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  1. Hey everyone! This is my first go at making a website. Would someone be able to give me some feedback on the site? Anything I should change/if you think I've missed something. Also tips and tricks for getting my site to actually show on google would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  2. Hey! I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to remove the review that appears above my product title. I would prefer to only have the one below the Studio Play Deck showing. It seems strange to show both. Bonus if you know how to make the stars a different color. Many thanks!
  3. I bought my own product for a friend as a gift, using my own name, and I want them to send me a customer review via the email link. Will their review have my name attached, and if so, can that be changed to their name so it doesn't appear that I'm writing myself fake reviews?
  4. I’d like to get a laptop computer specifically for designing and maintaining a website with Squarespace. I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max for almost everything else online. Should I try to save for a MacBook Air, or would a cheaper alternative be just as good? At this time, designing a website with Squarespace is the only reason I would intend to purchase a laptop (since I understand that the app doesn’t have every feature). Thanks 🙏
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to export reviews to a CSV or other file? TIA
  6. Hello We are an holiday accommodation site. How do we go about adding Guest Reviews for each of the accommodations please?
  7. I have Product Reviews enabled and I've received a few reviews by now, but for some reason I'm unable to enable displaying the reviews. As you can see in the screenshot the checkbox is disabled. The Dropdown menu above it is also disabled. Anyone know why this might be? Thanks!
  8. Recently we have turned on the recent product reviews update from square space. This seems useful as we would like to collect reviews and feedback, and it automates the email to prompt users to leave feedback 14days after the item is marked as fulfilled. The issue we have is our products are temporary one off creations which are often removed from the store once they are marked as sold out. Squarespace's solution to reviews are only available on the individual product, or to present every review in the store on every product, which does not seem appropriate. I would like to move the reviews to a dedicated reviews page, but squarespace does not seem to have developed product review blocks. It seems there must be a backend call for presenting the reviews as the html seems auto-generated for the reviews section. Does anyone know if this backend call can be used to pull down product reviews to be displayed on a dedicated reviews page?
  9. Site URL: https://thewestcoastkraeers.com After posting on social media asking for people to respond to their review requests, I had about a dozen customers reach out to me stating they never got a request but would love to leave a review? Is there anyway to get them resent? Or better yet just allowing people to click and leave a review directly on the website?
  10. Hi! I could use some tips for CSS to customize the product reviews. 1. Change the title of Reviews to all caps. 2. Change the product title in the review section to a custom don't 3. Beside the product title for each listing, I would like to remove the underline for the reviews and change the font I would be so grateful for any advice. Thank you!
  11. Site: Www.uparrowproductions.com I'm a photographer that uses my website more for marketing than actually selling my services. I prefer to have clients reach out to me directly rather than book an appointment through my website. However, what I am looking for is a way to have clients write reviews for my services and post them directly onto a testimonials page on the website. I know I'm able to embed reviews from outside sources (Google, Yelp, etc.) but I'd much rather have a way for them to add the reviews straight onto the site, since that's what I advertise most. I also don't sell any products so I don't think Squarespace's Product Review function will be much help to me. I considered asking clients to just email me their reviews so I can post them in a blog-esque form, but that feels more disingenuous having the review go through me first rather than them being able to put it up themselves. Anyone have any ideas or ways they know of to accomplish this? Thanks! (If you have any notes on the website itself, I'll happily take those too!)
  12. Does anyone know how to add a stand-alone review for a website - separate from other reviews like google and yelp etc... Any ideas and inputs would be great. Thanks,
  13. I am very interesting to know more about general look of features choosing Squarespace. Last days I was almost convinced that I will choose Nicepage. But I have just check the overall very first looking of Sqarespace features and highlight underlining creator's needs. I am in need of tool which I will be able, by myself (not familiar with coding at all, some experience in simple Wordpress blog sites building etc., some basic Dreamweaver building skills, pure visually). I am needing tools with many options and conections. I will build some simple, but with high design and esthetic value landing site. I will build some e-commerce websites, due to startup of my ebooks small publising house (international and domestic sites - in Poland, and in English, for Amazon and as independent publisher site, to seeling trough it ebooks, paperbooks (phisical goods), but some ditigal contant, access to archive, subscriptions of actualisations with archive of valuable content connected with main topic and books etc.etc. I want to build a strict memebership site, too (maybe to or 3), each one connected with other branch of my activity. I need sites and smooth copperation with such services like: Amazon, other internationals Print od Demand Services, Apple selling ebooks, Ingram Spark, Nobo (?). I want, even more important, smooth connection and use of digital payment servies: PayPal, Stripe, others, best most popular, easy and safe for customers I want to be able to do almost everything with simple visual and text manual - interfece without any coding or any "developers" knowdledge and experience - to esbtablish some more complexed, and often more useful, safe and popular funtctions. Of course, always exceptions could arise in special situations, but I am writing about geneal feelings and expectations. Because I have to find and decide which soulton or tools I will try in very short term, I have to build some of the sites and establish membership and subscription possibility in next weeks; to the end of the 2022 all main sites and features should work, I was hurry to choose right solutions and tools. I read about NicePage as a very novative tool, very high customizable and user and creator/desinger/artist friendly. I read about NicePage system futures, and I was impressed, that in such easy and intuitive, design-style, visual mode, so much options and different possibilities are real. I am thinkinig mostly about: designing, seting and administrating e-commerce site, digital subcriotion, membership site with many kind of featuers, and I was unde impression, that Nicepage solutions offers most comprehensive possibilities booth in static webside design and functioning, but as well as in dynamic many users login site - service etc.etc. I will be very thankful if You could provide some data, arguments pro and contra, taking under account what I've just written above. Kind regrds, Matt
  14. Site URL: https://pump.eppwellsolutions.com/ Ok, I was so excited to see the new review feature in Squarespace. I used to have to make a whole page to add my customer's reviews manually, but with the automatic emails and having the reviews right on my product page is so nice. Unfortunately there is one big issue with this new feature. My customers cannot edit or delete their reviews. Anyone with a store probably knows this scenario all too well. Order is delivered, customer gets review notification and had one small issue that would be easily fixable but rather than reaching out for it to be solved gives a less than ideal review. After reading the review you reach out to your customer to solve the problem and increase their satisfaction with you product. After your customer support your customer is now happier than ever and would give a 5 star review without question. So now what.....they cannot edit their review to give their whole story and show their appreciation with your customer support, and they cannot delete their review and do an updated one. What do you all think? Do you think that our customers should have the option to edit or delete their reviews if they want to? Do you think that this is just a feature that hasn't been added yet or a decision that Squarespace has made against having that ability? I really hope that my customer's will be able to do this soon with my Squarespace site, or I will probably be switching back to inputting them manually on a custom page.
