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  1. I am looking for any widget which can help me to add all my twitter feed specially with twitter hashtags feed automatically on website.
  2. I just tried to add pinterest pins & boards on my website but didn't find a way. Can anyone help me out.?
  3. Pinterest issued me a string of code to add to my index file to link the two accounts for product listings but I can't access index.html in edit mode. What am I missing...?
  4. Site URL: http://www.nordskovarkitektur.dk Hi! at some point editing My site Instagram icons dissapered. the link is still there (mouse over works) but the icon is gone. tried enable/disable , remove/add , different browsers/computers/phones… etc. I tried getting help in an Old Squarespace thread, but figured i needed to expand the cry for help a bit 🙂 Thanks
  5. Hello all, After spending some time browsing around, I found a simple way to add WhatsApp integration to the entire SquareSpace site, that doesn't require any third party or a server dependency and it is free! However, it does require an upgrade to Business plan for SquareSquare. SquareSpace should allow code injection on lesser plans. Go to your site -> Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection In the footer section paste this: <!-- Floating button style --> <style> .floating{ position:fixed; width:60px; height:60px; bottom:40px; right:20px; z-index:100; } .float-button{ margin-top:16px; } </style> <!-- Link to WhatsApp --> <a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=%2B12125551212&text=Hello%2C%20from%20your%20site" class="floating" target="_blank"> <!-- WhatsApp image --> <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 48 48" width="58px" height="58px"><path fill="#fff" d="M4.868,43.303l2.694-9.835C5.9,30.59,5.026,27.324,5.027,23.979C5.032,13.514,13.548,5,24.014,5c5.079,0.002,9.845,1.979,13.43,5.566c3.584,3.588,5.558,8.356,5.556,13.428c-0.004,10.465-8.522,18.98-18.986,18.98c-0.001,0,0,0,0,0h-0.008c-3.177-0.001-6.3-0.798-9.073-2.311L4.868,43.303z"/><path fill="#fff" d="M4.868,43.803c-0.132,0-0.26-0.052-0.355-0.148c-0.125-0.127-0.174-0.312-0.127-0.483l2.639-9.636c-1.636-2.906-2.499-6.206-2.497-9.556C4.532,13.238,13.273,4.5,24.014,4.5c5.21,0.002,10.105,2.031,13.784,5.713c3.679,3.683,5.704,8.577,5.702,13.781c-0.004,10.741-8.746,19.48-19.486,19.48c-3.189-0.001-6.344-0.788-9.144-2.277l-9.875,2.589C4.953,43.798,4.911,43.803,4.868,43.803z"/><path fill="#cfd8dc" d="M24.014,5c5.079,0.002,9.845,1.979,13.43,5.566c3.584,3.588,5.558,8.356,5.556,13.428c-0.004,10.465-8.522,18.98-18.986,18.98h-0.008c-3.177-0.001-6.3-0.798-9.073-2.311L4.868,43.303l2.694-9.835C5.9,30.59,5.026,27.324,5.027,23.979C5.032,13.514,13.548,5,24.014,5 M24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974 M24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974 M24.014,4C24.014,4,24.014,4,24.014,4C12.998,4,4.032,12.962,4.027,23.979c-0.001,3.367,0.849,6.685,2.461,9.622l-2.585,9.439c-0.094,0.345,0.002,0.713,0.254,0.967c0.19,0.192,0.447,0.297,0.711,0.297c0.085,0,0.17-0.011,0.254-0.033l9.687-2.54c2.828,1.468,5.998,2.243,9.197,2.244c11.024,0,19.99-8.963,19.995-19.98c0.002-5.339-2.075-10.359-5.848-14.135C34.378,6.083,29.357,4.002,24.014,4L24.014,4z"/><path fill="#40c351" d="M35.176,12.832c-2.98-2.982-6.941-4.625-11.157-4.626c-8.704,0-15.783,7.076-15.787,15.774c-0.001,2.981,0.833,5.883,2.413,8.396l0.376,0.597l-1.595,5.821l5.973-1.566l0.577,0.342c2.422,1.438,5.2,2.198,8.032,2.199h0.006c8.698,0,15.777-7.077,15.78-15.776C39.795,19.778,38.156,15.814,35.176,12.832z"/><path fill="#fff" fill-rule="evenodd" d="M19.268,16.045c-0.355-0.79-0.729-0.806-1.068-0.82c-0.277-0.012-0.593-0.011-0.909-0.011c-0.316,0-0.83,0.119-1.265,0.594c-0.435,0.475-1.661,1.622-1.661,3.956c0,2.334,1.7,4.59,1.937,4.906c0.237,0.316,3.282,5.259,8.104,7.161c4.007,1.58,4.823,1.266,5.693,1.187c0.87-0.079,2.807-1.147,3.202-2.255c0.395-1.108,0.395-2.057,0.277-2.255c-0.119-0.198-0.435-0.316-0.909-0.554s-2.807-1.385-3.242-1.543c-0.435-0.158-0.751-0.237-1.068,0.238c-0.316,0.474-1.225,1.543-1.502,1.859c-0.277,0.317-0.554,0.357-1.028,0.119c-0.474-0.238-2.002-0.738-3.815-2.354c-1.41-1.257-2.362-2.81-2.639-3.285c-0.277-0.474-0.03-0.731,0.208-0.968c0.213-0.213,0.474-0.554,0.712-0.831c0.237-0.277,0.316-0.475,0.474-0.791c0.158-0.317,0.079-0.594-0.04-0.831C20.612,19.329,19.69,16.983,19.268,16.045z" clip-rule="evenodd"/></svg> </a> Data set in the a tag parameters should be encoded. Simple encoder https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/ Set phone number in the phone parameter, and message in the text field. You can also use the a tag throughout your site as a link to open WhatsApp, just remove the class attribute. If you find this useful and add to your site, comment +1 in the thread. Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.afzoelle.com/extra-af Sometime in the last two or three weeks, my social media icons have disappeared from the footer of my website and my contact page, even though I haven't touched them since early May and they were functioning as they should. I removed the CSS that I had for them thinking maybe something got updated and that broke, but they did not come back. Here's how the space looked on my published website in my footer: When I go into settings, the block still says "Social Links," the links are visible, but the box itself is empty. When I go to add a new social links block, there's no option for it anymore. Likewise, on my contact page, it's the same thing. On the published page, it's showing as blank, but when I click on edit, the empty social links box is there. They are not the same color as my background, so it's not something silly like that. The social media icons in my navigation header have been unaffected by this and are totally fine. I still have not put back the CSS for the regular icons until I can fix the issue. Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://www.history-ink.com/home Hi! The social network icons... work great, but I have three different team members, with three different linkedIn profiles. I have noticed the social network button will only allow me one global external address, is there a way to create different ones for each person?
  8. It can be scary for small businesses to invest in paid social media as the results of each campaign can vary and are not guaranteed. However, according to Sprout Social, paid social can support your organic social media in the long run, guarantee that you reach the target audience you’re marketing to, and put your brand or product in front of the right customers. A well crafted social media campaign using paid posts can have some immediate results leading to increased brand awareness, more traffic for your web presence and even lead generation. When is a good time to use paid social media? There’s no clear cut answer to this, but Sprout Social recommends you do so when you have an established following and understand the idiosyncrasies of the social media channel you’re targeting. They also recommend creating a budget and tying your ad campaigns to big picture business goals. How did you get started using paid social? What have the results been? We’d love to hear your stories! Share in the comments below.
  9. Site URL: http://callummcallister.com/ Hey! In short I want the social blocks to be able to link to personal social media on the whole site, except the page www.callummcallister.com/toodles where I want them to link to my band's social media. I also want the personal social media blocks to only have email, twitter and instagram, whereas I want the band social media to link to a variety of different social media accounts. Is there a way to do this?
  10. Site URL: https://www.cellerantconsulting.com/ Hello, Our company has two separate Instagram accounts that we want to add to one section of our home page. I have one added (at the bottom of the home page) however when I go to add the other account (both have separate logins) it logs the other one out. How can we have both showing on one page? Thank you, Stephanie
  11. Site URL: https://lsp.nyc/blog Are there any documents, best practices, plugins recommended for adding social icons on blog posts for readers to promote an article? Thanks!n -Dominic
  12. Is there any easy method of use to add my Instagram feed on my website free?
  13. Site URL: https://www.bespoke-reps.com/ Hi All! I am building a site for a photo agency. Each photographer will have their own page. They are all "social influencers" so it's important that each of their pages we have unique links to their social accounts. We are using Squarespace 7.1 template and have the business edition subscription. I'm looking to do 2 things: Create unique links for the social media blocks that we insert. We saw font awesome as a solution. We will need icons for Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, wikipedia. We are ok creating our own icons, or we also saw some solutions using font awesome (which is why I'm mentioning the types of icons we will need just incase font awesome is not doable) Insert/Enter follower count for each social link. We are ok with it not autogenerating. Attached are examples for wordpress script to create this that we like. We like the concept and understand it would be exactly the same when we apply to squarespace. You can see the site and an example photographer page here: www.bespoke-reps.com Click "Roster" Click "Aaron Huey" Password: squarespacehelp Thanks for all the help friends!
