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  1. Hi there, I would love some assistance to figure this out. I am using Bedford. In a poster image, the text looked fine on desktop, but was cut off in tablet and mobile views. I figured out to adjust the font size to work for the tablet view. However, when I adjust the font-size for mobile, it appears lower in the image and is cut off. How can I adjust it so the entire text appears over the image? I am attaching an image of the mobile view (cut off text) and also the tablet view (text visible). Thanks so much!
  2. I built my website around Squarespace mobile view and my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both showed that the layout looks fine. When we visit the website on android devices it seems to scale to some sections of the website wrong. How could I go about fixing this issue? I have attached some photos (the first three photos is the view from android devices, the last three are Squarespace mobile and my iPhone view.
  3. hey can someone help me to optimize the text on the picture, please. Its very big got mobile
  4. Site URL: https://clavichord-elephant-a9bl.squarespace.com/ The text is the navigation text that shows the pages on the website. I want to able to either reassign the text to use a header style (instead of paragraph 2) or increase the size of the text by another means. I couldn't find a way to change it, even with custom css. I'm not sure why this is hard to find, because the social icons just next to the text are trivial to resize. (The website is not published yet, so I've included a relevant screenshot of the front page. The text in question is on the right Please ignore the preview stock image (: )
  5. Hi, I'd like my text box on my side bar to be fixed as I scroll. I feel a little silly asking this since I've seen soo many results when I search this in Squarespace forum, however, I've tried almost all of them and I can't seem to get my text box to stick. Any suggestions? https://pelican-mayflower-36wy.squarespace.com Password: Lincoln22 Page I set up is on the "Impact" page. I was using my Squarespace ID finder and selecting the #block-id of the text for the CSS but maybe that's not the correct way? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Blayne
  6. Site URL: https://www.befranksolutions.com/ Hello, Hopefully someone can assist me with this request - I want to make a fixed text section at the top of the page under the header bar. I want it to be locked so that when you scroll down the page looking at the services, there's text that states - "Please review Terms & Conditions for revisions and delivery of service." I also want it to be yellow bkgnd with white text (same color scheme as site header) and centered on the page. https://saxophone-clover-nd2r.squarespace.com/config/pages pw: bfs TIA!
  7. I don't like how the "Sold Out" tag is displayed. It is shown with small caps and a brown color. I want it like I've written it (the S and the O as capitals, and the rest lowercase), in italic and white color. I also don't like how it's on the very right of the image, making it too close to the next product's name. I'd like to have it next to the product's name, like this: Futur solitari Sold Out Can I do both changes?
  8. Hi, would like the text box to stick to the top and the images scroll, please can you supply the code. thanks https://www.emmapartridge.co.uk/play/project-one-f5w4d-w4mye
  9. Hey there! I used this custom code in hopes to increase the font size of the form titles (ie, name, email, message) but no matter what # pt I input, the text on the right not budging. Does anyone know what Im missing, and also how to bold the text? Thank you!
  10. I just redesigned my new page yesterday and stumbled onto the cool image filter settings. anything else interesting I might have missed? thanks! grant
  11. I am trying to add a custom text block onto each of my category pages. The idea is when you click on the category page, a brief summary of the products will show up. Currently, the same text shows up amongst all the pages when adding a text block. https://ukulele-flamingo-4zf8.squarespace.com/
  12. The paragraph rescaling font sizes is driving my crazy i need help 🧐 I have P1 that somehow is getting bigger when I resize the width of the browser! which doesn't make any sense to me. It seems to be resizing at random widths, somewhere around 2200-2700px it gets bigger before it starts to get smaller proportionally. I have tried with CSS to limit the sizes but when i try to scale this parameter of course all paragraphs are affected. I tried also to scale down in Pixel width sections (ie 1800-2600px) with the p.sqsrte-large { font-size:3rem!important } still no consistency. It gets bigger "halfway into scaling" before it gets smaller. Any helpy would be greatly appreciated am lost as to why this is happening... pass: Designsuite
  13. Hi all, Running 7.1 SS here. I've added the highlight feature + animation in several places on my homepage. Regardless of the status of the paint brush > animation > none / any side-wide animation option... I can't seem to render the animation to my highlights throughout my homepage, though the option is toggled ON. Tried a few browsers, and no success. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello guys I have an issue with text on image. I would like it to be showing up in the middle of image while hover on image. I there any way to do that? Now Im using Brine and caption overlay on hover but it is on the bottom and on black background.
  15. Site URL: https://rust-mustard-yyx2.squarespace.com/ Hi there! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the font for my testimonial slider to monospace. When I go into fonts and change the font style for block quotes (which is what I thought it was) it won't work. Do I need custom code to figure out how to change that font? Any help would be much much much appreciated!
