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  1. Hello, I'm trying to reduce the line space in the services block on this page. I've found the code using Squarespace ID however when I put that into css it edits the paragraph of text in the block above. Have tried copying a few different block ID's off that page but still no luck. If someone could help that would be great. Thanks
  2. On a paid membership site: 1) if I built my member site as a 'store' with each chunk of member content as a free service product, could customer members 'buy' these free service products? (only paid members would have access). 2) And can customer members return later to review the free service products in their customer profile? Even months later? 3) And later if the customers are no longer members, would they loose access to the memberwall protected content? Basically, once they pay to be a member, A) can free service products be used as a way to "save" member content they particularly like, and B) can it be structured for the customer to loose access to that same content once they are no longer a member?
  3. Site URL: https://rust-kale-a2el.squarespace.com Hi I am using a Service Section (the one that has circles). I have tweaked it but I would like more control: I like how the image is close to the edges but not the text. And I would like the images to contain a link (the same link the button uses). Does anyone know if this is possible? 🤔
  4. Site: Www.uparrowproductions.com I'm a photographer that uses my website more for marketing than actually selling my services. I prefer to have clients reach out to me directly rather than book an appointment through my website. However, what I am looking for is a way to have clients write reviews for my services and post them directly onto a testimonials page on the website. I know I'm able to embed reviews from outside sources (Google, Yelp, etc.) but I'd much rather have a way for them to add the reviews straight onto the site, since that's what I advertise most. I also don't sell any products so I don't think Squarespace's Product Review function will be much help to me. I considered asking clients to just email me their reviews so I can post them in a blog-esque form, but that feels more disingenuous having the review go through me first rather than them being able to put it up themselves. Anyone have any ideas or ways they know of to accomplish this? Thanks! (If you have any notes on the website itself, I'll happily take those too!)
  5. Hey folks, I'm in freak out mode because the "bookings page" on my website is empty! My bookings page had about 15 different services that you could pay for and now when I click it they are all gone... when I click the settings button it just sayd "couldn't load collection" I was overdue on my payment subscription but I had until the 30th of October so sort it. I paid it this morning and then went to make some changes to my bookings page I also had a thing uon logging in saything that square space couldn't reach my email so I've changed that to a different email acc but still the contents of that page have gone. If anyone knows whats going on I'd love a helping hand! Thanks heaps and hope you're having a great day 🙂
  6. Site URL: http://www.painterofplace.com Recently updated the studio's website where I work and would love to hear what everyone thinks! Our main goal was to minimize the shops emphasis (mostly due to the time it takes to create a single piece compared to the revenue they bring in) and funnel visitors towards ordering a commissioned piece of art, which are more valuable overall. I also wanted to emphasize the exclusivity of the artwork to the potential collectors.
  7. Hello, I set up service Products on my website to sell tickets to a webinar series. However, I don't get any email notifications when someone has purchased. Do you know how I could set this up? What I mean is like when you have any other form on Squarespace, you select a way to "store" the information e.g. connecting to Mailchimp, sending you an email notification, etc. With a service Product it doesn't seem to give that option... Thanksin advance! Amy
  8. I am looking for advice for the best workflow for selling and scheduling service products on Squarespace while using Acuity. I would like to be able to sell and schedule directing from the store (because I feel it is the most intuitive) but it seems in order for that to work, I would need to send an email with a link to schedule (which we run into ensuring they don't exceed appointments paid for). The other option would be to embed the scheduler within a page about the service and let them pay and book from the embedded portion. Please shed some light on this and point out any other possible options or pitfalls. We just expanded to services on the site, so this is fairly new. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I have a client who would like visitors to be able to request a quote for their services and then book a time to discuss that quote (a la calendly). Is anyone aware of a plugin that can make this possible? Maybe it could integrate with Squarespaces appointment tool? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I run a service business, and have clients who are new and grandfathered in. Both have different prices for the services I offer. I am trying to optimize the app so that clients can utilize it to purchase packages and individual sessions. Here is the catch. How can Roberta, a brand new client, only be able to see the services offered that are for NEW clients (eg, service is $120 and tax) AND How can Chris, a grandfathered in client, only have access to the services offered for a grandfathered client (eg service is $100 and tax)? Is this possible? Other info: I logged into the App with Chris today and he was able to access only one service for which he was booked at, the $100 and tax service. I have a 10 session and 20 session option, but those wouldn't show in the app. How come? Thanks, Lenny
  11. Site URL: http://www.ee-ct.com I placed a temporary banner at the top of my site regarding temp hours. I have utilized this in the past and cannot remember where to find this in the settings. I want to remove it or better yet, change the message to state we are back to regular hours.
