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Found 13 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.sonnycrusher.com I wanna make my product thumbnails to not have any background going around the picture at all. I wanted the hover over effect to only highlight the product (like the black t shirt I hovered over in the screenshot) to only highlight the actual shirt and not create a block over the thumbnail. I would also like to know if there is a way to make the product say "sold" when I hover over the product?
  2. Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me take out space on top and bottom from the png images? https://www.ptphotography.com/destination-duplicate Many thanks, K
  3. Site URL: https://octopus-guava-k6zs.squarespace.com/news Hi what is the css code to change the background image of my blog page? I tried to find the tab in the page editor but its not there. Im using version 7.1 Help me please! Thank you everyone!
  4. I'm trying to use image stacks with PNGs, but Squarespace is adding a faint color behind them. I tried testing all of the different image blocks and inline was the only one that didn't put a color behind the images (but it squished them). What is the issue here? Just a bug?
  5. Site URL: http://www.palmettehome.com Hi! I'm wanting to change the stock cart/bag icons to a custom bag image I've created. I found some code online but it's not working. Is this possible? I have a .PNG file created and uploaded in my managed files. For reference, here is the code I found as a starting point. I did insert the URL path to the image in the code in the custom CSS section. Per their video, the cart image changed however mine did not. They are also using the same template as mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! website: www.palmettehome.com reference co
  6. Site URL: https://www.nationalinnovationgames.com/ Perhaps I'm doing something obviously wrong, but when I'm using png images they do not resize at all when viewing them on the live site. The preview shows them as fitting ok, but when I publish I only see the corner or part of the image, as if the entire thing has remained it's original size and exists 'off screen'. And by size I don't mean MBs, it's the dimensions that don't adjust to fix the box or the page. I've managed to get a couple to work by playing with the 'Design' of the image (specifically the 'Stack' option) but when I
  7. Guys, please help with the code to take out the space between png images in my gallery. To show the difference, I have added 4 squarespace jpgs, in which the pictures are evenly spaced between columns. The last 4 images are my images in png. Thank you in advance 🙏 Link: https://www.ptphotography.com/gallery-2
  8. Hello community, I’ve encountered a weird bug with png’s. Some of them, probably only those that use a greyscale model, won’t show up in Safari, but instead look black. Sometimes you can even see how Safari loads the picture correctly and then switches to a black image. However the problem is inside the png. And it is not inside the original png, it only occurs through the formatting that Squarespace does with the picture. I can track it back by downloading the picture and it looks good in every program, except for Safari; however if I save it without changes but as a colour RGB, Safari ope
  9. Does anyone have any idea how to (if we can) use PNG image files with transparent backgrounds. I have a circular photo which I wish to use but is still in the shape of a square with non-transparent background.
  10. Site URL: https://bymirjam.squarespace.com Hi! I am working on a website for a friend and have a question. We uploaded a few images (PNG format) that are meant to have a transparent background but when we upload them to the website it shows a grey background (see attached screenshot). Does anybody have any recommendations about what to do to ensure that the background stays transparent when it's being uploaded to Squarespace? Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://iamabbytaylor.com/ Hi there! I'd like to add a png element that is sticky in the bottom right corner of the screen at all times on desktop and tablet. For an example, I love how that happens with the & sign on this site: https://sagmeisterwalsh.com/ and want to achieve a similar effect on my site. It's also how pretty awesome how the & sign in the bottom right corner is only visible when you're scrolling, but no problem if that's not doable! Thanks so much, Abby
  12. Hello everyone Years ago, i made som pictures in MS Paint and saved them as PNG. I was now wondering, if the pictures have a background or any transparency. The files are bit depth 24. They do not have any tRNS chunks. They do not have any bKGD chunks. I used the TweakPNG tool to view the file chunks. So it is safe to say, that my pictures do not have any background or transparency? Is there other indicators, for if the pictures have transparency or a background? Thanks in advance for answering
  13. Hello everybody, I am trying to put a logo (PNG file) just after the text description on the banner of my Bedford template based website. To be clear, my goal is to replace the "Learn More" button with a PNG image of this landing page: http://www.squarespace.com/templates/?q=bedford Do you see any way I can do this? I have tried for a few hours without success. Thank you,Jonas
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