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Found 17 results

  1. Site URL: http://www.isolapress.com/shop Hi there I'm still trying to get my head around the possibilities of sending purchases to the EU from the UK, after the VAT / DDP rule change in July. Is it possible to integrate an API that calculates the duties and taxes necessary into the SqSp checkout process? I'm thinking something like the below: https://www.taxamo.com/taxamo-assure-rmg/integration If so, how would I go about this? With thanks for any help or experience you can share.
  2. Hi, My website currently ships internationally from the UK to EU countries without vat being charged. From 1st July, changes to EU Vat rules state that for any orders under €150 euros, vat should be charged at the countries rate. Above €150 no vat to charge. I cannot see a way how i can charge vat on orders under a certain value by country. Alternatively, i can amend the website to only accept orders above the €150 euro value, but this would be sitewide. I would have thought squarespace would be aware of these changes and made the following option available: 1. Set minimum order value by country Any news if this is going to happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cerianne
  3. Hi, I'm selling products on my SS with in-price VAT, however the calculation appearing on invoices isn't correct. For a 49€ product with 23% VAT (collecting in Portugal) the invoice shows 9,16€ as VAT instead of 11,27€. Anyone can help? Thanks!
  4. I hope someone could help me. This has never been an issue before and I'm not sure what's changed. I'm trying to update my credit card information and the site keeps asking me to fill out VAT-information, even though I'm not exempt from VAT and I don't have a business. How can I remove the VAT-exemption and/or bypass the questions regarding VAT?
  5. Is there a way to set squarespace to remove UK VAT for EU countries at checkout. I want prices to be shown on the site as inclusive of tax as my main customer base is the UK, but then takeoff VAT for EU buyers so they can then pay local Vat and duties directly.
  6. In our store we need to add and display prices including 20% VAT for UK. For international sales we don't charge VAT so price displayed in shop should be without VAT. Example: if item is £25 exc VAT then international visitors should see £25 displayed in shop but UK customers should see £30 displayed. It seems there are currently only 2 price display options, prices include Tax, but this does not seem to work as I'd expect because all countries including UK see same price in shop. The other option, prices exclude Tax, show correct international price of £25 in shop, but also shows £25 in shop for UK and doesn't add VAT until checkout. This would be fine for wholesale but we are retail and must show the UK price including VAT in the shop pages and not wait until checkout page. Every ecommerce platform we've used over the years we just enter prices excluding tax, fill in tax info for regions of the world and prices in shop are always shown including the relevent tax, not adding until checkout is too late. Is there a plugin or some code that we can obtain to correct this short term until squarespace hopefully correct this. Thanks for reading and hope someone can help.
  7. Hi there, I know this is not possible at this point, but this is URGENTLY needed and is a big loss for many European businesses that are using Squarespace. It is required in B2C business model to show ONLY the end price where the VAT is already included. So you have to select the option where tax is already part of the product price. But then there is an issue, if you want to deliver to non European Union countries (Switzerland is a good example), you are not allowed to collect German VAT from the Swiss customers, since it is a totally different amount and also, because the customs are imposing their local Swiss taxes when the package crosses the Swiss border. So this puts the business in a very non flexible position, where you need to exclude this country from the delivery list completely, which is not only financial loss of the potential revenue, but is also discriminating for the potential customers in non-EU countries. Dear Squarespace team, there must be a very simple and easy fix for you, how to make it more flexible, it could be an easy option, where you can actually deduct the VAT, so let's say in the "Tax" section, I can also exclude particular VAT % from specific countries, so it is the same system as you have now, but just "negative", meaning it will remove the unnecessary tax during the checkout automatically. Sort of working like "discount", but obviously is legally and from taxes perspective reflected accurately on the invoice. You have a great product, but this kind of flaws are pretty frustrating for someone who is in Europe and wants to try all the available options there is order to find the right target group and the right way. Thanks.
  8. Hi - I run a UK store using SS. I sell to UK customer and overseas - EU and Global. How can i set up the store to display the inc VAT price to UK customer, BUT remove UK VAT at checkout for customer selecting shipping to countries outside of the UK - this is critical to being able to sell outside the UK - it must be possible? right? thanks
  9. Hello everyone, I have a small issue that I was hoping I get assistance in. I am working on a POD T-shirt business that is online-based. The business is based and registered in the US. I use Printful as my printing company. I use Squarespace for the website that includes a shop and selling page. When a customer in Europe orders a product, how does the VAT come into play? Printful already charges me VAT to fulfill and ship the order the European countries. Should I add the VAT price to the final price on SquareSpace and have them pay 0% VAT in this case? Or manually add VAT (according to each EU country) on checkout and this will be added to final price later on? For example, let's say Printful charges 12$ to fulfill the T-shirt, 2$ for shipping to Germany and 2$ VAT to Germany. Therefore, I am being charged 16$ as the seller from Printful. Let's say the customer who buys my product gets charged 16$ for T-shirt (4$ net profit), 2$ for shipping (so I don't pay shipping from Printful out of pocket) and 2$ VAT (again so I don't pay it out of pocket), would that be enough and legal? Am I missing any step? Who handles the VAT once it is payed? Should I be registered for VAT in EU to be able to ship there? I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://www.cardertech.co.uk/shop/tenfour-pedals Does anyone know how I can deduct the UK VAT amount of 20% for export sales while still showing UK customers the final price they pay for items in the shop (this is a UK requirement - tax/vat should not be added at checkout). So the scenarios are: UK buyer sees item at £120 in shop - Adds to basket & checks out and see's that this price includes VAT - Pays £120 German buyer sees item at £120 in shop - Adds to basket & checks out and see's that 20% is removed when he sets his delivery address to germany - Pays £96 Thanks 🙂
  11. disvisuk

