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  1. Hi, I've posted a case study video to my portfolio site, I've ensured the exact same HSL code has been used for the background of the video as used for the background for my site so that it matches as seamlessly as possible. As shown here http://www.kevinfay.co.uk/social-media#/food-drink-awards/ it looks fine until the play button is pressed, then the video background colour jumps to a shade lighter, which is quite annoying. The bg colour on the video is consistent throughout so it's not a video issue, more with how the site is hosting it. Support haven't been at all helpful. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks Kevin
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to have a landing page with a still image, and once you select the "Let's Go" button, the button will disappear and the image will move. This will then turn into the homepage where the image becomes still again. I have tried adding an image on my landing page, then placing a gif on the homepage. Once I click on the "let's Go" button, the page goes white and then switches to the gif making it look like a choppy transition rather than seamless. Does anyone know of a way to have or create a more smooth transition? I currently don't have much on my site, just some random gif and images to see if this is even possible.
  3. I can't figure out how to adjust my background video so that it isn't cut off when viewed on mobile device. 😞 I have looked through forum and tried to apply recommended codes, but with no luck. Please help! goldcoastsurfschool.squarespace.com gcss22
  4. Hi there, I have a video I'd like to use as the background of my website however when I go to mobile view it crops it.
  5. How do you remove the date from a set of Videos page? The page is in the making so not accessible yet, but I'm attaching a screenshot. I assume a piece of CSS code would do, and if so, would any of you, coding experts, have one I can add in Custom CSS? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have any advice/css code that enable images displayed in the carousel feature to be linked?
  7. Video Studio is an iOS app, owned by Squarespace, for making professional quality videos that match your website’s design and branding. Video Studio can be used to make compelling behind the scenes footage, exciting product videos, and so much more! While the type of videos you create will depend on your goals, audience, and marketing strategy, there are some general best practices. When planning your videos we recommend keeping it simple and on topic. Focus on authenticity by knowing your material and expressing yourself in a way that feels natural to you. How have you used Video Studio so far? Share your learnings and favorite creations in the comments below! Haven’t tried it yet? Check out our guide Getting Started with Video Studio to learn more about it.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to save a video, on pc, that exists on a squarespace template. Specifically the MYCELIUM template. https://mycelium-fluid-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=true Or if it possible to transfer, or somehow find this video, on another template. and I want to add it on this site: https://www.attuningmind.com/?password=demo I would appreciate any ideas 🙂 Thank you all!
  9. Hi all, I am looking at option how to add a video gallery to my clients website. Unfortunately there still does not seem to be a gallery section just for videos in 7.1, is this correct? As a workaround I know I can add a gallery to a blank section and embed videos via the little "+" sign. However, if I do this the caption/description I add for the video does not show. How can I get the description of an embedded video to show under the video in the gallery? As always, thank you very much for your advice. Onika
  10. Can you kindly show me how to hide the category with the Video Library page please?
  11. if you go to another squarespace webpage and push the back button in the browser to return to a 7.1 squarespace site background video (uploaded to squarespace) does not work. it shows only a blank space and you have to refresh site. tested on safari mac/iphone and chrome for iphone please help. thank you.
  12. Video background on mobile is not working...Again! I asked live chat for help, but all they do is tell me to add a fallback image and look for help on here...?? Cheers
  13. Since the iOS 16 update my background videos have stopped working on iPhone. They were working perfectly before the update and I haven't changed a thing. They work fine on MacOS, iPad (iOS 15.6.1) and Android. It would appear that this is a problem at the OS level on iPhone iOS 16 as I see exactly the same problem on different browsers, e.g. Safari and Brave, on the same iPhone. Both display the fallback image which isn't optimal given the device is not operating in low data or power mode. Strangely, if I clear cache and web history for Safari on iPhone, the first time I visit the site the fallback image doesn't fully render into the space and leaves a black space beneath the image. If I close the tab and revisit the site the fallback image is fine. The video files are small and less than 4Mb. https://grahambrownmartin.com I suspect it's either a bug in the latest webkit or something new to mitigate memory and power management. I'd be grateful if anyone has a fix as I've run out of ideas
  14. Hi, I have been trying to add video content to a viedo block on a Brine 7.0 site. I am getting the following error message: Unable to retrieve video. Replace link or try again. The link is: The link has been created via "create shareable link" function on youtube. At a loss as to what to do next. The page in question is hidden at the mo as the page is not live. It's really annoying. Please help as we are stuck! Best Regards.
