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Found 25 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.andrewfaris.com/2022/untitled07 Hi, I would like to remove the price and 'add to cart' button on specific product detail pages. Can this be done using tags on the specific products so all products with the 'tag' will have the price and 'add to cart' button removed? What is the best way to do this? Example of one of the product pages with Price and 'Add to Cart' buttons that I would like to hide: https://www.andrewfaris.com/2022/untitled07 Thanks, Andrew
  2. Site URL: https://www.unlocklasvegas.com/ Currently only available on the home page, with a large image on the right side of the template. I want it to be dynamic full width throughout the entire website.
  3. Site URL: https://www.robertditty.com/ Just what the title asks. I want my sidebar to be thicker on my website. I'm using the Supply template and would like to make the sidebar roughly the same width as the sidebar on the Wells template. (There are other features of Supply I really like so that's why I don't want to change templates). I would like to increase the size of my logo as well if it doesn't automatically increase with the sidebar size. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  4. Hey, really struggling to figure out how to make page content full width on supply template, specifically the slideshow block. As you can see on the image there is padding on the left and right of the slideshow, that’s what I am trying to remove completely. I’m currently using custom css on this page to remove header, footer, mobile.bar; change background; and to add buttons on images… so that I can repurpose this as a landing page while keeping the format of supply theme on the rest of my site…. Any suggestions on either making the slideshow specifically full width / no padding or remove padding from this entire page? Below is the CSS currently used: <style> #header, #footer, #mobile.bar { display: none !important;} </style> <style> #main { margin-left: 0; height: auto; } </style> <style> #main {background-color: #E4D5A0; width: 100% !important;} body {background-color: #E4D5A0;} #canvas {background-color: #E4D5A0;} </style>
  5. Site URL: https://dorotaporebska.com Hello guys I have an issue with supply template. Do you know how to reduce this spacer: So pictures on my home page will be bigger. I like spacer between pictures so I like to stay this way. Thank you for your time!!
  6. Site URL: https://www.taryngarrett.com/ Hi there! I'm refreshing my portfolio site, and under the 'bits + pieces' navigation heading I've been adding blank pages with gallery blocks (laid out as carousels). However, doing it this way I learned that it won't automatically create a thumbnail off the first image since they're nested in there, so I added a thumbnail under the Page Settings > Media but then it adds it as a banner as well. I really hate the banner; it looks clunky and bad, but especially because it sends it off to the right side of the page? Maybe because of my template? I would just skip all of this but I need to have a thumbnail. I've attached a picture of how it looks, or you can see one of those pages here. Is there any way to add the thumbnail without the banner, or have the banner be at the top of the page where it's supposed to be? I might not mind it so much if it were there. Or custom code to get rid of the banner? I've tried quite a few but nothing has worked yet. Am I missing something really obvious? (probably haha). I'm using the Supply template! Thanks in advance!
  7. Site URL: https://dorotaporebska.com The Supply template displays all navigation folders as expanded in the mobile menu, so you see all sub pages. I want people to be able to click on a folder to expand it like on big screen, otherwise the mobile menu is way too busy. Is there code injection I can use to collapse the folders in the mobile menu? Thanks so much! Also do you know how to change size of font in folder links?
  8. Site URL: https://catherold.com/shop/jackalope-wildflowers-art-print?category=Prints Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to create a sticky scroll for my product pages with the Supply template. Is it possible to do this? I've tried code snippets from other templates I used before, and those worked, but I can't figure out how to do the same with Supply. https://catherold.com/shop/jackalope-wildflowers-art-print?category=Prints Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://dorotaporebska.com/fdfdf hi does anyone know how to delete banner on right and have two columns of images? In supply. Thanks!
  10. Hi Do you know how to make smaller margins between images on images page so I can make pictures bigger?
  11. Since I'm selling one of a kind original paintings, I would prefer the "Sold Out" banner to read "Sold" instead. Is this possible?
