vimeo and added a thumbnail. I'd like each gallery page to have the video play on the gallery page, and have a video playback button for the video underneath th
  8. Site URL: https://dianestember.squarespace.com/ Does anyone have code to remove the UI in the upper left and right of the videos in 7.1?
  9. This is for a new site I am going to be building for a client does anyone have any suggestions on how to set up streamed video for the clients to offer to their students and do you know if there is anyway that the individual video can be set to private (just for the user to download) this seems complex given its going to be a video from U Tube or one of those 3rd party channels?
  10. My videos are currently in 'draft' mode - how do I publish them and update the site? Thanks for your help.
  11. Is there any way to add video to 7.1 gallery sections along with just images? Like you used to be able to do in 7.0?
  12. I am currently using Squarespace 7.1 and I have page with a lot of videos that will serve as a "how to" library and I'd like to add a search bar for only that page, with results based off of the content I've written in each of the videos captions. Is it possible to do this? It looks like you could do something similar in 7.0, when you were able to videos as a gallery but that doesn't seem to be available anymore.
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