  12. Estoy atrapado en Squarespace. Un servicio pésimo si estás bajo la línea del ecuador... Escribo esto en español para que los latinos puedan verlo. He tenido, mil problemas. Un soporte técnico inexistente. (arrastro problemas de la plataforma que simplemente nunca respondieron) La mitad de las integraciones que ofrecen no funcionan al sur del globo. Te cobran por todo y aunque falle, te siguen cobrando. No se puede acceder o conectar a otras plataformas. En fin. Si lees esto, y estás al sur de Mexico no pagues por un año de este servicio. NO VALE LA PENA... USA WIX O ZIRO...
  13. Hi! I am a contractor for a company that is getting ready to scale and uses SquareSpace for their website. They have been selling courses online as products and I am looking for a better way to do this, any advice is welcomed! Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://magnolia-sprout-wnbn.squarespace.com/config/commerce/checkout As part of the service we provide, the customer must send us some digital information after the order is completed. Sq.Space thought they could complete this through a the product additional information form, but that form is not operational after they paid for the item. The customer cannot submit their digital information until after the service paid for as we have to confirm that they have the appropriate credentials. So, we've been brainstorming workarounds. Can the submission form be sent with the "order fulfilled" notification as that has all the customer/order/service details on it? And if there is a way to get that back to me. Another alternative would be to add a free product to their account/cart which is basically just the submission form. In either case, I would like this to be pre-filled with their order, account, and service items. Each service item does require a digital response and must be tied to that service. Is this something that Google sheets can work with? But . . . I was really hoping to direct them back to the website for all order information. How do you handle customer follow-up? I really could use some help on how to get this done as I do not want to manually do this for thousands of data entry points on an excel sheet and manual customized e-mails. HELP!
  15. Hi Everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the Dollar sign on the Product/Service page, as we charge our services via our own Quoted and Consultation system, we cannot put a price on the service in general as it varies, is there anything i can do, a code or a section i can go to, to remove the $ sign where is says the price? I have provided a photo of the mock page which is yet to be completed, i am wanting to make a waitlist with this section without a price. Your help is much appreciated! Kindest regards, Kelly.
  16. Site URL: https://www.or-never.com/ Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me with choosing the best scheduling software for my clients Yoga Website. Any recommendations? It can be both, Squarespace scheduling or als the integration of a third-party provider. I have heard form sutra.fit. But it should only work with a personal plan. What about Acuity? Many thanks Sibylle
  17. Hi all, I'm new here and am hoping to help out my dad who sells tickets to tours/events he runs. He runs the tours on specific days, and has a limit of 25 people. The complication is that adults cost more than children (he feeds them too), and so he needs to charge more for the adults. So, it's a "Service Product", with a few variations (Adult vs. Child), and each purchase needs to come out of the same inventory (25 in total). Is there a way to do this out-of-the-box with SquareSpace, or must I use some plugin type thing that will cost him more? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer....
  18. Is there a way to transfer or exchange a customer's order for a service product to another variant? I currently use service products to sell spaces in workshops. When a customer wants to move to a different session (listed as a product variant), how can I move them to another workshop without cancelling their order and refunding. Can this be done without using scehduler?
  19. Site URL: https://www.stroudvalleysproject.org/events I'm helping a local charity to sell event tickets on their website using the 'service product'. However, they would like to close ticket sales ahead of the event itself. Is there an easy way to do this? Other than manually removing the ticket sales option from their event page 24 hours before the event is due to take place? Thanks!
