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  1. I'm demo-ing Squarespace... How do I reduce the size of my navigation fonts on the mobile version?... How do I reduce the size of the hamburger icon on mobile? How do I move that hamburger icon to the left or right and get it closer to the edge and away from my logo?... Is there a way to add the hamburger icon to the desktop version and put it on the right?...
  2. I'm using markdown blocks to add text that has a different color background for a series copy (see attached). I'm trying to set each block so the heights are the same. I'm able to space things out left and right and align the tops with the standard block dimensions, but can't seem to find code to adjust the block sizes themselves so that the bottoms will also be aligned. Here is an example what I have so far for my markdown: <div style="background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.0470588); text-align:center; vertical-align: middle; padding:30px 30px;"> #### **JANUA
  3. hi everyone.. working on a fundraising site for covid-19 relief.. trying to embed a contribution form via code block but the height is limited, forcing one to scroll to see full form... I also tried putting the code into a squarespace embed block. I tried putting entire embed code i was give, including script, into a squarespace code block. I tried putting entire embed code i was given, including script, into a squarespace embed block. I tried injecting script into site-wide head as well as page specific head. I identified block ID and tried CSS injection to change height of block.
  4. Site URL: https://www.andtheywill.com/shop/p/14pk949a7a9hae3oxhy0nou7qpe5wu Hi - Does anyone know if I can change the product size text alignment in the drop down menu? Or add some padding on the left side? Depending on what kind of screen or device you have, the sizes available in the drop down menu look too far to the left, like the are about to be cut off. Help with the code or if there are settings anywhere for it would be great!
  5. Site URL: http://ibisette.com/portfolio/portraits Site URL: http://ibisette.com/portfolio/portraits Hi I really am desperate for help on this issue. On pc the website looks fabulous, exactly the way I wanted it to be. Problem comes up on mobile. www.ibisette.com/portfolio/portraits for example, all portrait-oriended photo's in the carousel show a lot of blank space on both left and right side of the image as you can see on the screenshot below. I would like to have the carousel to be taller so that pictures in both landscape and portrait mode be seen clearly. (I ha
  6. Site URL: https://www.dustycloudmusic.com/ Hello everyone, can someone help me please. The landing page is looking ok on my computer, but it's looking terrible on mobile device. How can I add a different photo for the mobile device version only please? Bonus question: Why the image quality is trash when I upload on squarespace? 😞 Thank you! 🙂
  7. Site URL: https://www.bomonroy.com/ Hello, I tried to find any question about it before post it but I think it's quite specific. I'm trying to reduce the size of the page blocks from my index page (https://www.bomonroy.com/) on mobile on a York family theme. I started adjusting with custom code the image width, left, top and height properties but now I have a low of white space of the block that I would like to reduce. Could anyone know how to do it? This is my custom code for the index in case it could help: (This for the background) .overflow-wrapper { -webkit-
  8. Site URL: https://www.vincentcalloud.com/ Hello, I am currently using the Wells template. I find that the arrow for navigating from photo to photo is really small, especially on small monitors. Do you know if it is possible to modify the size of this navigation arrow to obtain a larger and more visible one whatever the size of the monitor used? Thank you very much
  9. Site URL: http://www.nickmahar.com/work Hey all! Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else but i wasn't able to find it. Thinking of switching to 7.1 as you can customize the pages a lot better but one issue i'm having in recreating something currently on my website. I currently use blog posts to display my work and i like the look of it. The main thing i can't get to work in 7.1 is having some type of variation to the gallery or portfolio sizes. As you can see on my current website the format is 2 images, 3 images, and then it repeats for the most part. I haven't been able to
  10. Hi guys, recently I made this website about puzzles - www.puzzlereview.com. On the home page at the bottom I have links for RSS, facebook and a newsletter block. I think in desktop/tablet view it doesn't look too bad (if you have suggestions for visual improvement, please let me know), but in mobile view these three get stacked on top of each other and stretched width-wise. This makes the facebook button abnormally large and doesn't look good. Can I edit the mobile view only so that the RSS and the facebook buttons still appear next to each other on phones? Also, for the blocks above them, S
  11. Site URL: https://www.amieamie.ca/ Hello, How do I go about changing the size of the product title and price on the home page? https://www.amieamie.ca/ Every post I read about it says this... In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Fonts. Choose a font, and click the to apply the font to specific parts of your site. ... but there is no such thing as a wheel symbol or any product list section where I could change the size of the font. Any idea what I can do? Moreover, the price style and font are different on the SHOP's page, and I have no ide
  12. Site URL: https://www.spsoundart.com/news I am using Forte 7.0. The titles on blog posts are much too large relative to the text in the post. Yet it only allows you to change both at once with a slider; as the text gets bigger, so does the title. I would like to make the titles of blog posts smaller. I know this will require some code. I believe I had some, but they had me remove it to troubleshoot another issue, and when I put it back in it no longer works. I have seen several other posts on this topic but none with solutions that work with Forte 7.0.
