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  1. Hello, I'm currently organizing my products and have 4 different courses I sell on my website. When a customer purchases a course from me, how do I know on my end which course they purchased? Do I have access to this kind of data? Right now all I see is their order number, and how much they paid. It would be really helpful to know who buys what. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I would like to add payment method icons on the footer of my website. I have try to download images but the quality or the size are not appropriate. Could you please help me ?
  3. I want to add a payment system to my website so my tenants can go online and pay! how do I go about doing that? I have over 50 people and I need to be able to have them pay rent off my website
  4. Is it possible to create and send an invoice to a client? I used to use square before I switched to square space and it let me invoice clients.
  5. I've been trying to pay for a subscription for a template, but my Visa Debit Card keeps getting declined, despite having enough money in my account, and giving the correct payment details. I have contacted my bank, and they have informed me that the issue is how Squarespace processes the payments online, which Squarespace have not updated to sync with my bank. Because Squarespaces processing of online payments hasn't been updated to sync with my bank, it puts payments from accounts like mine at risk when making online payments. So payments will be not be processed and automatically declined. Would appreciate it of Squarespace update their payment system soon. Though I doubt that will happen.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to set up appointment booking on my site. I set everything up through Acuity and connected it with Square to accept payments. But when I go to make an appointment it says "Please wait, loading Square..." and then never loads? What do I need to do so that Square actually loads? It's been sitting here for 15 minutes and nothing is loading. Thank you so much!
  7. Hi. I'm new to acuity and just moved my therapy booking from Calendly to Acuity. Is there a way to know if a client chose the option to "Pay Later" as Pay in Person or paid online (using stripe or paypal) through the confirmation email? Or do I always have to check in the client area? In this screenshot this client used the option Pay Later, and it shows the full price of the session. If they paid online using stripe or paypal (both are active) it would show something different?
  8. I would like to add some type of pictures showing that paypal is accepted, I do not see as an option in my chosen style.
  9. Site URL: https://www.luxandleaf.com/ Hello everyone! I have a question regarding selling CBD products in Squarespace. So I created a website for a client who sells skincare beauty products that contain CBD oil (https://www.luxandleaf.com/). However, I wasn't able to connect Stripe or Paypal because they do not allow transactions that are for CBD. I'm looking into third-party payment processors like Foxy.io (https://www.foxy.io/squarespace) Does anyone have experience with them? and how it works? or any other suggestions?!
  10. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hi! I was wondering if anyone know a Squarespace version of the shopify app https://apps.shopify.com/split-partial-payments I’d really like to know know if there's a way to split total order in different ppl. with SQSP Ex: https://split-payment-demo.myshopify.com/cart Cheers!
  11. I am trying to give free access to my paid membership area to a few family/friends. I have the discount code set up and it is showing as $0.00 total when signing up, but it's still requiring a credit card to finish the process. I also have the discount code set to never expire, so theoretically, a credit card shouldn't be necessary to sign up. Any ideas on how to make this work without adding a payment method, since there is no total to be paid? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.antipodeanco.com/ Hi, I was looking to add payment icons to the footer of my homepage so my customer's can see which type of payments are be accepted on my website e.g. Visa, Mastercard ( I am currently registered with Stripe). Can anybody help? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://www.emilyridout.com/membership I'm trying to integrate a payment processor that accepts monthly membership payments with the Squarespace member areas. Is there a way to integrate something other than Stripe? I would love it if I could integrate PayPal to accept monthly payments
  14. Hi Squarespace, As a small business owner business owner and seller of "luxury" items, I'm experiencing that upwards of 5/10 of my customers are asking for "Pay later" options. This topic has been lingering since 2019. For us, who live in Europe and mostly cannot accept Afterpay, because of Stripe restrictions. The only option currently is Klarna, which we can accept through Stripe. Please, squarespace and any other with interest in this topic - upvote this threat to get the attention from Squarespace developers. This is one of those items, which I do not believe has any significant development effort (as it is managed by Stripe) - yet it would make a huge difference. I think I'm not alone when I say that I do not want to be creating workarounds to enable this, e.g. by creating a separate Shopify shop to accept Klarna. This option is as "extensive" as simply changing ecommerce platform. Please escalate this issue and bring it up your development pipeline. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. When clients schedule a session with me online, they are required to enter in their credit card # each time. Why can't it save their info so they do not have to enter their card number every time they book a session. Sometimes clients want to book 5-10 sessions at a time, and complain to me regarding the monotony of entering their CC # for every appointment.
