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Found 4 results

  1. Why can't I use Square POS within Squarespace using the "Square Register" hardware?
  2. Hi, all! I'm a relatively new member to Squarespace Circle but cannot rave enough about this supportive community! I have a client (a small coffeeshop/roastery with one physical location) who loves Squarespace and would like me to build a website (with online store) using the Squarespace platform. However, they use Square as their POS in store, and they would like to use Square to process all of their payments (both online and in-store). I understand that, as of now, Squarespace only accepts online payments using Stripe and/or PayPal, and they do not want to pay additional for any third-party integrations (like Ecwid or Trunk). To accommodate these requests, the only solution I can think of is to (1) build the "core" of their website on Squarespace, (2) set up their online store through Square's "Online Store," and then (3) have the "Shop" button on the navigation menu on their Squarespace website redirect to their online store in Square. Obviously, this is not the most ideal situation, but do you any of you have suggestions on a better solution/workaround (or, better yet, any idea if/when Squarespace will integrate with Square and accept Square payments for online transactions)? Please forgive me if I've misused any terminology--I've been building websites for years but am a bit of a novice in the ecommerce world. Thank you in advance for any insight you can shed on this situation! Jordyn
  3. I am a brick-and-mortar store using Square POS for everything from my inventory to, naturally, my sales. I have an online store hosted with WordPress.com using the WooCommerce plugin, if you're familiar, and I'm interested finding out if it would benefit me at all to switch to Squarespace. Online sales weren't a large part of my business until recently, and I'm realising now that could I have done this differently from the start -if it could have been any easier- I would have. I've done what research I can and I wouldn't be asking the questions I am if I had been able to find answers I was sure were correct or opinions I thought I could trust. I have hope that coming to the source I'll harness both the knowledge and the wisdom of experience of Squarspace users and experts. I'll try not to get into the weeds with my questions. So: A) How well integrated are or can Square and Squarespace be? Specifically, as regards inventory, is it a 1 to 1 mirror of one 'system of record' to the other/Can I expect to be able to manage my products and stock using Square, with all changes being mirrored on the website? Will my inventory be completely, without much or any direct management, uploaded for use on the website? B) Do I need any other eCommerce subscription or application to run the online store or does Squarespace have it's own eCommerce solution that can work out of the box with a Squarespace website? C) Is it worth it to switch from WordPress.com and WooCommerce to Squarespace? What, from any experience, will be easier/require less direct management or fixing were I to use Squarespace instead? D) Does Squarespace come 'pre-loaded' with all of the tools for displaying and seeling my products via the website that I wish WordPress.com and WooCommerce did but don't, except at a cost and some hassle? E) Using WordPress.com and WooCommerce has required me to learn more about the 'backend' of website creation and management than I would rather have, all things being equal. Is Squarespace friendlier, form experience, than those for someone who really just wants (and this is over simplifying it) a *presto* online store? F) Is there anything important someone moving from WordPress.com and Woocommerce should know about Squarespace (other than it hopefully being just plain easier) before they make the move? G) Is it worth my time and effort should I make the move, to bring anything over with me or should I start from scratch? (I'm feeling like starting from scratch, but that definitely isn't due to any actual knowledge on my part.) I want to thank those who reply in advance. I'm sure I'll be thanking more, but I really appreciate those who take their time to respond to what can seem to be the umpteenth of the same questions that get asked repeatedly as I have experience in doing the same. I can appreciate that some of these questions may have been answered specifically elsewhere, and I have looked and either I haven't found them or the answers weren't satisfactory. I don't mind be directed to an extant answer to any question I've asked if you really think it is relevant. Thanks, again. Thomathy.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to put in appointments widget code from square into my clients website. She doesn't want to use Acuity because she's been linked up to Square for so long prior to the website being built. The code is: <!-- Start Square Appointments Embed Code --><script src='https://square.site/appointments/buyer/widget/2821a250-6f0c-4a3d-ace0-240c6fb2826a/BT7J5EMN8H7H7.js'></script><!-- End Square Appointments EmbedCode —> But I can't figure out how to not make it look cropped or shortened. Can anyone help me out?
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