  20. Does anyone know of a simple-ish way to allow signed-in users to post service jobs themselves, like hosting a service marketplace of sorts? And then "approve" the job as complete, which pays the job-completer but me (site-owner) takes a cut. I am assuming this would require custom development but there are some close built-in plugins on SquareSpace that almost get there, like the "Donate" feature, which allows customization of fields upon submission and a custom $ amount to give, but submissions are only viewable by me the site owner submitted.
  21. Hello everyone I am coding this new site and have a question on how to create a flow of choices and ultimately shop that choice. The idea is that the customer from the landing page can choose between option 1, 2 and 3. When selected, the page will scroll down and enable option a, b and c. The customer will then have to choose a, b or c and when they do that, a description of the product pops up. Last they can confirm and go straight to the shopping cart. In my mind it is quite simple, as my page will only have products in total and where the customer only buys one of the based on the flow of choices. Looking forward for some help!
  22. Hello, can anyone help with this please? I'm hoping to add some text immediately before the price on a product page so that it reads: Price per person: £115.00 The page is https://www.grapeandgraintours.co.uk/our-tours/surrey-hills-tour Can anyone suggest if there may be a solution for this? Many thanks! Joel
  23. Site URL: http://www.somaticsoulutions.com I'm a coach who offers my work 'by the month'; a month being 3-90 minute sessions. I also use a 'pay-what-you-want' model. My current set up is to offer a low, mid, and high price point for a month package of three sessions. Ideally I would offer a single package of three session and a client would be able to input the amount, pay, and then schedule the first of three sessions, rather than choose one of the three price points I'm offering. As far as I can tell there's no way to do this, nor a workaround I've been able to arrive to. I'm curious what ideas you have on how to accomplish this? Thanks for your time, Ken
  24. Hi, We are non profit creating a visual campaign for companies and organisations to use on their own platforms. Companies and organisations sign up to join the campaign. When they sign up the choose an animal, they would like to sponsor. Each animal can only get chosen by a maximum of 5 companies/organisations. We have 40 animals to choose from. We are trying to figure out how to best set this up in squarespace. The easy solution would be a digital product for each animal, but our challenge is, that the downloadable assets will not be ready for download by the time they sign up to join the campaign. So this solution will not work. We looked into a service product, but we don't see an option to upload files there either. We then looked into membership areas, which might do the trick, as we can then create a member area and use email campaigns to notify the companies when the downloadable are there. But it looks like we will then have to create a distinct members area for each animal because all companies otherwise will have access to all assets for all animals. The biggest members area plan, we could see, was 10 distinct areas, so we can't create 40. Can anyone help us identify a solution, where we can have people sign up and then somehow allow them to return a few weeks later and download the assets without giving the access to other assets than the one they signed up for? Thank you in advance!
  25. Site URL: https://bumblebee-alpaca-tksd.squarespace.com We are building a website for an outreach ministry of a church. The ministry – called Joy in Learning – offers a variety of creative classes like basketweaving, painting and pottery, to name a few. Some classes are free while others require a fee for materials. We are using Commerce to RSVP for classes, rather than Scheduling. Scheduling proved to be a little too involved for us, and ultimately we want registration information to populate in a Google spreadsheet so that we’re not manually creating the attendance list from emails and so the registration information is easily accessible to administrators as well as teachers. Because of this, we have the registration form on one page, and once that’s complete we have it linked to the specific product page (for paid classes) so that it can be added to the shopping cart and paid for. Here are two examples: https://bumblebee-alpaca-tksd.squarespace.com/gallery-3-1 https://bumblebee-alpaca-tksd.squarespace.com/fused-glass-1 (I know the URLs need some attention.) Three questions: Is that the only/best process for paid classes? Is there a way to create a capacity on attendance just by using the registration page? (Not linked to a specific product page to ‘add to cart’ and check out.) Example: https://bumblebee-alpaca-tksd.squarespace.com/kindergarten-to-4th-graders-1 We would like to have something on several of the pages that shows how many spaces remain/are available/waiting list. It would be great if this could be on the registration page as well as the product page, similar to what was asked here. (I am also commenting on that thread.) Site: https://bumblebee-alpaca-tksd.squarespace.com Password: J0yinLe@rning! Thanks for your help!
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