  13. Hi, Does anyone know how do I change the site title size? Its too big, I want to reduce the size of it (Its not an Logo image, just the text for site title). Is there a custom css code I need to add to reduce the size? Please help. Thank you in advance :)
  14. Site URL: https://www.exceedfootwear.com Hi, I am looking to add an additional filter to allow users to filter my products by size. How can i add this in ? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks
  15. Site URL: https://www.evanelizabeth.com Hello - I am using the Fulton template and my logo is barely readable on the mobile version of my site. I attempted to use CSS I found here... but it doesnt seem to be working?
  16. Site URL: https://www.adrianye.com/ux-design/well-read How do you resize an embedded Figma block? It ends up super tiny on my portfolio page and I need it to be visible and clickable. Here's the embed code. I tried changing the height and width separately with no success. <iframe style="border: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);" width="800" height="450" src="https://www.figma.com/embed?embed_host=share&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.figma.com%2Fproto%2FNp3fm0oRYvDytAfYKZWdS7%2FWe-ll-Read-case-study%3Fnode-id%3D308%253A57%26viewport%3D-889%252C-2062%252C0.281281054019928%26
  17. Site URL: https://tangerine-pear-2fep.squarespace.com/config/ I don't have a choice with the size of my form button and I'd like it to be smaller. Thanks!
  18. Hello, how can I change the size of the thumbnails for each product on the main store page? Thank-you
  19. Site URL: https://sealion-swordfish-4y7r.squarespace.com/config/ Hello, On my mobile website the Instagram icon is too big in the footer. What CSS code do I need to make social icons smaller in mobile only? Thank you. Password: littlemoon (lowercase)
  20. I'm using overlay images my landing page that I want to link to a new page. This is how they look before I add a link to the image: This is how they look when I add the link. They shrink: Did this happened to any of you? Is it a Overlay Image problem? Is it a problem of the source images? The source image size is 1500x600. Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://matey.app Hi, does anyone know how to change the image block poster button size to be medium? It is set to small by default. I need it to be medium to match the size of the other buttons on the site. Thanks!
  22. The default font size inside the shopping cart is huge, how do we change the size? Thanks!
  23. I've tried searching around but couldn't find any answers to this. I have a footer with a section background, and inside that section I have a form, I want to make it so it looks better when the website is displayed in mobile, but I can't seem to change the background image only without it affecting the form (just want the image to be smaller so the 'Free Consultation' part appears complete and above the text like on the desktop version. Could anyone lend me a hand? Mobile Above Desktop Above
  24. I'd like to customize the width/size and positioning of the text area that overlays on top of the slideshow banner of this site so it doesn't overlap on the headshot. In the attached screenshot, I've drawn a yellow box to show where I'd like to move the text. I'd like it to go to the left and be a bit shorter in length so the sentences aren't as long. I'm very much a novice at CSS and have tried a few things that I've found in the forums, but I have not found anything that seems to work for me. Any suggestions? I'm using the Bedford template. http://seadragon-pear-6ndb.squarespace.com
  25. Site URL: http://https/bumblebee-pear-rhcn.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I've been working on rebuilding my current site to version 7.1 for the past two weeks now. I have a gallery slideshow on my home page that I want to serve as a product advertisement slideshow. For example, on photoshop, I will create images with text on them about bundles (buy 1 get 1 free) & other types of promotions in my store, but I don't want the gallery to crop out any parts of my image when it's viewed on different computers or mobile/tablet view. I just want it to scale down appropriately without c
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