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  1. I just joined today, and when I signed up I was forced to pick a template, not thinking it was permanent. I registered my domain, got my unique email going through Google, and went to work on the site. When I go to 'Design' on the left hand page, as I was instructed to via other forums, there is no 'Template' link to click on, and I cannot really edit what's there. I tried 'create a new website', and I saw that option, but my domain is already tied to this other 'default' page that I don't want. Am I insane, or does this not make any doggone sense?
  2. I'm trying to transfer an existing domain I'm using with one squarespace template to a different squarespace template. The directions in the help center say to click on the "move domain to another site" button, but when I click on it I get a pop up with no further options (screenshot attached). Does anyone know if this pop up is going to be fixed? Is there another way I can transfer my domain to my new template design?
  3. Site URL: https://www.rebeccahartness.com Why does my entire site on the mobile version align to the left when I zoom out? It's driving me nuts! I want the whole thing to just be centered all the time without the option of a bottom cursor at all, but I'm not sure how to fix this. Would love some help with this! See attached screenshots.
  4. The shop template I started with came with a few products already listed, I repurposed some and tried to delete the ones I didn't need. However, they came back after reloading, and attempting to edit the product leads to eternal load screen. They are marked deleted but I don't trust it.
  5. I built our first SS site in 2014 to serve as the primary web site for our U.S. 501c3 non-profit. Current template is “Sonny.” I am seeking feedback on existing site and what I should change if I rebuild in a new SS version. I’m told I can’t migrate to a higher version of SS from my existing site. What advantage would their be to changing to a higher version? What template(s) would one recommend if we change? Critical components needed: 1. As described on existing site, we support 4 primary NGO’s in Uganda. Primary ministry areas are children's rescue home and education. All income is donation based. 2. Child sponsorships: I use SS blogs to store/present each child's bio, sponsorship link and photo by children's home (we have 3). I use tags and categories to track groups and subgroups of children. As you can image this is laborsum given that we support 150+ children and growing. This has worked ok but there must be a better way. I don’t like the limitations of how to present blogs in summary blocks. I am limited to I think 30 but if I have more than 30 children I can’t present them unless I subgroup them using categories. Example page: https://www.sonriseministriesinc.org/ch-children/junior-nicolus-kibuka 3. Would like to simplify the site as much as possible. I’m sure we can thin the content. 4. I wish we had a few more text styles than few that are offered under Sonny. 5. I am an army of one. No help and I’m not rich. 5. All the photography on the site is mine. 6. We do not sell products. 7. I need advice on how to direct more people to the site when all our news and social media posts highlight most of the news. Thank you Art
  6. I’m just getting started with Squarespace, trying to move my existing website into a Squarespace template. On the Squarespace template I’m using (AlignFlow), one page (Fees, Ts & Cs on my website; Training on the AlignFlow template) has a heading section that I like, and I would like that type of heading on all of my pages, but I can’t work out what type of section it is, or how to duplicate it across other pages. When I click on “Add Section” I get a list that has Intros at the top, but “Headline” or “Header” doesn’t appear on the list. The section I like is basically just an image with a headline overlaid, and I could just make one up myself, but I’d like all the sizes etc to match across all the pages. Is there any way to duplicate this element or alternatively, to find out how it was built?
  7. Hello, How do I swap over an existing Squarespace website (not live yet) to another template so I can compare design and functionality? I thought this was an Squarespace option and that all the information, logos + photos etc would seamlessly be transferred to the new template design... Please help if this is true - Thanks in advance 🙂
  8. looking for this template design https://txdroneco.com/ He recommenced me, he is also using squarespace
  9. Hi friends Super simple—just trying to find a blank template but can't for the life of me. Is it a matter of choosing any template and just deleting everything? or... Thanks!
  10. Hi! Please see subject. If so, could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks so much! EDIT: Te be clear, I want to create a custom coded blog article template to edit some of the features found on the default blog template, e.g.: The post metadata (add custom metadata) Styling (e.g. maybe add a sidebar) Etc. I've checked here in the documentation, but I don't see blog post listed as a type of template, however it could just be an omission (hoping so). Thanks, I hope that helps!
  11. I have been making my website for almost two months now and I was working on it and refreshed the page and it randomly crashed, I haven't been able to get it back to normal since. It's been almost 3 days. This is what it looks like. Not sure what to do, if anyone can help me that would be great.
  12. Hi, Can you help me pick a template - I want to design one for my Tutoring business. It must be simple, attractive and modern. It should clearly help to sell my business and if possible have a members section to sell courses or other content - future expansion.... Any questions you have to help you help me pick the right template, please ask away! Thanks
  13. Hi! I'm trying to update our staff page on my school's website. Right now, we've just got photos and I'd like to add a bio for each staff member as well. Ideally, I'd like to be able to click the picture and have the bio pop up and collapse without redirecting to a new page. I've tried creating a gallery and enabling the image description, but there are a lot of limitations there that don't really work for me. I don't really like the lightbox feature because it makes the picture bigger, which I'm not a fan of. Also, you only see the bio if you mouse over the image. I feel people would miss the bio if they didn't know they had to mouse over for it. I have version 7.0 and we are using the Mentor Template. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fairly simple way to create what I'm looking for? Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://rust-kale-a2el.squarespace.com Hi I am using a Service Section (the one that has circles). I have tweaked it but I would like more control: I like how the image is close to the edges but not the text. And I would like the images to contain a link (the same link the button uses). Does anyone know if this is possible? 🤔
  15. I am using acuity and I am trying to do a followup email however I do not see the template. it is blank any help would greatly be appreciated. My appointments are not inactive and when I click on the gear and hit create template again everything is blank.
