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  1. After a lot of searching and reading I have come to no resolution on the matter of connecting my Squarespace products for Instagram shopping, a process which has been quite unsuccessful since I first tried almost 6 moths ago. Of course I followed all the standard guides (Facebook business manager account was created and connected to all appropriate IG/FB accounts. Catalogue was set up from Squarespace data feeds and permissions granted for the catalogue correctly. Our IG page was set to business etc) The request to connect IG shopping and Squarespace was made and subsequently denied
  2. Site URL: http://guayanatrendy.com Hi Is there a way to show the price of the product on the search result page? It shows all other info less the price.
  3. Site URL: https://thepuritycompany.co.uk/shop/velvet-balm?category=Body Happy New Year everyone! I'm trying to add the Facebook comment to my products and I'm struggling a bit. I can add the Java SDK perfectly well to the Code Injection page but it's when it comes to the additional info part of a specific product that it all goes wrong! I've put the specific product into the URL up there so you can see what it's doing. I've ensured that it's a Code Block I'm adding to the additional info part of the product but all I get is the code, and not the Facebook comment box I w
  4. Site URL: https://www.laviedavi.com/store/the-messier-42-nebula-stud-earrings Hi all I am trying to add some code onto my site on each product page that will show a 'star rating'. I have a piece of code from Yotpo that I am currently using on each product page (via additional information and adding a code block in the footer) to allow customers to leave reviews on individual product pages. However, now I am trying to add a star rating widget (also via Yotpo) next to the product title (i've just messily circled the area in the attachment). The code i have from yotpo is " <div class="y
  5. I am using the strip integration to collect payments for services. Is it possible to require customers to enter credit card info for a free 7-day trial, but then only charge them once they reach 7 days without cancelling the trial?
  6. Hello, I just open an online vintage clothes store ! I'm working with instagram shopping. The things is, i'm making drops everyday at around 20:00 ! So i'm putting my products hidden during the day, then i'm posting them at the right time. My problem is, instagram takes a while to approve the product so people can't see the products tags during the time that the product isn't approve. So i want to put my product on facebook shopping during the day, so facebook has time to approve the product. The problem is, the data feed of facebook don't post hidden product in my squar
  7. Hello! I setup my website to display and sell my photography. I have one page on the site that's my gallery and I'd like to link the images on that page to the corresponding product in the Store (eCommerce) page. So when a visitor clicks on the a photo in the gallery it directs them to the same photo in the store. I'd like to avoid posting each photo twice and not have the visitor search the product page for the photo they already viewed in the gallery. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  8. Site URL: https://luminouslabs.ca/models Hi everyone, I own a architectural visualization company that does virtual tours for buildings in pre-construction so consumers can see units before buying. A feature we have been trying to implement into our website is to have all of our 3D models listed in a products page (https://luminouslabs.ca/models) so developers can have access to all models and make selections based on the style they are going for with the building. Right now I have been adding them one by one but our library has over 1000 assets and it is becoming too time consumi
  9. Currently editing my 7.0 site with the Jones preview template, so its not live yet. I have two products I'm selling, posters and stickers, and I enjoy the look of the selected aspect ratio for one, but would very much like to alter the look of the "stickers" category. I realize this may mean I need to target individual product item slides in the css, just didn't know if there was a way to target tagged categories? If not that's fine too.
  10. Hey, I just was wondering on how these shipping options will work out? So for now I’m until I upgrade my plan to the advanced plan/ or I would call it the business+ plan, I was wondering on how customers can track their orders, even when the shipping option isn’t linked to a shipping carrier like ex.FedEX. I was also wondering how I can make this work, because I don’t quite understand the fla rate shipping options yet 😅. So if anyone know anything about shipping, please help me out. Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://www.crliquidators.com Hey guys, is there a way to make a filter button for the product pages, like: search by date, price lowest to highest, free shipping, etc.
  12. Site URL: https://www.crliquidators.com Does anyone know if there is a way to have the products on a page automatically organize themselves by the category they are in? The categories are in alphabetical order but the products just show up by the date/time they were listed at the top of the page. For example, I just added some safety glasses and I want them to group together with the other glasses that I already had on. The other glasses were added months ago and ignore the same items unless you look at just that category (Eye Protection). I would like my product pages to display the items i
  13. Site URL: https://www.crliquidators.com Some of the products quit showing the quantity available, it seems random. Some work fine while others just quit showing the quantity all together, the add quantity button still works but how do I show how many are available?
