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Found 18 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.crliquidators.com Hey guys, is there a way to make a filter button for the product pages, like: search by date, price lowest to highest, free shipping, etc.
  2. I use a surface pro 3, testing squarespace ver 7.1, can edit text if I use a tab to get to a simple text box, but otherwise , it is almost impossible to get the mouse to trigger a block for editing. No external monitor. Anyone find a solution? mouse works fine in all other programs I use, windows 10 and chrome up to date. Same issue with edge.
  3. Site URL: https://leslilasfrenchschool.squarespace.com On my homepage's mobile version I have extra blank space before and after my gallery section. I'm using version 7.1. Is there any way to remedy this? My site password: virginie Thank you!
  4. Site URL: https://www.icebergmedia.com.au/ Would like to know if we don't upgrade to 7.1 would the 7.0 be phased out? We have a lot of pages and blog post and it would be hard for us to loose any SEO and also reposting all our pages, blog post, images etc
  5. I need to have gallery pages with no header or footer (i.e. no branding or links) and I'm using Squarespace 7.1 I found this code at 38visuals, and inserted it into the page see attached jpegs. It does not work no matter what I try. Anyone know what's wrong with the code or if this is even possible in 7.1
  6. Hi, can anyone please provide small help in a custom code for hamburger. the code i have produces 2 lines in hamburger icon while hamburger usually have three lines not two so what should i do to make it three. here is the code attached. .header-burger { display:flex!important} .header--menu-open .header-menu {opacity: 1!important;visibility: visible!important;} .header-nav, .header-actions {visibility:hidden!important}
  7. Site URL: https://chicken-chicory-jzrx.squarespace.com/config/ Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone could help me to change the color of my logo on different pages. I would like my logo to be in black on all pages, except on the landing/home page where I would like it to be white. My website link is: chicken-chicory-jzrx.squarespace.com. The password is: marievantieghem. I'm including both versions of my logo. Help much appreciated! 🙂 Marie
  8. This is a rather elementary question but this whole thing is new to me so take it easy on me. I'm trying to select a section to make it hover over two sections. I'm using version 7.1. I tried looking online and found a video on youtube that explains it but when I tried it I'm getting syntax error. how do I do this?
  9. I was wondering how to change (or if I can change) the shopping cart icon on this website using SquareSpace v7.1 to something that looks better. I can't seem to find anything to show a way to change this to more what it looks like in v7.0.
  10. I wonder if someone can help me? I am adding a Calendar to a web site using 7.1. I am populating the calendar from an Events page. On the Events I am using I add a thumbnail picture to display in the calendar entry.. This works well until I try and edit the calendar, if I try to add spacer blocks and resize the calendar I can do it OK, however as as soon as I save it I lose the thumbnail image on the Calendar. Has any one else had experience of this situation? Or is there a way to successfully edit a calendar in 7.1 without losing the thumbnail. Appreciate any help and guidance. I am wonderi
  11. Hi, I just started creating a page today, and I realised that the page does not contain a search bar. I have vers. 7.1. Is there any way to add a search bar? I can't seem to find any help with inserting one. If I can't, is there any way for me to switch to a template that has a search bar without losing my content?
  12. Site URL: https://trombone-turbot-sh6n.squarespace.com/past-series Hello all, I am currently working on a website that has a handful of pages without headers(and blog post), in which the logo we have cannot be seen. We're using a white logo, which works with regular pages with banners; but when there are banners missing, then the white logo cannot be seen. What I've noticed is that there is no differentiator between a page with a banner and one without. Has anyone successfully been able to find something to trigger their JS to invert their logo from black to white and vice versa when
  13. So my landing page is basically a giant full-bleed photo with some text over it but in mobile view you can't even see the image and the text is basically a single column of one letter each. I know on 7.0 you used to be able to manipulate the Mobile View but there has to be a way of resizing the photo or changing the look simply for the mobile site without changing my full template right?? Please help :(
  14. Site URL: https://www.familievejlederen.dk/ Hi all, Sadly I find myself in a situation where navigation on mobile in version 7.1 doesn't work properly with anchor links. I know more people have experienced this and there's still no fix from Squarespace. As I would hate to make a redo of the site and hope that Squarespace will fix the error soon, I want to make a "quick fix" being changing the opacity of the mobile menu background. As I have NEVER played with custom CSS in Squarespace (they say I shouldn't up to now .. haha) I need a little help. Is there any of you who can s
  15. Site URL: https://turtle-earthworm-7a2c.squarespace.com/ Hello, I am building and customizing my website in version 7.1, the current url is: https://turtle-earthworm-7a2c.squarespace.com/ At the moment I have 7 sections but I need the style of the vertical hamburger menu so that the navigation is correctly aligned to the right such as the Anya template menu in version 7.0 when you configure and test this option. Can you help me with the code I need? Thanks in advance!
  16. Site URL: https://www.thejammymammy.com/ Hi Is there a way to add a facebook share button into version 7.1? It is currently not available and I would like to be able to do this for my blog website. Thanks 🙂
  17. Site URL: https://lonsdalestudio.com/ I'm thinking of migrating to version 7.1 from version 7.0. I'm using Moksha in the Brine family. Is there a template that is the same or very similar to Moksha in Version 7.1 templates? Thanks!
  18. Ours is a Version 7.1 template, and we don't know what template it is - can't find anything on the website - appears to be taken down. We want to be able to make the following changes: - Change logo image (colour) for different pages - Change background colours and fonts for different pages - Change Nav menu items font to a font that we have uploaded to the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated - or advice whether to switch to 7.0 version.
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