  14. Dear all, How can I add individual social media icons to each team member under their profile? I want to show their photo, bio and then a few icons underneath for their contact information such as email, facebook, linkedin,... Thanks a million! Michael
  15. Site URL: https://plumbfactory.com Can anyone help me replace the squarespace social icons with my own icons. I want to replace them throughout the whole site; header, footer and on pages.
  16. Site URL: https://yellow-avocado-9r88.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, I'm just starting my website and the selected template I chose uses ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro, which is really nice. Simultaneously I'm on Canva (signed up for Canva Pro) designing my YouTube banner and would like to use the same font. When I google searched it was available on Adobe Fonts (https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/itc-avant-garde-gothic?mv=affiliate&mv2=red#fonts-section ) however I could only buy it if I signed up for "Creative Cloud" at a ridiculously high price. Any Suggestions? Obviously I want to have continuity across media, or is that not as important as I think it might be?
  17. Site URL: https://kati-morton-v2.squarespace.com/ Hi, I was wondering if there was the ability to add more social icons to the header. We want to add Pinterest logo and TikTok logo, but they only show up as link icons.
  18. Site URL: https://voiceofalexander.com Hello there, I have searched this and YES I am aware it's possible. I have embed Instagram using the in-place option. My issue is the Instagram account doesn't update when I post. I tested it and it's been sitting for about an hour now without the new post I made. Is it simply just that slow? Is there a better way to achieve this? Thank you in advance.
  19. Site URL: http://harbourviewpictures.com Hi Group, This is my first time posting, but I am hoping you can help! I found a great tutorial here on changing colors and modifying the social media icons as a group, but I'm wondering if there's a way to modify individual colors of social idea icons. I ask because on my website I will ultimately have 4 instagram accounts (1 for each project), and would like to different them by the project they are associated with. Right now I have just linked 3 instagram accounts and both are default white on the bottom of the page / footer, following this tutorial I can see how to change all of their colors, but not individually. I am not very experienced with custom css, but am hopeful there's a way to do this! Thank you
  20. I have recently gone from creating 2-3 websites a year to around 15 last year. This increase has shined some light on an area where I seem to be stuck! What is the best way to connect a client's social media pages and any non-organic platforms? Do you simply ask for all of the username/passwords? I used to have my clients add me as an admin to their social pages, but that seems like a clunky and outdated way to do business. I have been using a white-label social media platform that has a fantastic tool. I can send an email to my client that they can fill out their username/passwords for all of their social pages and it automatically syncs so I can access them from my platform. Does Squarespace have something similar? Is there something else you are using? Thanks in advance for any help. Chris
  21. Site URL: https://www.bondprosper.com/55-queen-street A previous post recommended using images smaller than 300kb so I reduced the size to under 200kb and the images are still not appearing on whatsapp. Does anyone know how to fix this? I''ve ran the url's through teh facebook debugger already and they've been scraped so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  22. Site URL: https://www.palazzodelgolfo.com I have inconsistent results when I reply to messages on facebook groups and share my url to my website. palazzodelgolfo.com Sometimes the link preview in the posted reply is the image I have indicated to be used on the whole site and other times (most of the time) it just shows to logo. It appears to work fine on FB messenger. I have inconsistent behavior with whatsapp as well. Anyone experience this? How can I fix this issue? Any advice much appreciated. I did use the FB developer tool to re-scrape my page when I updated to the image as part of troubleshooting this issue.
  23. Unfortunately the Icon for WhatsApp is missing in the "Social Links" of Squarespace. Can Squarespace kindly add it? Currently only a "URL" symbol shows instead of the WhatsApp Icon.
  24. I came across two social sharing logo issues while sharing my website link on facebook and linkedin. 1) On linkedin, squarespace does not show social sharing logo for one of the pages despite having the same page settings. 2)On facebook, it shows the logo instead of social sharing logo of the website. (This happens only for the main website link. It works perfectly for other pages and for linkedin as well).
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