  15. Hi, I just changed the front page of my site to include a video but the quality is substatially low. Is there any way to make it higher quality or is this the best I can get? Thank you!
  16. Hello from Australia. I am wanting to add a video to a promotional pop up however at this stage Squarespace only offer opportunity to add an image. If there a custom code anyone can recommend? or an alternative. I ideally want sound and a short video to play on the promo pop up when someone first lands on the page. Any help would be much appreciated, Cheers, Jess.
  17. Hello all! This is my first forum post so please let me know if I leave out any information. I'm working on this website for a client: http://goose-pentagon-x49w.squarespace.com (It's public.) The client wants the video of the gray brain scan in the background of each header to play automatically, but I am having a hard time getting rid of a black flash that occurs when the page is loading. I added a white mobile fallback image, and I've tried some code to change the background or hide the video until it loads, but nothing has worked thus far. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  18. I would like to upload a 22-minute video to one of my gallery pages, Short Films. I do not have any other videos uploaded to my site, yet when I try to select the file, Squarespace tells me that I only have six of the allotted 30 minutes of video storage remaining. I tried to upload this same video about three times unsuccessfully, so I wonder if the system is confused about how much storage space I've actually used. I have not been able to figure this issue out, nor can I find the proper wording to locate a similar thread on this forum. Please advise. Thank you!
  19. Site URL: https://beagle-tangerine-ex9m.squarespace.com Hi there, I have 2 video backgrounds on my homepage that get the edges cropped out when viewed on mobile, I was hoping someone could help me with the code for either A) to swap out the video background for a different video or image, when on mobile using a media query. B) Have the video contained to the edges of the device, when viewed on mobile. My site is: https://beagle-tangerine-ex9m.squarespace.com Password: digitalnative Thank you, Sarah Mobile > Desktop >
  20. Does anyone know how to change the aspect ratio for video player? I'm using the uploaded-to-Squarespace video option in fluid engine and wanted to get a fun little gallery of 4-5 talking head video shorts, using a 4:5 aspect ratio. I can upload videos in that aspect, and when actually playing it (desktop) looks as I want it to, but the video controllers are in a 16:9 shape, and so is the cropped thumbnail before you hit play. And on mobile it keeps the 16:9 ratio so the video is too small, when a 4:5 should look good on mobile with the videos stacked. If I make the video block the right shape, it just shrinks the video inside it right down with a gap top and bottom. It feels like there should be a 'design' tab in the video block to control how it looks. So frustrating! Site https://digital-prospectus.squarespace.com/ Password: Dani123 - forgive the random appearance, it's in 'playing with ideas' stage at present. Screenshots: 1 and 2 are the thumbnail and video controls showing how it forces a wider aspect ratio. The third one is what it looks like whilst playing, this is how I want it to look. 4 is playing in mobile - it shrinks down because it is using the too wide video block.
  21. Hello, Is it possible to lower the width of video size while keeping the length long so I end up with wide video? I shoot and edit all my video in ultra wide but when I upload it puts it in a 1920x1080 size block which looks wrong and the scrub bar is way to far down the video. I've tried with youtube too but having the same problem. Is there some code I can use to fix this? I have got as far as this code: #block-id { padding: 17px 0px; width: 100vw; position: relative; left: 50%; right: 50%; margin-left: -50vw; margin-right: -50vw; but there is only option for width and not length.. sorry if its obvious I'm still pretty new to this. Thanks!
  22. Hi. I am working on designing my new site and have a background video for the desktop version 1920x1080 that looks great. When viewed on mobile though things are not in frame as you can imagine. Is there a way for me to make a second vertical video that is used when a user is on mobile? Thank you https://elephant-avocado-e8wh.squarespace.com password: studio213films
  23. Site URL: https://cardinalconcepts.squarespace.com/ Hello, Hoping to find code or instruction on how to change the size of a video on a product page, added under additional info, video block. It is from Vimeo. Right now it stretches across the full width of the page and looks ridiculous. It would be great if we could left align it with this size, width="640" height="480" https://cardinalconcepts.squarespace.com/shop/mnemonic-letter-flashcards Thank you!
  24. I can't get YouTube shorts video links to successfully be found using the video block. Help! 🙂 It has ".../shorts/..." in the link URL
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