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  1. Site URL: https://www.mattiaantonelliofficial.com/store/adobe-lightroom-dolomiti-preset-pack Hello, can you please help me with this request? I would like that a customer will be redirected to the shopping chart from the same button used to add an item to the cart. Once a customer clicks "add to cart" it would be great the button switches to "view chart". Anyone know how to do it? Many thanks for your time. Mattia
  2. Site URL: https://mackerel-flower-ma3e.squarespace.com/ Wondering if there is a way that I can take part of the default cart shopping page and implement (embed) the snippet through a custom code block into a new page entirely on Squarespace. Trying to recreate a more personal, customizable, and suitable shopping cart page; for my customers experience! Thanks in advance! Website's temporary password is: 123
  3. Site URL: https://Prevosthealth.com/cart Hello, I am looking to change the following on my shopping cart page: Header and page background color to white and font color to black. Any help appreciated, Thanks
  4. Site URL: http://www.erika.pt Hi, guys. I'm having trouble aligning the shopping cart icon with the main navigation header on Polaris. It only allows me to put it below or above it and I'd rather have it lined up with the rest of the menu. Is there a way to do it without complicated coding? Thanks, Erika
  5. Site URL: http://cottonandcursive.com/cart Hello -- I'd like to add a text box to the Shopping Cart page to inform customers that if they order a presale item and other product, they will be held until the presale product ships. Any way to add text below the shopping cart title?
  6. Hello, can someone help!?! SOS. My shopping cart page font is unreadable. Can I make it navy blue font, and the subtotal with the same color and bolded? this is what it currently looks like:
  7. Site URL: http://www.theroyalcodes.com Hi fam, I have been scouring the internet and the forums to figure out how to change the Shopping Cart page color theme to match the rest of my website. Everything else on my site is 'White Minimal' theme, but I can't seem to change the theme of the shopping cart page. Am I missing something? I have figured out how to change the background of the Shopping Cart page through custom CSS, but it looks like it will also require me to custom color all of the elements to get it to look the same as the white minimal theme. before I take the time
  8. Hi, We'd like to set a minimum quantity order to the cart total. For example, 'A minimum order of 6 doughnuts applies'. However, I can only find the option to add a minimum cost order. Is there a way to update the text shown in the red error message (attached) when the customer doesn't meet this requirement? Thanks
  9. Hello! My company is doing co-marketing partnerships with numerous Chambers of Commerce in the US. Each Chamber is getting their own sub-site on our website called www.OurWebsite.com/ChamberName. Each Chamber will tell their members to go to their specific sub-site to order the product. Obviously, all of those sub-sites route to the same shopping cart. How can I see which orders originated from OurSite.com/Chamber1 vs. OurSite.com/Chamber2 vs. OutsSite.com/Chamber3, so on and so on? We need to keep track of this because we have to give a report to each Chamber of how man
  10. I am trying to remove the shopping cart/add to cart icon/option from the products page on my Montauk squarespace 7.0. I have spoken to customer service and I know my options are to get rid of the page altogether, but it is nicely set out for browsing. I don't want people to get confused with the shopping option.
  11. Anyone have the code to change shopping cart QTY boxes to white so they visually disappear?? On the Marta template. Since quantity is one of the product variants (circled in yellow), I want to change the quantity sections to white (circled in teal). That way, they are technically still there.. but out of the customer’s sight to avoid confusion. Need both box and number in it to be white. Thx!!
  12. Site URL: https://www.blueflowers.com.au I would love some help in trying to adjust font sizes in my shopping cart if possible! Font style is ok, it's just the sizing. I've attached a screen shot and as you can see, the item details are so tiny. Mobile view is ok. Thank you!
  13. Site URL: https://www.healthyforlifemeals.com/ Hello, I have two questions: 1. I need to hide the mobile navigation/burger on two individual pages but KEEP the shopping cart icon visible. How can I do this? 2. I need to hide the mobile navigation/burger on the shopping cart page itself. Can anyone help? Brine template, 7.0
  14. Hi, in my empty shopping cart it says "you have nothing in your shopping cart. Continue Shopping" the continue shopping is actually a link and it takes you to the store part of the site. But it is the same color and font as the previous sentence. My first instinct isnt to click on it. Is there any way to change the color of it, or to underline it at least so it looks like a link? Thanks!
  15. Hi - sorry all I am very not techy but want to add a payment function to my website. Square space has limited options (PayPal, Stripe etc), but I want to ideally use the one from my own card provider - we are a physical store. The supplier is Natwest Tyl. They have said that it is compatible with: Supported Shop Systems AceShop CCV Shop commerce:SEO CRE loaded CS-Cart Drupal Commerce Ecwid Gambio JTL LemonStand Magento Magento 2 Mijoshop modified-shop Odoo OpenCart osCommerce 2.x OX
  16. Hey, Where it says "Shopping Cart" is faded, and I want to change it to a white colour. But I can't find the correct setting, or subsection in order to do it. I've searched google, and spent a couple of hours working away at it but to no avail. The template is Brine is that matters, Thanks.
  17. Site URL: https://www.sweetelizabethsorganics.com Has anyone else successfully integrated flodesk into your Squarepace site? We want our customers to be able to opt in to our email list when they check out in our online store. It would also be great if our blog posts could be directly sent to our mailing list. I am not a developer but have a developer who can assist me. Any info to get us started would be appreciated.
  18. Site URL: https://www.lagelateriedura.fr How to add a link that offers your visitors to continue shopping when you are in the shopping cart Many Thanks
  19. Site URL: https://vibraphone-salmon-f2tc.squarespace.com I was able to change my shopping cart page color, but I would like the menu on that page to be white with a black background. The menu on the rest of the site can stay white with a transparent background! But on the shopping cart page, I want the menu white with black background. site: https://vibraphone-salmon-f2tc.squarespace.com/cart password: hisoka thanks in advanced if anyone can help!
  20. Site URL: http://www.skin-matter.com Hi @tuanphan I need to do some changes in my shopping cart overview. Picture is here attached. Basically, I would lie kto: - Hide during the checkout the additional info about the price (100ml / 100g) - product price should be a little bolder and bigger - product description should be a little smaller Thanks!
  21. Hi, How do I align the shopping cart contents to the header (logo and nav) in mobile view?
  22. Site URL: https://potato-sphere-g3k8.squarespace.com/config/ Hi! Is there a way to make the shopping cart appear on all pages after you put something in it? For some reason it's dissapearing on my home page and sometimes the about page too. Also, is there a way to change the color and make it bigger? Website: naonow.com Password: naonow @tuanphan
  23. Site URL: https://redvan.studio Hello there, I'm trying to edit the header of the shopping cart and checkout page. I just need to inject some code like other pages. Because I need to invert the filter on my logo so that it can be seen. Or maybe there is a way to put a dark/light logo on pages? Thanks for any help, cheers 🙂
  24. I was wondering how to change (or if I can change) the shopping cart icon on this website using SquareSpace v7.1 to something that looks better. I can't seem to find anything to show a way to change this to more what it looks like in v7.0.
  25. Site URL: https://www.drivenfilms.tv/ Hello, is it possible to switch the word "Cart" to an actual shopping cart icon? Polaris family.
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