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Found 18 results

  1. I am having trouble with my template. I am using the one called "Pazari" and when I set up a blog post I am unable to change the thumbnail image. I went to the help page and there is no place to add or edit an image in the same area. I am also unable to edit the "it all begins with an idea" area of that page. Please help, thank you!
  2. Hello all, For the past three years, I've run a .com baseball site using WordPress and it has been a good experience. Unfortunately, the switch to "Gutenberg" has unfavorably altered a lot of the content already on the site, and has tilted the experience from joyful to unpleasant-bordering-on-infuriating. I'm kicking the tires on a few other providers, and Squarespace is one that I've heard of many, many times from podcast ads. So...there are a few burning topics for me to decide whether or not to choose Squarespace, and if anyone would be willing to help with one or more topics, I would greatly appreciate it. 1. Templates. My website is kind of an odd duck on today's web. I currently have over 500 individual pages, and would expect to have many more as time goes on. It's almost a Web 1.0 situation with hyperlinks galore, but I use pages to classify the content. It's almost like a database, but my brother (who's a coder) says it's not a database in the formal sense of the word. It looks like a blog, but I never use that term because I do not post blog posts. I make pages and classify them. It's kind of hard to explain, but it works for me and people like the site. The pages are often heavy on text with some images, but it's more like an encyclopedia experience. I rarely embed videos, do not allow comments, do not link to social media, etc. At this stage in my site's construction, I don't sell ads or monetize in any way, though that could be an option down the road. When I started on Wordpress, I literally picked the most basic no-frills template I could find and it's worked well for me. Would it work on Squarespace? 2. Cost. I know there are different packages and promotions, but I'm having a hard time getting a read on what Squarespace would cost me. I have a sweet multi-year deal with Wordpress that expires in December. It's been less than $5 per month. I doubt Squarespace will come close to that, but I'm wondering if it would even be in the ballpark. 3. Transfer. How easy is it to transfer domain and/or site content from WordPress? Anyone with similar experience? Anything I'm missing after skimming the tutorials and feeling completely overwhelmed? In short: is Squarespace a good match for me?
  3. Site URL: https://www.freezeframeonline.org Has anyone found a template that allows for a secondary navigation bar to be displayed on a mobile screen? I have attached a screen shot of the Festival page on our website (currently using the Adirondack template). As you can see, we have a secondary navigation menu for the Festival page that shows on desktop but not on cellular devices. I have checked the preview on a couple of other templates and it doesn't seem like this secondary menu would be displayed using them either. If anyone knows a way to get the secondary navigation to display on mobile devices without resorting to custom code, I would really appreciate this information!
  4. What should be the simplest task is turning into a chore as I'm struggling to find the information I need to explain how to move my existing live site on Squarespace 7.0 to a new template that only exists in 7.1. I am happy to start from scratch. I currently have a trial for 7.1 and my current site won't auto-renew until November 2020. All i want to do is just stop the current site running and set the new Nolan template as the site to be live. Can someone please explain how to do this? I have already pointed the domain to the new template. Thanks in advance. Aron.
  5. Site URL: http://charlieparkerprovisions. I didn't realize when I started Juniper it would not do what Tremont does on the home page (love how each click previews a new full bleed homepage pic). Is my only way to replicate this look be to rebuild whole site back in Tremont on 7.0? Or is there a way to turn Juniper's homepage into Tremont (they are SO similar)? Furthermore, I don't think I can "switch templates" back to Tremont from Juniper like I would want....and the domain and subscription ahs already been paid for on Juniper. Doh. Thanks in advance!
  6. Site URL: https://psakfisipui.squarespace.com Hi, I would like to ask something. Im using this 7.1 Squarespace version and I want to switch templates. Im using this Almar template curently and I want to switch to Brine Family templates because some settings just dont show up on website template im using right now. I have read some discussions that 7.1 version cant switch template, so can you suggest me what should I do because I really need some settings that Brine Family templates provide. I look forward to your reply, Thank You
  7. Site URL: https://toniricart.com I've done 2 sites using Forte template. Now I'm trying to do a new one with the same template and I can't find it. Squarespace tells me that I can find it in the list but it isn't there... Any idea?
