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  1. Site URL: https://taystthenotes.com/upcoming-events I have an "Upcoming Events" page and a "Past Events" page that are the same content. The Upcoming Events gets posted to the Past Events as the date passes, but the hyperlinks to the location only work after the event has past. I'd like visitors to be able to click on the name of the venue on the "Upcoming Events" page and it link them to the venue. It doesn't do that until the event ends up on the "Past Events" page. I've checked the Locations tab on the Event and have the address there but I think that only creates the map, but that too doesn't show via anything 'clickable' in the Event itself. All of the configurable objects in Event Editor (map, venue URL, calendar ICS, et al) only work *in the editor*. The actual live page is just text of the event...See my Site URL above for example. Attached is a screenshot of what I see in the editor. thanks
  2. Hi there, I have a simple but nail-biting issue in my website (https://www.thesqueezeblog.co.uk). I have a portfolio with some sub-pages: Portfolio URL: /asia Portfolio subpage URL: /asia/israel When user arrive in Israel page, he/she can click on a link sending the to a page called jerusalem. My issue is that I cannot set the URL of this jerusalem page to /asia/israel/jerusalem because of the error message below: Couldn't update this collection. The URL is already in use. This error appears only if - for the jerusalem page - I use the SLUG of the Portfolio /asia/israel (before the rest of the URL of course). Is there a workaround? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.thedrop.ca/product-catalogue/natural-deodorant-citrus-bloom Does anyone know how to hide a portion of a URL? I'm selling affiliate products on my site, and when I link each product from my site (thedrop.ca) to what is essentially my affiliate link (from doTERRA.com) it shows my affiliate ID # in the URL and I don't want people to be able to see that. I know it's possible to hide it because it's hidden when I go directly into the doTERRA affiliate site associated with my business. So doTERRA is able to hide my affiliate ID on their site, but when put the link on my own website it shows my ID #. Photos attached to show what I mean. There are many pages this needs to get sorted out on, but I've given the link to just one page as an example. They are blog pages, if that makes a difference. Any help is SO much appreciated!
  4. Site URL: https://www.theenrichededucator.com/our-services Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to hide/mask the anchor links url in the address bar ? I have a few anchor links throughout my site and when a visitor clicks on the anchor link to scroll to another page in the index, the url in the address bar changes to the anchor link's url. I'd like the address bar url to remain the same. For example, as seen in the screenshots below, on my services page, a visitor can click the "Coaching & Development" anchor link to scroll to that section. Once clicked, I'd like the url in the address bar to still say "https://www.theenrichededucator.com/our-services" and not "https://www.theenrichededucator.com/our-services#coaching-home" Picture 1. Hovering over the anchor link Picture 2. After clicking the anchor link
  5. Site URL: http://www.hornbeamtraining.co.uk/courses Hi, I simply want to edit the back to all events link to take customers back to the main course page (anchor link to the #events-calendar section) rather than to the rather ugly page with just the calendar on! Is anyone able to help? Here is one of the events https://www.hornbeamtraining.co.uk/online-events/o0oxsupoddg1u0ihrj44mbcn4shj6h-ww7gr-h6tbf-w3thj-sy2pe-rkjd3-by6yp Thank you in advance!!!
  6. Site URL: https://content.celsodinizphoto.com/ Hi, When people click on the site title of https://content.celsodinizphoto.com/ I want them to be sent to my other site https://www.celsodinizphoto.com/ instead. Can you help? Thanks! Celso.
  7. Site URL: https://www.usmexicofoundation.org Hi! I have been trying for such a long time to get my website's files to have my website's url, but it keeps popping as Squarespace. I'm attaching a picture to show this. Please if anyone can tell me how to fix this I'd really appreciate it!
  8. Site URL: http://journey-to-dream.squarespace.com I'm trying to add a link to the title and image in an auto layout simple list section. I found responses to a similar question where code extended the button link to the entire section. I would like to add three separate links to each image and title (and get rid of the button entirely). Appreciate any help. Thanks, Amanda
  9. Site URL: https://www.econic.co/ Hi, I'm trying to get a menu item to direct to the top-level page within the menu folder. Specifically, the "about" folder navigation link to go to the "about" page. The slug for the About folder in the navigation is /about-2. The first page in the folder is simply /about. When I try to make the URL change in the folder settings, it gives me the notification, "couldn't update collection, validation error on folder update". To possibly complicate things, the about-2 page had a 302 redirect on it (the reason I wanted to change it in the first place) going to the /about page. I replaced it with a 301 redirect to /about, that didn't work, and now the link goes nowhere. I removed the redirect and now the link gets no resolution whatsoever. This seems like it would be an easy fix, but I can't figure it out. Help!
  10. Site URL: https://www.twitchbadges.com/shop/military-badges-twitch-sub-badges-k4dtk Hi! I have found out after cheeking my website with Google search console in "coverage" i saw I have a lot of dead URL links what don't exist anymore on my website and somehow I cannot delete them ether. So i was wondering is there is anything anyone can help me with.
  11. I have a client who is launching an online game which is hosted on another platform. The purchase for the game will be via SS as a digital product. We want to ensure that once the game is purchased, the customer only has access to it for 10 days. This is the tricky part I'm facing. Ideally, in the order confirmation, we would be able to include an automatically generated URL or code which the developer can then allow access to. Anyone know if this is possible? Or have any ideas on an alternative solution? TIA🙂
  12. I am hoping someone can help. I have a carousel section on my website and I can link each image with a button but id like to link the image itself instead. Is this possible?