  15. Site URL: https://www.foodforbraces.com/ I have created a website as a resource for people that have just got braces. Primarily it will provide information and also recipes. I have only uploaded a few recipes at this point but would love any feedback on what I have created so far.
  16. Site URL: https://davedrewphotography.co.uk/ Hi everybody, I've had my site for a while now, its morphed a lot over the period but would welcome some constructive feedback please. I am an enthusiastic but amateur dog photographer. The site is used to advertise, and sell packages and prints, so I would particularly be interested in views from anybody else in the photography market. That said, all comments gratefully received!
  17. Site URL: https://www.byesocialmedia.com Hi all, I built a new site recently (still finishing the landing page, actually) and would love feedback from you all. The site is Bye, Social Media! Thank you! I'm looking forward to your thoughts! 📣✨
  18. Site URL: https://waterloobuskers.com Hi there. My banners are getting cropped on mobile devices. It's not too bad, however, I have a banner that's mostly text and it gets cut off on phones so I can't use it. Any help is appreciated. I've attached a draft of the banner I was hoping to include that's getting cut off.
  19. For anybody with time I would like to request you review our website: pastille.london We sell services through Acuity Schedular, but some need to be requested and so there is no price, as it is negotiable. We also have a WhatsApp chat module 09:00-21:00 (GMT) mon-sun. We have gone for a lightweight look, stylish and unfussy. Please let me know if the structure makes sense, if it's easy to navigate, and any other feedback. Many thanks !
  20. Site URL: https://www.taylorsdentalsc.com/ Hi! My client uses RevenueWell to collect reviews for their dental practice and I recently implemented a widget to add those reviews to the homepage. However, it is not responsive and does not display well on mobile (too wide). Here is the code they provided: <script type="text/javascript"> var RW_Config = { id: 'ed62b0e3-5d62-42aa-95d4-b09a3fb8b974', host: 'https://s1.revenuewell.com', rv_header_color: '#16225a', rv_text_color: '#16225a', rv_testimonials_color: '#528dc5', rv_page_size: 4, rv_iframe_hight: 800, }; if(typeof RW_Config_List === 'undefined' || RW_Config_List == null || !Array.isArray(RW_Config_List)) { RW_Config_List = new Array(); } RW_Config_List.push(RW_Config); </script> <script src="https://s1.revenuewell.com/scripts/js-api.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <!--this DIV inserts the reviews widget --> <div id="RwReview" class="rw-review" data-secondid="ed62b0e3-5d62-42aa-95d4-b09a3fb8b974"></div> Is there anything I can do to make this display properly on mobile?? Thanks!
  21. Hi, we launched our website in October 2021 and all was going very well until about March this year when sales suddenly dropped dramatically. We cannot work out why this has happened. Would welcome any comments on the website if something isn't working as it should. Thank you
  22. Site URL: https://www.luminescience.com.au I have both Commerce and Acuity Scheduling set up on my site (Product sales vs service sales). The post purchase review email on Commerce is a great feature, however; the majority of my clients book appointments through the Acuity Scheduling and there isn't an automated review feature integrated into it. Could anyone recommend a work around so that my appointment clients can review their service? Also, can Commerce clients and Scheduling clients have integrated accounts or do they have to remain separate?
  23. Site URL: https://www.danielluxschwartz.com/store-1/p/style-01-hk8lf Hello guys, I just opened a shop for my website , it all went pretty good but at the bottom of page of each product of mine there are still "suggested" products images of squarespace ( a wallet and a pouch) + there is a paragraph says " MAKE IT STAND OUT" and a random 5 stars review. I can't delete them anywhere, they are not included in my photos or in the info regarding the prodcuts I have, I try to edit the section but I can't click and remove this images or paragraphs.. Any ideas what to do? See photos bellow:
  24. Site URL: https://garagedoorfredericksburgva.com I have seen this on a few Squarespace websites and it does not seem to be an issue on the Tagembed site. This client subscribed to Tagembed to show live Google Reviews on the website at the bottom of this page: https://garagedoorfredericksburgva.com/testimonials-page. They will only appear if the page is refreshed. It is Squarespace 7.0, Brine template. Anyone have any insight on this?
  25. Site URL: https://www.bokafood.co.uk Hi There I was hoping someone might be able to help me on how to add feefo reviews to our squarespace site, I have searched everywhere and cant seem to find any solution. This link explains how to add to a typical site but Im really not sure how this would be applied to squarespace https://support.feefo.com/support/solutions/articles/8000082218-on-page-reviews#:~:text=To install your On-page,tag as possible.&text=You can easily add your,by following the format below.
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