  8. I have an existing Squarespace webpage with theRally theme. I'd like to update the page, and switch to the Pazari template, which is available to me when browsing the templates page, but does not show up when I'm configuring my website and go to the 'pick new template' option. How could I fix this? Is there any way to keep my old website and just change the template instead of setting up a new website with the Parazi template?
  9. Site URL: http://www.goodpeople.work Hello! I'm launching a new site for a consulting co. for a client and I noticed I can't change the template on the primary site. The site is paid for, published w/ a password w/ a personal price plan. I picked the template and style we wanted on a new trial site below (in the the account view) to see how it looked. I'd like to simply switch the primary site to the trail site OR be able to apply the new template from the trial site to the primary site — but the option isn't avail. in the design menu. Screenshots attached. I have no idea what's happening! :( Screenshots: 1. primary site design menu — personal pricing plan 2. my own portfolio site design menu — business pricing plan (w/ option to change template)
  10. Hi there, I am totally new to Squarespace. So I am currently using the trial version to see if this platform is for me. So i signed up (on the German website) and searched though the templates. After I chose one I was wondering why it was so different to what I read about in terms of handling. Eventually I figured it was 7.0. This was somewhat pushing to me because I can only find 7.0 templates ( and i first need to install them to see that, really annoying) and I even got a link in the webinar where I could supposingly find the 7.1 templates- but its only the 7.0 ones. I even logged out of the account as I read you cannot switch from 7.0 to 7.1, still I am only offered 7.0. Where do I find 7.1? What’s going on here? Thank you in advance! Lis
  11. Site URL: https://www.careershubluton.co.uk/ Hello, Is it possible to change a site template without disrupting the content? or at least keeping that minimal? Thank you
  12. Hi there - I'm setting up a new site and I chose a template to play around with, and then decided that I wanted to switch to a different one (Harman). It doesn't seem like there's a way to do this. Squarespace help says "you don't need to change anything, you can just customize." But the Harman template is completely different than the one I started with. Which looks like it means I'd have to change EVERYTHING to make it match Harman (and guess at what to change along the way). Am I missing something? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: http://www.pinkpenguinstudios.com Hi! This might seem very very obvious but I cant find the templates under Design. There is no Home>Design>Change Templates I tried looking for it everywhere Please help! :(
  14. I do not see "site search" on squarespace.com. Via google I have discovered some Squarespace templates that might fit my needs but I cannot find them via the Squarespace website. I don't see a list of all templates either, but surely there must be an alpha list of the names of all the available templates. What am I overlooking? Thanks--
  15. I am considering using SS for a website and I've never used it before. I need to employ an events calendar in a calendar "look". Does SS have a calendar template that can be added to my site or must I embed something like Google calendar. Using an upcoming "events" list is fine, but I need the calendar also. Thanks.
  16. Dear forum members The last time I was here, v7.1 was fairly new and there was some 'push back' relative to some features. I don't quite remember the details but I have two questions. Is v7.1 a good option for a new site now, do any kinks remain? Which v7.1 template is recommended? Should I just use Brine? Is Brine v7.1 ready? Which Squarespace page do I visit to view only the v7.1 templates in isolation? I apologize for these basic but I haven't visited in a while now and the changes that the forum has gone through has made it difficult for me to easily find info. Thanks for your patience and I look forward to your reply. I realize I have some forum documentation to read through, with that thank you for your patience. Cheers! —Alex
  17. Hi All, Looking for some advice on Squarespace's capabilities versus building a custom website. I need a site that allows users to reserve desk space in multiple shared office spaces. (think booking tables at different restaurants) I'm looking over templates and getting the impression Squarespace is more oriented to small business. Am I wrong? Is there a template that will allow users to select a location and book time in that location? I imagine this requires some custom work, but I'd like to get as much out of the box as possible. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate any help.
  18. Hello, This seems like a completely ridiculous question, but I cannot find the button to switch templates. I've looked everywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? I believe this support article is out of date: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815598-Switching-templates Thank you!
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