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Found 6 results

  1. Site URL: https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/config/pages I have used a portfolio as my home page. I like that portfolio 3 has roll over font that changes the image with each different "portfolio word" i love how it links to the page but.... I dont know how to explain so please bear with me I have four links on my home page -portfolio- each leading to a specific page In the services tab (top of page links) I have designed each page the way I want them to look ...these have same page names that I want to keep on the home page How do i point the portfolio links on the home page to the "other" pages with the corresponding names ????? either that how do i rebuild an identical home page that is not portfolio and still have roll over text that changes images and links to the pages i want? this has been driving me nuts for some time
  2. Site URL: http://gregandaimeegettingmarried.com For a wedding website (currently on a Brine family template), we want to greet our invitees with a welcome/password/splash page type screen -- and then, depending on their entry into the password field, direct them to one of two pages: (1) an index page with livestream info or (2) a different index page with various details for attending in-person. I know this is a little complex for a wedding website, but good etiquette (and some family dynamics) mandate not sharing info about coming in person with people who aren't invited to attend in person (some people will only be invited to the livestream) -- and to boot, the people with only the "lesser" livestream invitation not being tipped off that they're "missing out" on attending in person. The site isn't live yet (currently only a cover page is up), but after some intense Googling and searching the forums here, I've come to the conclusion that it must be one of the following: Custom coding is necessary that somehow impacts the lock screen Maybe I can somehow do this with custom coding on a form redirect, and use the page with the form as my homepage/splash page? This might be possible with an upgrade to the Squarespace "membership" package, or otherwise using a third-party membership package like Memberspace It's just not possible with Squarespace ... I'm just not sure which of the above it is. Unless I can figure this out, I may need to double my costs (and workload) and have two different websites with two distinct URLs printed on invitations, depending on what various guests are invited to. I would REALLY love to avoid that. I'm in communications for work and dabble in CSS, HTML, code injections, etc, but am not fluent in anything beyond that (though I can follow written instructions and video tutorials with the best of them!) Any/all help or insight is very, very much welcome and appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Template: Rover For example, I have an index page as my homepage - the first page (at the top of the index page) has an image in it's background (I added the image as Media in the page settings - not as a floating image within the page itself), and when the site opens, it seems the image loads or fades in (while everything has already loaded). I thought it was related to the image size at first but I think it's more of a fade in function as it does this on my other index pages as well. Please help,Thanks
  4. Site URL: http://healthyis.net Hi there! I am wondering if I can set up a homepage that looks slightly different on the mobile format of my site, as some of the words over the photos I am using don't look very clean or easy to read. I merely don't want the words to be on top of the photos for that "HOME" page. So if somehow the words could be below or the the side of each picture on the mobile version, I think it would look a lot better. Does that make sense? Could you help with this? Thanks so much! Rachel
  5. Hi Squarespace community, I've gone through the forums and tried the responses to many similar questions, but they are not working for my template (Rover, a derivative of Brine). I'm trying to build a sales page, so I need just this one index page to be header- and footer-free. The most common suggestion is to do something like: <style> #header, #footer, #preFooter, #MainNavigation { display: none !important; } </style> This works on templates like Pacific, but not on my template. For example, when I call #header { display: none; } on a Rover index page, it turns off the segment of the Index page that's named Header, instead of turning off my website's header. I'm happy to rename the segment to something else, but it doesn't make a difference. I have no segments named Footer, for example, and #footer { display: none; } doesn't change a thing. I've also tried to specifically call the Index page's collection-id (which I believe is: 576833e346c3c4e74c54887c), but this doesn't do anything, either. I have tried adding the CSS to both the Custom CSS box and the Inject Code box on the main Index page, as well as trying to add it to every segment of the Index page. No luck. The URL is http://www.createalchemy.com/kill-the-chaos Any ideas? Thanks so much for your time! Holly O.
  6. Hi everyone, I am using the ROVER template and I am not experienced at all on CSS but I would love to have a custom cursor on my entire website. Any possibility that someone can guide me through it?I would really much appreciate it. Thanks in advance,Christiana
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