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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how I could clean up the product page I have to better match the example attached. I've used an embedded code snippet to bring the accordion menu & bear arm image from "Additional Info" to underneath the "Product Description" Is it possible to get the image to sit over along the right side border (versus indented)? https://bearassbikinis.squarespace.com/explore/?pass=demo Thank you!
  2. I am completely stumped on why my store doesn't work. I have created products, they are all visible when in my squarespace account to edit my site, I finalized all of the steps to set up my store. But when I go to my website outside of the square space editor, just the online address, none of my products appear at all. The product categories appear, but no products are in them. Everything is marked as public, the store page itself is marked as public, all of the products are set as in stock. I do not understand why I cant see them when I go to my site as a visitor. I have even tried setting up test items with none of my page customization, but they do not show up either. Please help, I have tried everything, and cannot find any articles that explain why its not working.
  3. Hi All, I am new to SS, and am still in trial mode, looking at using it for selling art. I am building a prototype site which is mostly going well. I have found a few challenges and limitations such as setting the aspect ratio of the products I am selling, but have worked around these with code snippets. So far so good, except for one thing, and that is sorting my products in the shop. According to the help and various videos it should be simple, but I must be missing something. I should be able to arrange my products in the shop panel by drag and dropping them, and this should be reflected in the shop. I have attached a screen shot below, and I have called my shop "Gallery". It does not matter what order I put my products in on the left panel, the order in the items in the shop does not change, it is strictly last in, first listed. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I am missing? Cheers.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to move the button next to the quantity block on the product page in Squarespace? I've attached an image of how I'd ideally like it to look in terms of placement. https://bearassbikinis.squarespace.com/explore/?pass=demo Thank you!
  5. I followed squarespace format to import products in Bulk. No matter what I try I get this error message: add product type column. Could you help me resolving this issue?
  6. Hey peeps! I hope I can explain this the easiest as I'm unable to find this answer anywhere online. Let's say I add a simple text block and type "product 01". And then I wanted to hyperlink that "product 01" that once clicked, it would perform an add to cart action on a specific product I have in my store. Is that possible? So in other words, is there a URL that adds a product of yours to the shopping cart or is that ONLY possible by using the product 'add to cart' button? I deeply appreciate your help!
  7. Site URL: https://pelican-chiton-xwy4.squarespace.com/shop/fos-classic Hello, I would like to change "SOLD OUT" to "COMING SOON" labels on the YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE section at the bottom of my Product page. https://pelican-chiton-xwy4.squarespace.com/shop/fos-classic (7.1) Is there any way to do that in the Custom CSS? Thanks, Xavier
  8. Site URL: https://www.immyhowardmillinery.com/bandanna-bows Hi there, I am in the process of building some product pages on my website (the current products listed are demos set up by my Squarespace template and are unlinked, but the pages are enabled) and the current layout of my products is 3 per row on Desktop view. I am trying to alter the mobile view of my product pages to have 2 products per row, instead of 1 product per row. Is there a way I would be able to do this? Any help would be much appreciated. I am very new to using Squarespace so apologies if I have overlooked anything obvious! Cheers Immy @tuanphanI see you seem to be a wizard at this! Hoping you might be able to possibly help me at all? Thanks!
  9. - I've noticed that when the product name is clicked on our classes page the link is live and is directed to our whole store. We have various products in our store for members only as well as new products that we don't want to be seen yet so we need to disable all the links in the products so people visiting our website cannot navigate to the store where all the products are listed. Please can anyone help with this? Thank you
  10. I'm adding different product variants and would like the images to correspond to the variant. For example I'm selling a print and then a framed print. Would like the image to change to a framed print when that variant is selected. How do I do this?
  11. Has anyone used SP's new Print on demand feature to sell merch? Looking to find out what the quality is like to see if it's worth it
  12. Hi, Our online store sells fabric and we would like to be able to sell fabric in decimal quantities, for example 1.2m. Is there a code we can add that will allow customers to enter a custom quantity which would include decimals?
  13. The shop template I started with came with a few products already listed, I repurposed some and tried to delete the ones I didn't need. However, they came back after reloading, and attempting to edit the product leads to eternal load screen. They are marked deleted but I don't trust it.
  14. Hi, I would like to add custom merchandise through printful but have questions about how it is fulfilled. Suppose I have an order come in for a few in-house products that I ship as well as a printful t-shirt on the same order. Will printful receive that order to have the t-shirt made and shipped? Then I ship the other products from my store? Just trying to figure out these logistics. I think this would be a great addition to my store. Thanks, Jason
  15. I need to edit and add some of the 'additional information' for all my products. There is a code I could use to do that and not needing to edit each one sepparetly? In the Main information block it's possible downloading it to excel.
  16. Hi, I'm not sure this is possible, but... The product section on this page shows all my products. I'd like to hide the last product, Jalgany x Inventi Ensemble (Willum Warrain), in this section. Squarespace doesn't give me the option to add or remove products from this section via the page, I can only mark the product itself as hidden or public. After this, I'd like to create a new section, add a "Product" block and show this product. So in summary, the main section doesn't show the product, then a section underneath this will show the product. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the help.
  17. Everything in our store seems to be set up properly. We have linked Square and added the products, but the no add to cart buttons show up, so nothing can be purchased. Screen shot attached.
  18. I also need more than 250 variants. Isnt there anyway to make this happen. custom tables.. need Length Width Wood Type Table top color Base color
  19. Hi, after switching from shopify to ss, and from printfull to shirteecloud. i can't see the new product create on shirteecloud, or any import bouton (only one for Etsy and i dont use Etsy). the api is correct. i use the commerce plan which i believe support auto-sync of the product. i only have one website. does somebody know why my product don't show up?
  20. Site URL: https://pelican-chiton-xwy4.squarespace.com/ Hola, Trying to change the image for "FOS Classic" product entry on hover, in the Homepage right under "THE FOS COLLECTIONS" section. Anybody knows how to do that on 7.1?? I'd be interested in keeping the section and not having to start over using code blocks. Here's the image to be displayed on hover: Thanks
  21. I have a product with 12 different color options. On the physical product page in the inventory variant page it will not allow all of the options to be color, and also it only allows 6 options to be added. I am hoping to find another solution other than having to make 13 different product pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. I am trying to change the color of the hyperlinks in this product to blue: https://www.simuleye.com/products/simuleye-base-tray but they won't work with any code I've found. On most of the other products, they're showing as blue, but this one they're coded in a span tag, but there isn't a span tag being used on the product. Any tips?
  23. Trying to add a short description under a filtered category for my clients store — see existing 7.0 site https://www.loomrugs.com/c-c If I add a new section on on the filtered page, it propagates throughout each rug style — client wants to add a short little descriptor for each type of rug style. I've set up the 'all categories' page like that as I'm going to add a summary image randomiser to cycle through photos. Site can be found here: https://loomrugsalter.squarespace.com Thanks!
  24. I have a shop on my site selling products that I ship out personally but I also want to add Printful print on demand products. Is it possible to sell both from the same shop and if so, how does it work in terms of billing and shipping information that the customer receives? Basically, what would the process look like if a customer bought 2 items - one shipped by me and another from Printful?
  25. Is it possible to set up a personalised receipt based on the product purchased? Eg. The customer buys a product for a specific sport and the receipt they are sent details all they need to know about that particular sport. Another product then has a similar receipt template but is tailored slightly differently.
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