  16. Naturally, a work in progress, I would like to know when the option to auto-fill an Invoice from an existing customer will be on offer please ? Also, it would be so much more convenient to do this through your dedicated app, as I am sure is planned.
  17. Site URL: https://hennyguitars.com Hi there, I'm going to be launching my store in January. I sell custom guitars which will require a $500 deposit instead of paying full price right away. I'd like a way to let customers know the full price of my guitars but allow them to make the deposit. The deposit starts the build and the full price is due before delivery, most like 30-90 days later. Any tips on how I can make this happen. I'm open to other stores/services if squarespace won't work but I want to keep my site on squarespace. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  18. Site URL: https://www.dellosboutique.co.uk/ Hi, I am looking for some help. I am not sure if this is the correct terminology to use but I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find images/badges which I can use at the footer of my homepage to show which types of payments my business accepts? I have just introduced Clearpay to my website so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show this and I am use Stripe to process my payments. I don't use PayPal; if anyone has a copy or knows where I can find such a thing then please let me know. Thanks in advance. Suzanne
  19. Site URL: https://www.erinisabella.com Hi Circle Members, I am having a frustrating issue with my Stripe account fully integrating all payment options into my Squarespace platform and need some API integration advice/help. In my Stripe account, I have ACH, all methods of global payment options, and installment plans like AfterPay and Klarna enabled. A full global pay spectrum to make it easy for people to buy my artwork. On Squarespace, it won't enable. I've tried injecting code and must be doing something wrong because it is just not working. Stripe has not been helpful. I keep getting links to the exact coding pages that are not working for me. I'm supremely frustrated and need some help. Can anyone help me with figuring out what exactly I'm doing wrong?
  20. Hello dear Squarespace Team! Could you please add more currencies to the Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace website payment system? I have many customers in UAE who are interested in your services but they want to have AED currency enabled service. Please support more currencies in your payment system. * I already sent email to support team about 4 month ago for the same issue!
  21. Hi all. I have a client who is obsessed with whether their Squarespace commerce site will somehow hold onto any of their customers financial information when they've placed an order. Their payments will be completed via Stripe. Support have told me "We will only capture the information that shows in the sites Orders panel." Can anyone give me a bit more info on this please or a line of text that I can suggest my client includes in their terms and conditions to put his mind at rest? TIA
  22. Hi all, I have recently registered with Klarna to offer pay later options in my Squarespace store. I haven't done my research prior, but was sure I will be able to somehow custom code Klarna payments into my store - I was wrong. I've put a job post up on people per hour and upwork, and received a few proposals from developers. Before continuing I thought I'd better check with Squarespace directly and I learnt it is not possible to integrate Klarna at all at this stage :( I was wondering whether anyone has found some workaround? I read there is Shopify cart integration way, but I don't really like it. I think it would be a very valuable feature for a lot of people up here if we could simply just integrate Klarna in similar way to Paypal and Stripe. This payment method would be very useful to me and most of the other shopping platforms already offer this integration.
  23. I sell services to schools in the UK and its extremely rare that a school will pay for a service with a credit card or PayPal. I like the products page and Squarespace but the inability to automate bookings is holding my business back. Most UK schools request an invoice before making a BACS payment. How can I take orders/bookings for my services without charging or by bypassing checkout? I have seen the work around for charging services for free but this will cause confusion and I certainly don't want schools receiving invoices suggesting they don't have to pay. Any solutions? Anything being worked on? I'd love to be able to process payments like a shop but that's just not the way the education sector does things and that won't be changing anytime soon. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Antony
  24. Hey guys, I'm wondering if it is possible to achieve some kind of payment plan options for registered members. For the first shot I need something very similar to the pricing plans presented on squarespace itself (see attached screenshot). As the current requirement is to enable a customer to select one paymentplan and afterwards beeing able to fetch which plan is currently active for this customer at runtime as content of certain pages need to change in relation to specific active plans. Unfortunatly I'm unable to find similar solutions for my problem at first glance. Kind regards HConsulting
  25. Ok I'm a little confused. My website is Wix. I use Acuity to schedule and take payments via Stripe. To my understanding, Acuity/Squarespace does not support Klarna but Stripe does? How does this work?
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