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Found 21 results

  1. Site URL: http://lifewithtech.net Good day, I could use a hand here. Moving my blog from the 7.0 Tudor template to 7.1 The snag I've run into is getting the Date placed right along with making it behind a circle color and moving the meta to the same spot. Let me know if anyone can lend a hand with this. See the image of the 7.0 site on the right and 7.1 on the left
  2. I've tried merging and editing my blog categories several times but it's not working properly on the Tudor template. Everything looks right when I hit save, but when I check my blog, the categories are messed up (some even have special characters added to them). Then, when I go back in to fix them again, the categories are not at all how I saved them nor are they how they appear on the actual blog. What is going on? Is anyone else experiencing this? And does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?
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  4. Hi, folks. I want to add an Intro Block to the Tudor template that will allow me to display an introductory paragraph above blogs. I know the Mojave template allows this, but I haven't found a way to replicate this feature in Tudor. Many thanks.
  5. In the Tudor template, comments on pages are hidden and you have to click the "Leave a comment/ Show X comments" link to show the comment field and the comments. I am looking to make it so that those are displayed by default without the need to click on that link. Anybody have any experience doing this either on Tudor, or even any other templates that do the same thing with comments, they could throw my way? tia
  6. Site URL: https://www.levelstory.net Hi there! I am looking to start using the Tudor template on my website for a magazine I create. The template is not live right now but I will paste the demo so you can see what I am talking about. https://tudor-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=true In the Tudor template, blog entries show up with a callout circle at the bottom center and the date appears within the circle. I really love the design but what I would love more is to replace that date with the image of the author who wrote the post. Does anyone know any code that code/css that could accomplish this? It would be much more helpful since my website features articles from the magazine and they all get posted at the same time, making the date somewhat useless...at least on display for people surfing the site. Thanks for you help! I saw a question somewhat similar to this posted on here so this might help with things as well...
  7. I would like to change my footer color to black and have my test as white. I'm not sure how to do this.. Please help (I'm on Tudor theme)
  8. Site URL: https://polygon-eagle-lpf8.squarespace.com/config/design/styles I'm switching my blog from Wix to Squarespace, but I'm having a hard time customizing the homepage so that it replicates the current site. My main question is if it's possible to add a sticky social media bar like the one here: coze.online ?
  9. Is it possible to create a horizontal drop down menu that can be applied universally to all pages? I can write one that can be added to the top of the Page Content block for individual pages but would really like to have it added to the bottom of the Header or perhaps a block that can be fit in between the two so that any change made on one page will automatically be carried over to another. Is this possible with this theme or is the sidebar the only way to create a site-wide navigation menu?
  10. Site URL: https://neverstopcruising.squarespace.com/ Please could someone help with how to make the content fit the full screen instead of putting this in a narrow format that looks centred on the page as this doesn't look right. I would like the content to fill the full page.
  11. I'd like to display the navigation under the site title rather than in a hamburger icon. Is this possible in Tudor template with a custom CSS? I really like this template aside from this one element. Thank you
  12. Hi there, The shopping cart icon in the top right is permanent according to the Squarespace chat rep I just spoke with. Does anyone have any custom CSS that could hide it? My page is just a blog and I love this theme for that but don't sell any products. Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://www.theladylifeblog.com Hey all Instead of a logo, I want to use a custom font for the site title but I'm having difficulty getting it to work for the site title. I have followed other people's threads to the T and tested my font on the H1, H2 etc but I can't figure out how to change my site title font. I tried to inspect the title and work it out from there but no luck. I thought perhaps it was the tudor theme that was messing it up? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
  14. Site URL: http://www.moriartie.com Having trouble updating the bio under the author photo on the tudor theme, anyone know where I can find that?
  15. Does anyone know the custom code to left align the navigation within the Tudor template?
  16. Hi guys, I just started using Tudor template. Wondering if anyone knows how to change the date icon into some text block that is editable. For example, instead of showing 'Feb 13', I wanna it to show '8 days'. Regards,zhujunyan
  17. I'm using the Tudor template. I want the comments box (on blog post pages) to be visible even when there are no comments yet. Basically I want the white comment form box to show all the time, to entice more commenting, rather than having to click "Leave a comment" before the box appears.
  18. Help! I am using a Tudor template. All my new posts do not have a preview image in the home page. Only word. Unlike the default posts. How can I display the pictures?
  19. Site URL: https://yoon.clinic Hi, let me ask you one more question. I wonder how to change the text alignment of excerpts- each text below the name of category. I would like to change it from center to left alignment. Thanks always
  20. Site URL: https://yoon.clinic Hi, I wonder how to change the text alignment in the author profile - text below the name of author. I would like to change it from center to left alignment. Thank you for great template.
  21. Hi there,I have a problem: on mobile use only there is a LARGE space between my header and my blogpost. It comes and goes when I refresh. Also the photos of my related posts are hidden now. Can you help.Thank you in advance,love,a.
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