  14. Site URL: https://hoplitehobbyist.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hi everyone hopefully you can help, I'm really trying to reduce the size of our images on our mobile screen. Lots of similar companies have their products displayed i n two columns on mobile devices. I'm very novice when it comes to web development and to be honest at the beginning of our journey I don't have copious amounts of money to spend to hire an expert. I have spoken with square space customer services, who have told me that there is no specific way in the template design to do this. This seems rather silly as
  15. Site URL: https://seamstofit.squarespace.com Is there a way to display all products that are on sale in one place. The products could be in any page.
  16. Site URL: https://stevedavisgraphic.design/portsmouth/portsmouth-tube-map Hi all Does anyone know how I can change the main H1 font - its sooooo massive - to be smaller on my product page? I need this to work across every product I have. I don't want the H1 to change as it works well across other areas of my site, so I am guessing this could be a customisable CSS ? All help massively appreciated Steve
  17. One of the most annoying failures of the Commerce platform, for our business, is that the Stripe Payment integration doesn't transfer any product/service data. The Stripe API quite clearly allows for the inclusion of data in a network request by way of a variety of available variables like "product description", "memo" or "description". This is a problem for those of us small business owners who are attempting to track each Stripe transaction in accounting software like Quickbooks. Without any product data sent along with the payment transaction, the transactions can't be automatically cat
  18. Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the text that says 'ALL' in the 'Sort & Filter' option on the products page (shop page). I'm finding this page very minimal in choices when filtering. Website: https://artbuzz-today.squarespace.com/ passcode: today Page: shop Template: Brine I just need to change 'ALL' to say 'ALL ARTISTS' instead. Is this possible? Also...is there a way to add the tags as well as the category here? Thank you! Carrie
  19. Site URL: https://www.ultrafragola.com.au/ Heeeyyy, So I think in August Squarespace provided an update to the way products work, I was prompted to install this update when I logged in on my site and all works fine except for that the summary block I have on my website homepage that is meant to display 'recently added' products has stopped working. All products added after this Squarespace update don't appear in the summary block. Homepage here: https://www.ultrafragola.com.au/ Summary block in question is the 'Vintage' section that appears on my homepage Any help on a fix wo
  20. Site URL: https://www.rodneyloughjr.com In the past we have been able to Hide a product page (which houses multiple products for sale w/in shopping), but make specific products 'Visible'. This kept the products from showing up in the search results. Recently this stopped working and products were 'Not Available'. This is what we got from SS this morning... "I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing some issues with your site. I'd be happy to look into them with you here. Disabled Products Page By design, products cannot be purchased from disabled pages. This has alwa
  21. Site URL: http://www.intotheblackpines.com Hi and thank you in advance! I am wondering if it is possible to change the layout of product images on my home screen? they are side by side on desktop view but on mobile it of course stacks them one of top of the other. I am fine with the first two product images on my website but can someone please tell me if its possible or help me with the LAST two product images at the very bottom of the homepage. I would like to have them side by side on mobile view. Please and thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.indiecovershop.com/ Hey there, I have a client that wants to hide products that are sold out. I tried this CSS bit but I'm left with a black space on the row where the product was. #productList .sold-out{ display: none; } Is there a way to rearrange the products once a product is hidden, or does someone know a better way to do this? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://www.deeperrootscoffee.com/coffee We are adding a sample bag of coffee to our items, but we don't want the view of each product to say "from $3.00 (price of the sample bag)" on the main coffee page and the quick view. Is it at all possible to have each product not show the option of the lowest price in the "from _____" section? For example, we'd prefer it to say, "from $14.75" instead, which would be the second lowest price. I've add a screenshot of what I'm talking about. It's the yellow circled area. Thanks for your time!
  24. Site URL: https://www.thedesignconference.com.au/merchandise Hey fam. I am trying to limit the number of products my SQSP store displays on load. For example: If I had 100 products in my SQSP store, can I limit the store to show 10 per page, and have the store have 10 pages of products? I assumed this was a relatively normal function and cannot figure out how to set the parameters. Site Password: SQSP2020
  25. Site URL: http://www.humanbeingmankind.com THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry, i still need a bit more help! @tuanphan reference from this post: 1. This worked!!! Please advise me of the other code to make all the pages work! pages needed for include the all collections page.. but I would like 3 photos per row (6 total so 2 rows 3) is there anyway to change the order of them.. so that the last items on the desktop are the last items on mobile.. it seems like it fills column 1 then fills column 2... i would like it to fill row 1, then row 2.. and so on. 2. this w
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