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Found 10 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.mortiseandmiter.com/ Hello to all! When I need to make a payment for a service to a vendor or my business attorney, I can go to a website, enter the amount due, payment info, and it's done. When I tried to create a commerce page solely for that purpose, even with a custom form allowing a customer to enter a price, the price remans zero at checkout because I have the service price at $0.00, or enter a fixed amount. If I have a work order with $500 for one customer, and a construction progress payment of $4500 for another, I want them both to be able to ent
  2. Site URL: https://vastalga.squarespace.com/config/pages/5fa8e413f6d3991188745914/categories/5fa8e413f6d399118874591b Hey there. I currently live in South Africa and unfortunately Stripe isn't supported in my country yet of which I cannot have PayPal as my only payment option for so many reasons including the fact that Paypal isn't popular at all in our country. So my attempt is to add pay fast as a payment gateway to my Squarespace website. Any assistance will be much appreciated, please and thank you.
  3. We are in the process of setting up a property management site for a friend, and he wants to be able to take payments on his rental properties through the website. I have searched Google and came up with a TON of "Booking Plugins" for booking vacation rentals or rentals and taking payment. But I need a solution specifically that allows users to submit individual payments for their rent, and of course, be super secure. Looking for advice and solutions.
  4. Setting up a new site with pre-orders. We are thinking of collecting credit card info now and then charge at a future date when the item has been manufactured and is ready to ship. Most credit card authorizations only do a temporary hold. Plus you have to go back and trigger the charge when item is ready. Assuming need to set up a future payments token. Is this possible with PayPal or Stripe using the Squarespace cart? Do you need to send people to Stripe checkout? Or, do most people just charge for pre-orders at time the pre-order is placed and then ship at a later date? T
  5. Site URL: https://www.blackcardtravelsociety.com Is there a way to add a payment plan to my products such as options for: deposits; full payments; partial payments, etc?
  6. Hi im looking for some advice on how to setting up a secure login for my clients, each client must have access to their own accounts details only and will be able to make payments for there. Thanks 3Dmax
  7. Site URL: https://www.ebpco.org/ After working fine for several years, our site is suddenly throwing an error when people try to make a donation: This happens after their donation info is entered. A successful donation took place 5 days ago, but now nothing works. Nothing has changed on the site. We have both Stripe and PayPal as our payment processors. I get the same error with either processor. I checked both Stripe and PayPal and they seem to be fine, with no errors. It seems like Squarespace is erroring out and not passing the transaction to the processor, si
  8. Site URL: https://squamishwindfestival.com/ Hi there, I have noticed that the Squarespace forms sync to Mailchimp audiences and also to a Google Sheet in Google Drive which is amazing! However, you can't add a payment to a form so I read that you can instead add a form to a product. This is a great solution, however, the forms you add to products don't have the option to sync the orders or people purchasing to Mailchimp audiences or a Google Sheet. So is there a solution to this where I can get both features with payments and syncing to Google Sheets / Mailchimp? Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I recently spoke with a business manager at Bank of America, and she told me that they provide 100% liability coverage payment processing, but squarespace blocks this feature due to their exclusive deal with stripe and paypal. Has anyone else tried to implement this feature? Is there some sort of workaround? All of my support chats with squarespace end with the same lines, saying that this feature may or may not be implemented, but I just want a clear cut answer. Because otherwise I might have to look elsewhere for website hosting. I don't want to leave obviously but
  10. I've a need to add a payment option to a form. It's for an application to an educational institution and there is a fee to submit the application. What is the best way to go about this? Frank
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