  13. Site URL: https://www.militzaortiz.com/ Hi everyone! I have moved my site from 7.0 to 7.1 and the move is doing my head in. All my e-commerce shop urls now have this letter "p" in them which I can not get rid of. And it is giving me broken links for every single product, plus lost my pinterest pins, instagram and facebook shop which is causing havoc!! For example, my old url was: https://www.militzaortiz.com/shop/rock-crystal-earrings-gold My new url is: https://www.militzaortiz.com/shop/p/rock-crystal-earrings-gold With that P....giving me broken links for every single product. I tried changing it in the Product url bit but it won't let me access that P.... How can delete that p? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you
  14. Site URL: https://anna-stacy.squarespace.com Hi all, I'm transitioning from my old Squarespace 7.0 site (anna-stacy.squarespace.com) to a new 7.1 site (annastacy.com) and have created 301 redirects for all pages but the splash. Unfortunately, as I can only apply a 301 to disabled pages and I can't disable the homepage, I can't make it so that going to anna-stacy.squarespace.com (old URL) takes users to annastacy.com (current URL). Any ideas for a work-around? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://squid-shallot-hrn5.squarespace.com/home-page Hi everyone! My logo and site button on my homepage/landing page are not linking to the url link that is set for each. I have a gallery that is playing as a slideshow behind my logo and button. This gallery has CSS which removed the header and footer and made the gallery a full page gallery. Im not sure it the CSS is what's causing the logo and button to no longer work with the url link assigned to both. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Site URL: http://designsite.com Hi - I'm wondering if there is a way to hide the blog slug in the URL. For instance, instead of mywebsite.com/blog/title can it be mywebsite.com/title Maybe there is CSS code? Thanks in advance!
  17. Site URL: https://echidna-gardenia-fcb4.squarespace.com I'm using the Pazari template and am looking to remove some of the hover links on select images on the main portfolio page. For example, when you hover over one of the project images, the name of the project appears and this is then clickable (takes you through to a detailed page on this project). I need this feature on some of the images, but for others I want to remove both the text and the clickable link so these appear as a flat image only. Does anyone know if this is possible and how you create custom code for this? Assuming this code will need to apply to each individual image which is uploaded and I'm not sure if you can separate them? Any help on this would be great! Examples below showing how the text appears when you hover over the image and site link is: https://echidna-gardenia-fcb4.squarespace.com Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://delanydesigns.com Password: 123456 Hi! I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to change the URLs of pages within my site. I know how to change the slugs, but I’m specifically asking if I can change other parts of the URL – namely the domain. The reason I ask is because the URLs for the links in the navigation section contain the Squarespace domain, but I want them to have my custom domain. For example, instead of “Our Work” linking to https://delanydesigns.squarespace.com/our-work, I want it to link to https://delanydesigns.com/our-work. Is that possible?
  19. Hi, I'd like to have an embedded discount code and User ID to track the users and discounts of people who were referred by a partner/referral website. Something like: https://store.com/products/our-best-product?referral=[DISCOUNT]&cdata=[CUSTID] I've looked for some info in the help guides but could not find anything. Thanks in advance for your help Brice
  20. Hi All, I’m working with the Novo template in 7.1 and trying to modify the portfolio page click through link for one of my sub-pages. The portfolio page automatically adds a hover effect on top of my preview image which I’d like to keep so I don’t want to build these using different page types. I’d like to just stop the link from being active. I saw that it might be possible with a pointer event tag but I’m not sure exactly how to execute that. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://epwsociety.com/ I have hand coded a table in HTML and using a code block but need to hyperlink different cells in the table to different PDFs already saved in my website database. Using href="master-website-URL/s/pdf-name" or "master-website-URL/pdf-name" doesn't work. Any ideas as to what I am missing?
  22. Site URL: http://www.timjobling.co.uk Hi there, I'm looking to link some image blocks on my site so instead of opening in lightbox they take you through to gallery pages. I can find code to enable clickthrough URLS in gallery pages but nothing about making it work with image blocks. Here is the page I'm working on https://tim-jobling.squarespace.com/test I looking to make the images link through to gallery pages with more images from each project. Any help would be much appriciated. Many thanks, Tim.
  23. Site URL: https://partners.red.org/impact We have a page with slug /impact that we set as the homepage but apparently, the page's slug can't be removed resulting in duplicate content: https://partners.red.org/ https://partners.red.org/impact And since /impact still exists, I can't set up a redirect in URL Mapping. How is this supposed to be resolved? /Chris
  24. Site URL: https://www.centerforpubliclands.org/ I'm trying to redirect this link: https://www.centerforpubliclands.org/project-list/taylor-park-group to this project page: https://www.centerforpubliclands.org/projects-add/taylor-park We have the first link written in some government documents that won't be changed for a long time. The latter page is a project page, so maybe that has something to do with why it's not working.
  25. Hi There, I need to change the links in all my blog posts that have all been set to "open in new window (blank)" to "open in the same window (self)" I'm not a web expert, but I was hoping maybe there was some sort of code injection to do this for all my links. Otherwise it would be a mountain of a task to do this one by one across thousands of links.
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