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Found 64 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ Hello I need to resize this image as it is currently too zoomed in for mobile view. I have looked on other peoples questions/answers and tried the codes however I can still not get the correct outcome. I have added a screenshot to show which image it is. Many Thanks Sophie
  2. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ I'm currently finishing off making the site mobile view ready, does anyone know how to make the images bigger without the alignment going off the page? Heres a screenshot of page and marked with a circle the image style that needs to be bigger. Here is also a link to the page www.thelivinghouse.co.uk (most of these title style images on are the homepage) I can add password to post if anyone knows how to help with this. Thanks Sophie
  3. Site URL: https://www.nafc.org Hi! I need to reduce the image size on most of the photos of a very large site - trying to get faster loading speeds. Are there any plugins out there that can help me do this stiewide, or am I forced to do each one individually? I think it will take forever!
  4. Site URL: https://corn-apricot-zn88.squarespace.com/projectdetails/fire-station-5-g7ly8-ndjc2-awa73-jlkpt Hi all. I made a few image size changes to my site - and brought all the sliders (script from W Myers) up under the transparent header. Somehow I changed the size of the overlay image block in the project pages. https://corn-apricot-zn88.squarespace.com/projectdetails/fire-station-5-g7ly8-ndjc2-awa73-jlkpt (Password BA47) I had it so it was the same size as the images on the home page. but now it slips beneath the bottom of the screen. My overlay is a hover effect so I'd like it to be the same size as the home page so you see all the info or have the option to make each portifolio page image shorter... I just cannot seem to find the right way to force it. There is CSS custom code and CSS in the page headers, depending on what I was trying to do. Ideas?
  5. I have a couple testimonial pictures (head shots) that are the perfect size when viewed on a computer screen but are huge when viewed on mobile devices. Is there a way to keep those photos a certain size when the page is viewed on mobile devices? Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.adrianye.com/ux-design/well-read How do you resize an embedded Figma block? It ends up super tiny on my portfolio page and I need it to be visible and clickable. Here's the embed code. I tried changing the height and width separately with no success. <iframe style="border: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);" width="800" height="450" src="https://www.figma.com/embed?embed_host=share&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.figma.com%2Fproto%2FNp3fm0oRYvDytAfYKZWdS7%2FWe-ll-Read-case-study%3Fnode-id%3D308%253A57%26viewport%3D-889%252C-2062%252C0.281281054019928%26scaling%3Dscale-down&chrome=DOCUMENTATION" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Site URL: https://www.swalsh.art/ I used this code to enlarge my logo: .header-title-logo img { max-height: 400px; max-width: 800px; } But this is causing it to no longer be centered. I've tried using the position property to move the image, but this has either resulted in the image returning to the default size or the image being over the next section (over the background image) instead of in the header area. Thanks for any help!
  8. Site URL: http://www.damonomad.co Hello Squarespace gurus, I'm having trouble adjusting elements in the footer of my website. I'd like to eliminate the padding on top & bottom of the container to make the footer fit better under the page content. I'd also like for my email address to be closer to the "social icon" block, right justified. There seems to be spacing round the social icons that I can't chip into. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Site URL: http://nikolsons.com.au/ Hi everyone. The hero image on my site isn't resizing properly when viewing on mobile. It gets cut off as you can see. I have coded: @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .homepage .section-background img { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; } } into the custom CSS. It works great to change the scale of the hero image but then leaves a huge blank area until the next section on the page. How do I go about correcting this? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  10. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com I need to resize and center this image on Tablet and remove the hyphen on the title. I am using the following code: //IMAGE RESIZE ON TABLET// @media screen and (max-width: 1024px)and (min-width:641px){ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1596512003680_56399 { width: 100% !important;} } //REMOVE HYPHENS MOBILE & TABLET VIEW// @media screen and (max-width: 1024px)and (min-width:641px) { p, h1, h2, h3 { -webkit-hyphens: manual !important; -moz-hyphens: manual !important; -ms-hyphens: manual !important; hyphens: manual !important; } } PASSWORD: Pantry
  11. Good Afternoon, I’m wondering if anyone can help. My site isn’t live yet but I have a question about the homepage. The banner image has text on it. When on my desktop the text looks too big as I’ve over compensated so it can read on my mobile version. is there a way to have two images one for the desktop version and one for the mobile version. i will attach a photo to show what I mean. I don’t seem to be able to add a seperate text box on the homepage as that could have been an option. Although the text has a gradient 🤦🏻‍♀️
  12. Site URL: https://www.tofw.com/takecourage Hey All, I know this has been asked 1,000 times (because I have read them all) but I cannot seem to get my banner image to resize correctly for mobile, it is zooming in way to much. It looks perfect for desktop but not so great for tablet or mobile. I have tried all the different CSS code snippets I can find in the forums but nothing is working and I can't find the block id for the banner either. I am using the Bedford template on 7.0. I am at a total loss. Anyone have any ideas or a CSS code that will work?