    0% VAT

    I am VAT registered. Selling coffee beans requires a vat rate of 0%, but a french press requires the VAT rate to be 20%. It seems I can't do this in sqsp - is that still correct!??
  12. Is the tax feature only for certain users/businesses? or should even small volume hobbyists use it? I use a UK drop-shipping company for fulfilment, so I have to pay VAT. I have included VAT in my marked-up store prices. I am shipping internationally. My own artwork prints, nothing that will be substantial. The price will remain unchanged, whether i incorporate VAT to cover the costs, or remove it only to add it back on via the squarespace tax feature - but is there any reason/obligation why to do one instead of the other? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I have a side site to my main site, used for wholesale customers. I have customers in UK who pay VAT on the purchases, then USA customer who doesn't. Is there a way to edit the checkout so certain customers pay VAT and others don't?
  14. Site URL: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-and-overseas-goods-sold-directly-to-customers-in-great-britain-from-1-january-2021 Given the recent guidance provided as part of Brexit, oversees sellers selling goods to customers in the UK less than 135 GBP need to collect UK VAT at the point of sale (then track and remit directly back to the HMRC). Earlier this year, functionality was added to Squarespace Commerce that allows us to set Minimum Order Amounts that customers must meet before they can complete check-out. In order to make compliance with UK Brexit Transition Policy easier, it would be helpful if we could set a Minimum Order Amount by Country. This would allow me to impose a Minimum Order Amount of 135 GBP on orders shipping to the UK, while leaving a Minimum off of all other orders (the price point of my products range from $12-25). Without this functionality, as a small business, I have to consider no longer shipping to the UK due to the administrative burden of VAT remittance. Thank you for your suggestions and support of this new functionality request!
  15. Site URL: https://ergoji.com Hi there, is it possible to put ex Vat with the price on the shop page e.g. €549 (Ex VAT) so people will be aware it will be added to their cart later?
  16. Site URL: https://operabeds.com/cart I am in the process of setting up a website and ecommerce site for a company in the UK healthcare industry. Some charities and private indivuduals are VAT exempt as long as they declare that at the point of sale (see axample screenshot from a Shopify site). Shortly after advising the customer to use the Squarespace platfom (for reasons of Design, SEO and the fact that I am very familiar with it), they asked me to check if the platform could deal with VAT exemptions. The support site says it can't be done and I also read on the forum that quite a few UK Squarespace site are currently struggling to adapt their site to shipping to the EU without VAT. Is there a way around it with costom code? Does anyone know if squarespavce is working on this or do i need to look for another platform? Hope you can help Vincent
  17. If I sell a product that cost $5 + $1 tax. Does SquareSpace give me $5 or $6 and then I pay $1 to the State ?
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