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Found 17 results

  1. I am trying to change the tagline in the navigation to be different on two pages. I am only able to adjust the tagline for the entire site not page specific. Is there a way to do this? Currently, using the Brine 7.0 template.
  2. Site URL: https://www.alicedegaetani.com/ Hi! I have been searching solutions for this before but nothing has worked. I'd like my site header to show the logo, the site title and the tagline. Can anyone help please? Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://www.afroperuviansextet.com Hi! I'm wondering how to add a tagline below my logo with CSS? I want to add a #Hashtag (that is clickable) below the site logo/title. Can you help me? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://primaveraleathers.squarespace.com/ Is it possible to have a tagline link up to the homepage whenever someone slicks on it? thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.jimaikman.com/about I'm using the Forte Template. There is an option to have a header in the upper left corner of the site on all pages, with a tagline that appears beneath it. But the tagline only appears when the site is viewed on giant monitors - it does not display the tagline on most laptops. This is not ideal. I haven't been able to find any code solutions. Any ideas? I'd rather not make a jpeg.
  6. Hello - I'm using the Nueva theme and am having a hard time centering the tagline. Attached is an image of the Header and Tagline when I select Top Center. Clearly this is not centered. All I want is to have the tagline under the artists name. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  7. I use this CSS to remove the Title/Tag Line from all pages that are not the home page. body:not(.homepage) { .logo, .site-tagline, { visibility: hidden; } } I want to remove it ONLY for a SINGLE, individual inside page. Can anyone advise?
  8. I am trying to change the font of my tag line. I was able to change the font of my header and all of my other paragraphs/headings, just not the tagline. Hoping someone can help me out!
  9. Site URL: https://www.chantalvandenbroek.com/ Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to place my tagline right under my site title. Right now it looks like this on wide screens: And I'd like to have it this way (which it looks like on less wider screens): I've tried to change it in the site styles section and by adding some things in the CSS, but couldn't figure it out. Hopefully someone could help me! Many thanks in advance! PS. I'm using Squarespace 7.0
  10. Hi, I added a tagline under the logo using custom CSS: .header-title:after{ content:"my_email@gmail.com"; } It displays just fine, but currently the tagline is not selectable. Since it's an email address it would be ideal if a user could also select the text (to copy paste it). Can I make the text selectable using CSS? If not, is there another way to create a tagline other than using CSS? Or a way to create a custom header? It seems strange that there is no option for it built in. Thank you!
  11. Hi there, I hope you are all well in these strange and difficult times. Can you please help - how to add a tagline under the logo in 7.1? Thank you for your help, Aniko
  12. Site URL: https://www.earthdrivencollective.com.au/home I need help with changing the font of the site tagline. I have already uploaded my custom font's and the codes I tried didn't work. This is my site. https://www.earthdrivencollective.com.au/home Would appreciate any help!
  13. Site URL: https://www.centerforlearningandresilience.org I have the site tagline set to visible in the header for all pages. I want to remove it for the home page (or move it above the banner). The home page is an index page, Impact template. how do I remove the tagline on this page only? "a place for children, families and community"
  14. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to add a tag line under a site title in 7.1 perhaps using css? I'm happy copying and pasting bits of code but my understanding of coding is fairly limited - just a heads up. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Many thanks John
  15. Hi Folks - Is it possible to add a text tagline under my text site title (both centred) in 7.1?
  16. Site URL: https://seadragon-pear-6ndb.squarespace.com/ Any suggestions on how to add a tagline under the logo? In the site styles it gives me the option to show one or the other, but I'd like to display both. https://seadragon-pear-6ndb.squarespace.com/ password: op1 If it's going to be an issue to add it under the logo, I have an alternate plan. I've added a green bar under the slideshow banner, but I need some advice on how to use CSS so there isn't so much space above/below it AND so the text on that green bar shows as white instead of gray. I tinkered with it for a while, but
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