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Found 22 results

  1. Site URL: http://www.hyejukim.com Hello! It's my portfolio grid: overlay page. First, I've tried to separate title as the first picture above by putting "<br>". Is there another way to divide sentences? Second, I want to leave the first sentence (=COOL UNCLE), and change the font and size of the second sentence (Branding). Please help me out with how to change it! Thank you 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://hexahedron-salamander-wppe.squarespace.com/ Site: https://hexahedron-salamander-wppe.squarespace.com/ Password: ceapassword Hi, I've got events in a summary on the homepage, but the description for each event is quite small as well as the event time metadata. What would the code be to adjust that?
  3. Site URL: https://www.everythingwillbefine.co.uk/work Hi there, I'm using 7.1 and want to make edits to my portfolio page. I've attached a screengrab showing what I'd like to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm guessing I'll also need to format the text through custom css. Is there code I can use to control size and colour? Thanks. p.s. Here's the custom CSS I've been using sitewide if that helps. @font-face { font-family: 'TRASH'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ed52f5536e729657b9a6167/t/5ed6606a7f02035a43716598/1591107690847/Trash+Regular.otf'); } //---Font Upload--- h2 {font-family: 'TRASH'; font-size:35px;} p {font-family: 'TRASH'; font-size:15px;} .header-nav *, .header-menu-nav * { font-family: TRASH; font-size:15px;} .header-title-text { font-family:TRASH; font-size:15px;} .header-nav-item a:hover { color: #a89c98 !important; } .portfolio-title { color: #ffffff !important; font-size: 35px !important; } * { font-family: 'TRASH' !important; }
  4. Site URL: https://carnation-cardioid-yc95.squarespace.com Hello, I am using Wells template and trying to have a consistent text size for image captions, however it look s like it changes according to image size. Is there a CSS code I can use to monitor this? https://carnation-cardioid-yc95.squarespace.com pw: mount$% Thanks
  5. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/blog/fapa-landscape-nominee-2020 Hi, How do I make the title text appear smaller in the mobile view only - in my blog page
  6. There seems to be a bug in my text block. I can't make text smaller, eventhough the same css text style appears fine on my privacy policy page. Text block won't allow to make changes in the font size (btw I can't even find where to change the header etc. sizes, so even that info might help - is it possible to make a new one like that your self?). According to customer service "there seems to be an issue" with my text block. They sais usually duplicating the page would solve this. But apparently neither sections or index pages cannot be duplicated, and this is a section on the index page. Picture below (the text starting 'How could I make this text...' there is the problem. I'm using a template from the Brine family (Hyde) and version 7.0 if it matters. Thanks in advance for any imput :)
  7. Site URL: https://bat-dahlia-6hpc.squarespace.com/config/ The text size in the mobile navigation menu isn't small enough. if possible I would like them 10PX small just for the navigation menu. can you help?
  8. Hey all! I have a question. I would like to change the heading size for this section only as its too big on mobile and looks untidy, smaller text would get rit of single words on line. I was thinking something along the likes of: @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { h1 { font-size: 23px; } } But i want to target the block id="block-1997078c254bebcf86c4" only. Anyone able to help?
  9. Site URL: https://www.bethlehemsynagogue.org/photos-archived Hi there everyone! Who's excited!? Squarespace made it possible to display captions on gallery pages! Woohoo! Wondering if anyone knows how to change the styling of gallery captions. Specifically the font and font size, but would also love to know how to change positioning, etc. Thank you in advance!
  10. I'm trying to create a simple code (or markdown) block where I modify the color of a single word or phrase. Think something like: <div style="text-align:center;"> Look at this <span style="color:red;">colorful</span> text </div> If I try to apply <h> tags it overrides the colors, and if I try to size it manually it is not mobile responsive. Is there a way to make my text inherit the responsive size properties of my already defined <h> sizes?
  11. I took the Impact Template and customized it slightly for my own, however the text in the "gallery" page section is not responsive - which is quite annoying especially when I didn't change a thing from the templated design originally given to me in squarespace. The problem: The full text area doesn't show up on mobile or tablet - it gets cut off The solution: I need the text in these sections to show up on tablet and mobile as it does on desktop. How can I make this happen? Any idea how to correct this?!?! It's so annoying.
  12. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/contact Hi, How do I reduce the text size of these? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/lost-america-prints Hi, For some reason, my product titles get bigger as the screen gets smaller - how do I stop this?
  14. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/profile Hi, How do I reduce all paragraph text in MOBILE view on these pages? https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/profile https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/lost-america-prints/picnicstands https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/lost-america https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/desert-modern
  15. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/store/lostamerica Hi My DESK and MOBILE view display these headings correctly. But somewhere between the two (e.g. ipad) the headings appear too large. Is there a way of controlling this? pass: trythis
  16. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/prints Hi, How do I code to override my text settings on this page so the titles are smaller and closer to the image? (I can make another font setting in Design, but I believe it's best to keep them as h1 tags?)
  17. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/store/lostamerica/wallframe Hi, How do I make this text smaller in mobile view only? passcode: trythis
  18. Site URL: https://sepia-butterfly-e3x7.squarespace.com/work/einsteins I'm using the large paragraph style for titles in desktop but it's not translating in mobile. Note "Einstein Bros. Bagels" title looks a bit lackluster in mobile view. I'm not a coder so just using CSS to adjust p style is only affecting the paragraph beneath but not the title above. thanks for the help! https://sepia-butterfly-e3x7.squarespace.com/work/einsteins
  19. Site URL: https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein On one of my image collages (https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/caroline-shenaz-hossein) I wanted to make the text BOX bigger, so I injected some code. This worked but it seems to also affect the size of the text IN the box. I'd like the text within the box to remain at 17, and only make the container bigger. The problem with the text can be seen when switching between screen sizes. With a bigger screen, the text also grows. So it looks fine in the mobile setting, but looks ridiculous in full screen. Does anyone know how i might fix this to keep the text size at a true 17? As can be seen in this other image text box https://caroline-hossein.squarespace.com/ it's not a problem. Thanks so much guys. My code below. div#page-5df3f0acb29aca197b85f292 .image-card-wrapper { width: 80% !Important; }
  20. Site URL: http://somyahastekar.com http://somyahastekar.com How can I stop autosizing of text block on higher resolutions? On this website, right next to the profile picture there is text block that gets really big on higher resolution. It pushes all the content below it. On mobile it works fine. Please help.
  21. does anyone know code to change the title (heading?) text size/capitalization of related products in the brine template. The text size is huge compared to the rest of the site: https://www.verremodern.com/shop-1/blossom-bit for example
  22. How do I make the poster text bigger on the mobile version of my homepage? The template is Nueva. Screenshots attached for reference. There is a second section below this one where I'd like to achieve the same look. Site: https://grouse-apricot-2ba7.squarespace.com/ Thank you in advance!
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