  13. Site URL: https://chesapeakeheartland.org Hi all - I am trying to make all the image banners responsive when the window size changes. I would like to keep the image within the container but at the moment when resizing, the image extends out of the container / is cut off. I'm looking to respond to mobile displays to 2600px displays. I've tried some media queries and they don't seem to be working. A portion of the media query will be fine, but not the entire media query range. I've broken the query ranges up, thinking they were too long of a "px" range, but no luck. I also looked into "flex" display, but I'm a beginner and don't quite understand how to implement that in Squarespace CSS. Can someone take a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong? site password - ChesHeart20*
  14. Site URL: https://www.nationalinnovationgames.com/ Perhaps I'm doing something obviously wrong, but when I'm using png images they do not resize at all when viewing them on the live site. The preview shows them as fitting ok, but when I publish I only see the corner or part of the image, as if the entire thing has remained it's original size and exists 'off screen'. And by size I don't mean MBs, it's the dimensions that don't adjust to fix the box or the page. I've managed to get a couple to work by playing with the 'Design' of the image (specifically the 'Stack' option) but when I want to use a gallery then I don't have any other options. Surely I don't have change the dimensions of every png to fit? Isn't that the point of Squarespace and using spacers to help resize images?? Any thoughts on what might be going wrong here?
  15. Site URL: https://bison-buttercup-bdpb.squarespace.com/ IDUMA template: Link: https://bison-buttercup-bdpb.squarespace.com/ Password: 12345 (1) How to get the first image to display full width on mobile device? I tried the following code but it leaves a grey background on mobile. @media screen and (max-width:640px) { [data-section-id="5f249752d6f33d72e0925409"] .section-background img { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; } } (2) How to get the last image - height large on desktop but small on mobile?
  16. Site URL: https://www.templederryproperties.co.uk/ Hi, I have two images the correct size on Desktop however on Mobile they are big. How can I resize these (on Mobile? https://www.templederryproperties.co.uk/ It is the two images on the left (Two Logos, Master Builders and Trust Mark. Thanks, Lee
  17. Hello! Sorry if this is obvious, I am new to Squarespace. I am trying to make all my banners (on the home page, the blog posts etc) to fit the whole screen? And can it be adjustable for mobile or desktop view so it always fits? I have attached an image to show how I want it. On the blog posts I can't seem to adjust the sizing at all.
  18. Site URL: https://cow-bellflower-d5mf.squarespace.com I'm trying to add code that creates a sticky navigation where the logo shrinks and spacing decreases upon scrolling. I've been working on this for a few days and nothing I find online seems to help. Link: https://cow-bellflower-d5mf.squarespace.com Password: temp2020
  19. I have a background video on my homepage that looks great on a computer but isn't resizing on mobile. I haven't coded it all, just used Squarespace's background video function.
  20. Hi, Im looking into resizing 2 images on the footer to fit the mobile view. They currently look huge. www.gypset.com password: gypset2020
  21. Hello everyone! Please help me with the code to reduce the size of the text on Mobile preview only (I am happy with the desktop preview). At the moment, this is how the text appears. Website: https://caterpillar-antelope-zbjy.squarespace.com/projects/vakkaru Password: ptphoto
  22. Site URL: https://www.biocleandd.com Is there a fix to resize buttons for mobile. THey are appearing to be giant and out of context with the other info on the site. THANKS.
  23. Site URL: https://natashashahphotography.com Hi, I'm looking for some custom code to help with image resizing. On mobile, images that are in a duo are now too small and not filling the screen. All of the images on tablet are too small and not filling the screen. Would love some help with fixing this. Thanks, Natasha
  24. Site URL: https://firstseriescreative.com Hi everyone, Thank you for your time for this. Site: firstseriescreative.com Problem: The Scroll Down Indicator Gif (an image block) on the First Section of my Home page and About page are way too big on mobile version. Is there anyway that I can resize that for mobile with Custom CSS. Below is a screenshot. Many thanks and appreciate your time and help!
  25. Site URL: https://www.handford.com/ Hi, My gif is resizing for mobile version of site on these pages: https://www.handford.com/imaging https://www.handford.com/creative I've tried adding this code but doesn't seem to be doing the trick: <style> @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .homepage .section-background image { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; } </style> Also would like to decrease the padding around the text in between the gif and the photo beneath. Thanks in advance!
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