  16. Hello, Does anyone know how to align body text to the right, as the redline in the attached image indicates? It would be great if the body text aligned to the right side of the website title "KECK ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN". I am using the "Avenue" template and this is a "Gallery" page (if that's important). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Site URL: https://marlow-concept-zach-naum.squarespace.com/optical-frames Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me make a text block on the side of a page sticky? I have this block on the left side of the page which is functioning as a navigation bar with links to the text. I've styled the text block using CSS, and I would like to add CSS to make it sticky so that it stays in place as you scroll down the page. I've read quite a lot on how to do this (targeting the block then adding position: stick etc) but for some reason nothing I try seems to be working. Any help would be much appreciated!
  18. Hello, I have an issue with Custom CSS split screen. On desktop the split screen works perfectly but on mobile text is over the image. I need the text to be below the image. All the split designs are now broken on mobile. My website : https://zeynaagency.com/ Could you please help ? Here the code I used : section[data-section-id="63514b39bf5a053a82731917"]{ @media only screen and(min-width:767px){ .section-background{ width:50%; margin-left:50%; } .content-wrapper { width:50%; margin-right:50% !important; } } @media(max-width:767px){ display:block; .section-background, .content-wrapper{ position:relative; } .section-background{ height:500px; } } } Thank you for your help! Juliette
  19. Hi everyone, Is there a way to overlap text and an image, whilst keeping the same amount of letters/words per line as the screen gets smaller? See screenshot Essentially, the text box would forget about the image and keep moving across it. I have played around with max-width but I can't seem to find the correct solution. What I have managed to achieve is to get the text and image to overlap using z-index, but at 1387px the text box changes to one word per line, which I would like to avoid. I know you can achieve this using the fluid editor, but I am trying to avoid this because of scaling issues on tablets and mobiles. Anyway, thank you in advance for any and all help. Here is the link to the page: https://semicircle-nectarine-t42g.squarespace.com/ The password is 1234567890. Steve.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to overlap text and an image, whilst keeping the same amount of letters/words per line as the screen gets smaller? The screenshot with the red box highlights how I would like the text to remain while the screen gets smaller The screenshot with the blue box highlights how the text is currently acting while the screen gets smaller, and I would like to change this. Essentially, I'd like the text box to forget about the image and keep moving across it as the screen gets smaller. I have played around with max-width but I can't seem to find the correct solution. What I have managed to achieve is to get the text and image to overlap using z-index, but at 1387px the text box changes to one word per line, like in the screenshot with the blue box, which I would like to avoid. I know you can achieve this using the fluid editor, but that solution causes scaling issues on tablets and mobiles. Anyway, thank you in advance for any and all help. Here is the link to the page: https://semicircle-nectarine-t42g.squarespace.com/ The password is 1234567890. Steve.
  21. I am having trouble getting the text editor to work this morning. Here's a video: https://www.loom.com/share/2930f789c991465380568da9432df41d
  22. In my footer i have an image with text (card format). It looks great on a full screen because the text appears to the right of the image. But on tablet and mobile it moves the text to below. Is there a way to keep the text always to the right of the image? Here's the URL again https://africanaeconomics.com/ For clarity here are some images 1. How it looks on full screen (and how i would like it to appear on all devices) 2. How it appears on tablet 3. How it appears on mobile If it helps this is my custom code (in footer) <style> /* portal mobile screens */ @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668448990919_3400{ width: 50%; } } /* portal tablet screens */ @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668448990919_3400{ width: 50%; } } /* contact mobile screens */ @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668546648499_3526{ width: 35%; } } /* contact tablet screens */ @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668546648499_3526{ width: 55%; } } </style> Thanks so much guys!
  23. Hi everyone. I am trying to hide and reveal certain sections on mobile. I used this code to do so: @media only screen and(min-width:641px) {[mobile-data-section-id]{display:none}} @media only screen and (max-width:640px) {[desktop-data-section-id]{display:none}} However, when I try this with my hero section, the section that I want to reveal on mobile gets placed behind the header on mobile screens. Any idea how to fix this? https://semicircle-nectarine-t42g.squarespace.com/home-copy 1234567890 Thanks in advance. Steve
  24. Hello there, I am in the process of helping my partner create a professional portfolio. I recently noticed this nifty highlight functionality (highlighted in pink in the image attached) on the text toolbar to create a nice highlight animation effect natively versus utilizing some custom CSS. My partner who is a site contributor/admin has also been working on it as well. However, across many different devices (laptop, 2 separate desktops) this feature is absent for her and her editing this text removes this additive until I add it back from my device. What I find even more bizarre is there seems to be zero mention of it across squarespace's resources. Does anyone have any insight on to why this is/what this could be? Thank you in advance!
  25. Hi. I am looking for a way to create a non-clickable menu item. Basically I just want some text in the menu item. We previously put some code above the menu (as below) but would like it in the menu (Performance) being the new addition to the menu: I found a article on making a folder non-clickable however that code didn't actually seem to work for me (I'm assuming user error) and I still have the box drop down under the menu (see below) So I'm looking to add a page that's non clickable Or a folder where I can hide the box that appears or just some 'text' to the start of the menu. Any ideas? https://bullfrog-flatworm-k899.squarespace.com/ Pwd: PaulFarina
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