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Found 7 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.octoolhouse.com/ I have successfully hide some elements from my page via CSS and cannot figure out how to hide the out of stock message. I want to be able to use SquareSpace inventory for another purpose thus when I have 0 I do not want the out of stock text to appear on my webpage. The intention is "catalog" view only, but I am using the inventory section as integration and export for other ecommerce solution. Commmerce > Product Status > Out of Stock. Example: https://www.octoolhouse.com/accessories/p/miter-saw-crown-stops You will see the out of
  2. Site URL: https://www.beerleaguehockeypractice.com/register Thanks in advance for being super wicked awesome helpful! Package 1 = Sessions 1- 7 for $159 Package 2 = Sessions 8 - 14 for $159 Package 3 = Sessions 1 - 14 For $299 My issue is, I have limited stock of each individual 7 session package. When someone buys Package 3, I need one stock removed from that option, but also one stock removed from both Package 1 and Package 2, otherwise I can end up overbooking. As it stands I have 7 of Package 1 available and 12 of Package 2. I can make 7 of Package 3 available b
  3. I'm making a website for the masks i've been sewing. I usually start out with the ability to sew 10 masks per fabric choice, in a choice of four sizes, with three loop style options. obviously the number of variations that can be created from the product variants is greater than my stock. how do i create my listings in order to offer my customers all the necessary variations without over-selling my stock?
  4. Site URL: https://apricots-fuchsia-m3r5.squarespace.com Hi, I am selling the same product at two different prices, one for students and one for others. Can I set it up so that Squarespace distributes the 10 pieces of inventory across the two SKUs that I need to create in order to establish the two price points? Or is there a different way to manage this?
  5. Site URL: https://longevityspa.com.au/ Hi Everyone, I've enabled Limited availability labels, set display when to stock is at or below 100 - and yet the following product (https://longevityspa.com.au/memberships/p/1-week-pass) is not showing label (neither in the homepage summary block or the actual product page), when it has a Stock level within its product settings configured as 7. Could you please advise what I'm missing? I've read the Squarespace article on this several times. Thank you! Lewis
  6. Site URL: https://www.designedbyflorence.com Just wandering if it's possible to link one stock variant item, to another product. So we're selling Dolls with custom clothing items, but would like customers to buy either the dolls, or the clothes by themselves, or both the doll and the clothes. And I have multiple versions of the doll, but have the listed as different products, is it possible to link all the doll items so that if one is bought, the other dolls are updated as well?
  7. Site URL: https://www.setcollective.com.au Hi! I have a site that is currently set up to sell individual products and then 'sets' of the same individual products. For example you can buy: A Singlets in three different colours A Tshirt in three different colours A Long Sleeve Tshirt in 3 different colours all as individual products or you can buy them as a set i.e You can buy a singlet, tshirt, long sleeve top all in the same colour as a 'set' however when someone buys this product, it is not taken from the stock count because Squarespace does not know i
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