  16. SQS 7.1 has a number of solid page templates, but I often create pages in a specific layout with sections and copy according to different needs, such as a lead page with PASTOR copy or photography portfolio galleries. I would love to be able to save a layout and reuse it across the site, and even across multiple sites. "Duplicate Page" is an okay workaround, but being able to create and save a landing page template would save me and many other designers HOURS of work. Or, please just create some lead page templates and add them to the page templates when creating a new page.
  17. Hello. Wondering if anyone could help or point me in the right direction. I have an existing website for my photography using the Wells template. I wanted to switch to the Kevin Matsuya template, but Squarespace doesn't allow me to do this. Does anyone know if it's possible? Or will I have to start a whole new site then switch my domain? Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
  18. Hey everyone, Is it possible to see and edit template HTML code? I want to add google translation to my site, but the options that I have gotten from support to add custom HTML code is not helpful for this. I need to add content to the body so the translation option can be displayed. The website password (if you go to the website) is "pjmb". Thanks, Zulu
  19. Hi, Im looking for a clean and simple website template: Purpose to host my business website - MUST have I think for now: Home page Courses - Link to external course page or not....maybe own course page and then link to external courses hosted elsewhere Services Contact I have a website I know uses squarespace, is there a way to find out what template they use? Im looking to start an edtech consulting website - services, courses, training and also selling of hardware for coding etc for schools. I am overwhelmed by the choice of templates and they all look the same. I just want to pick a good one and use that one instead of changing half way through. Finally - Why Squarespace? I was convinced until I found out about Wix and how so many people use it? Thanks!
  20. Hi guys, I request your help once again... I'm trying to render my website, full bleed.. but after months of researches I don't seem able to solve this problem. Your help would be much appreciated. The website has been built on a York Template family, the Harris and I can't make it look just as how I imagined it. This image shows how it looks now: As you can see, there's a lot of white spaces on the sides and the zone for the text, images, etc, is quite small and it squeezes everything together, leaving too much white spaces and I wish to optimize that. My goal is to make it more like this "https://wise.com/fr/" page... If you see this site, it uses all the available white spaces and makes it for a more attractive and useful display. Can anyone help me out? I would prefer a solution that requires little to no coding at all but at this point, I'll take any working solution. Thank you for your attention.
  21. I am really enjoying using 7.1 - however, I feel a little stuck.. Am I correct in saying: - There is no way to copy a section to another page - There is no way to custom build a page and turn into a template - There is no way for me to make a boilerplate page or section block for reuse elsewhere - There are very limited options when choosing an article/blog layout I have some wireframes to work from, but for instance, I can't see an easy way to match the article layout to the wireframe I have without custom building a page that I then get the customer to duplicate for each article. But then, if they do that, they can't easy add feature blocks to the homepage to showcase the latest articles (without them doing it manually) e.g a custom page is not like collection, as pages aren't stored as blog/article posts. Also it looks like 7.0 had a developer access, would it be better for me to go back to 7.0 and will that allow me to custom build templates for re-use? I know how to code html and css, but feels like the system wants me to pick from prebuilt layouts rather than code or lay my own out.
  22. Hi, want to build a simple site for my edtech side business. I want my business info, YouTube videos and then I guess maybe images of the educational technology products I sell and prices? should it be an e-commerce site or just a front and then contact and do the business via email etc? im hoping to deal with schools so not really small orders etc….what you think? can you recommended a template? One that will allow me to grow…I want to start with one and then not have to change in a week or so… thansk!
  23. Hi! I am running a Version 7.0 Template in Developer-Mode on trial. (Newbie alert 😉) Aiming on a dedicated template for a shop offering essential oils, is wish to design a template that takes a string and splits it at a designated character sequence (space+Pipe+space ` | `) . Scenario; { "item" : { "title" : "Mandarin r\u00F6d ekologisk | Citrus reticulata" } } Is it possible to define a regex-based function or a simpler string-split approach so that I can have different ways to represent the title depending on the output channel? For example in the meta tags the pipe character is exactly the desired output and for the product name rendered on the product page the part which comes after the pipe should be rendered with a dedicated css class applied - perhaps also with semantic attributions marking it as the botanical name. Dreaming big: Ideally a helper that invokes gomplate (or just a subset) would allow such freedom of controlling the output. Any ideas how this can be done -- ideally without the need of having JavaScript altering the Output after-the-fact -- would be much appreciated. Thank you
  24. Hello, I am interested in starting a highly structured video training course and need to know the best template and how to begin. Each video module should lead the viewer to the next video, and each training module builds on the previous. It will be a course that requires login and payment to be able to access the video content, and the user will be supplied with a temporary password that they change to make their own, which they can then use to login each time they need to access their course. So in summary, I need the following features: *Video upload capability *Ecommerce tools, such as bank account linking, shopping cart, etc. *Login credentials management I am thinking something like rectangular shaped buttons on the left column, all of them stacked, that show the videos in order, and once the video is clicked, the video shows on the right side (and majority) of the screen, while all the buttons that represent the modules remain showing on the left side, so they can jump from module to module if they like. Can anyone suggest a SS template that would work well for this type of application? Thank you in advance for your help! Joel Miller
  25. I'm in a trial account. I had watched YouTube videos by Squarespace and read help guides and they say you 'just click design, click template, change template' WTF. It's not there. I can't. Was reading some feedbacks, and people saying you have to sign a new account?? They're not templates, but layouts?? Anyhoo.. Squarespace this seems confusing af. Misleading. So will probably cancel the subscription.
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