  12. Hi, in navigation menu I have Folder with pages in it, normally Folder wasn't clickable only submenu so few years ago I have added this code in to the folder title to make it clickable: <a href="/indoor-moebel">INDOOR</a> and it was working flawlessly till yesterday. On Brine template now opens up first page in a folder and on Supply template it does notting as it is by default... Please help I really need this click trough function!!! Thanks in advance
  13. Site URL: https://www.alyciawicker.com/reviews Is there a code to add to the CSS that makes the other pages full width? It seems that the home page is full width, but other pages shove all the text to the left and waste space. TIA
  14. I am using Supply template (I am kinda a newb) and the Product detail is displaying the Variants as if they are also Products (with full size images stacked). I only want to see the Product that I am selecting and have the Variants appear in the selection pull down menu. There is nothing to control this in the Site Styles. The details about the template merely mention that Product images are in fact stacked. Is there a way with code injection to hide the variant images from the Product Detail? Thanks in advance.
  15. Site URL: https://dorotaporebska.com Hi I need help with disable mobile style in Supply template. There is no option for that I menu.
  16. Hi, I'm having real difficulty replicating the "Home" page on the following website: https://www.mpkelley.com/ I am using the supply template, which I can see is also what the above site is based on. I am trying to create a home page with a single image, that can be clicked on to open the next image, as shown in the above. I'd like to be able to use the same arrow-based navigation, or at least something similar. You will see in the bottom left of the example home page, there is a "prev/next" & "show thumbnails" section, which it would be great to have too, but not essential. I'm new to this, so maybe I'm missing something obvious in the template options?! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  17. Hi, do you know how to delate gallery title which appears on right side of the page, so have more space to pictures? Next step is to have 2 or three columns in gallery page. Instead of one and title on the right. Thank you
  18. Vibe 105.5 http://www.vibe105to.com/# currently has their broadcast streaming from their current website. (If you click the yellow Listen Live button at the top right corner) This comes up : streamdb7web.securenetsytems.net 1-I would like to know if Square space (business) would be able to support this feature? 2-Is there a separate plan for a business who wants to have two or more websites with Squarespace? Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone! I'm using the Supply template on my website (https://www.snjc.world/), I know it's an old one that's not updated anymore but I really like the sidebar menu. The only thing that I really don't like about this theme is the lack of customization regarding the cart button. I was wondering if anyone knew how to tweak it a bit just to match the rest of my website, changing the font to match my theme and also replace the gradient in the background by a solid black or grey color. If anyone knows a bit of CSS to change those two points that would be great ! Thank you, Sam.
  20. Site URL: http://www.constantinetohme.com Troubleshooting and trying to get the header off of one page on Supply Template. The best I've arrived at is the code below but it only removes the navigation / logo etc... But the width of the header still occupying the screen. Honestly, no idea what can be done / what is going on, any advice appreciated! <style> #header, #footer, #mobile.bar {display: none !important;} </style>
  21. Site URL: https://constantinetohme.com/treatments Does anyone know how I can make the images that appear on a 'gallery page' the same width? This is for supply template, and basically I just want to be able to keep the gallery page images a uniform restricted with... When the browser window is expanded the image becomes huge (way too wide); Any suggestions for css or code injection? Example of the page type [here].
  22. Site URL: http://www.constantinetohme.com Hey, I'm troubleshooting and trying to get the header off of one page on Supply Template, seems easy on other templates using the code below but doesn't work fully on Supply.... The best I've arrived at is the code below but it only removes the navigation / logo etc... Leaving the width of the header still occupying the left of the screen. Honestly, no idea what can be done / what is going on, any advice appreciated! <style> #header, #footer, #mobile.bar {display: none !important;} </style> This code below (which is currently not in the injection) allows me to at least allow me to get a single color on the page, but obviously doesn't remove that vertical header width, and you can see white at the bottom of the screen as well when this isn't active. Do I maybe need to resize or change the position of the main page? <style> body {background-color: #CCF5DE;} #canvas {background-color: #CCF5DE;} #main {background-color: #CCF5DE; width: 100% !important;} </style> [Here] is what the landing and inner site look like using the above color codes - again not fixing the real issue 😞
  23. Hi! I'm trying to change the styling of the drop down for the different sizes. Is anyone able to help with this? https://www.weareleim.com/shop/sisterhood-ezp-jumpsuit-ivory-linen
  24. Hello, Is it possible to change the transparency value of the overlay on sold-out products in the Supply template? If so, would you please explain how? Thanks,Andrew
  25. Site URL: https://constantinetohme.com/treatments Hey wondering if anyone knows how I can make the gallery image pages on Supply Theme have a restricted width? When the browser window is expanded the image becomes huge (way too wide); I want to keep the image a custom permanent width or at least lower the scaling if possible... either on all gallery pages through css or header injection. Any suggestions for css?
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