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  1. Site URL: https://impala-nectarine-4s9h.squarespace.com/config/design Hi, I have created multiple stores within my site for different styles of product and then put categories within each store. When I go onto the main page of my store, there is a menu linking to all the different categories of products, but when you go onto the page of a category, the navigation to all the other categories dissappears, is it possible to keep this navigation on all category pages and not just the main store page?
  2. Site URL: http://www.chinchilla-dog-gljs.squarespace.com So, I am using the Zion template for my website and on the homepage by default it has three text body's that act as links to pages. My problem is, these pages that those texts on the homepage link to, are not visible on the Header. The way around this, which is counter intuitive, is my made 2 pages; for example I did this with the About & News pages. As you can see in the IMG 1, there's a News text at the center of the page and also in the Header. They both link to identical pages, but they are different pages internally. The
  3. Site URL: http://www.greensalon.co.uk I would like to align my header text, e.g. "home" "contact" etc to the right of the header, keeping the logo in the centre. This isn't one of the default settings so I think I will need some Custom Code. Would really appreciate the help if anyone knows how!
  4. Hi all Ok so I have a shop I am building and its looking good. I want the cart to display on the shopping pages but not anywhere else in the site. How do I do that?
  5. Site URL: http://www.chinchilla-dog-gljs.squarespace.com Title says it all; is there a way to have different logo's on different pages? The logo on my home page is black, in front of a lighter gif. However, other pages (like the Work page) are black, and you wont be able to see the logo on there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Password: qazedc123
  6. I'm wondering if it possible to set up access-restricted pages that can be unlocked via a "currency" of some sort. For example, a user would be able to purchase 10 credits with say $x.xx; each credit would then be consumed to gain access to a page and only that page. This isn't a subscription as the user is purchasing access to an individual page. I am wondering if it is possible, and if so how, to set up an on-site currency system (purchasable through USD) which can be consumed to gain access to a single page.
  7. Site URL: https://www.hammerheadaudio.com/ Hi, I'm trying to create a link on my site to an individual item in a portfolio page I set up. When I try to add a page link to the slug for the individual portfolio item it don't show up in the drop down, I just get the slug for the whole portfolio. Then when I try to enter the slug manually, it doesn't allow me to enter anything past the slug for the whole portfolio, I type but no letters appear: I'm currently getting around this by just making it a web link to "hammerheadaudio.com/designs/ne1" but I'm not sure if that's going to creat
  8. Site URL: https://carillon-garlic-2nz8.squarespace.com/ Hi all I subscribed to a trial in mid-2020 and built a site. This project was then set aside until recently. I have activated a subscription but continue to receive an error. Squarespace is unable to find the pages I had previously built. I get a preview screen in 'My Account' which is current, but when i click into the site I get the following: We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again.
  9. Hey there. Ok so I have a website thats just three pages. I have stripped out the logo on the homepage but for the other 2 pages I want a different logo on each, how could i do that? I can obviously have one of them working but it appears on both., How could I add a different one for each?
  10. Site URL: https://www.birdmediahouse.com/ourwork Hi, in Google's search results for my 'Our Work' page, it shows up with Gallery 3 in the Title, which is not what is set in the pages SEO settings. Any help on why this is happening or how it can be fixed would be great, thanks.
  11. Site URL: http://www.stevegallagher.com/ Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out? So when you log onto my photography section on the website there is a Contact (copy) page which I would like to keep for the Photo section, but hide other Contact Page which would be for consulting. So in the photography side bar it just shows Contact (copy) page and Consulting. I also need to add a button in the consulting section side bar under the Contact page to direct the user to the photography section, how's the best way to do this as a button? as once the us
  12. Site URL: https://oceandgtl.com/ Page editor is taking forever to load and when it finally does, the font set is messed up and different than that of my last time editing. It also shows that my page headlines and other areas are set to the correct font (Futura PT) but the page shows differently...
  13. For the last couple of days, anytime I click done->save it get an error that reads "Couldn't Save Information. Try reloading the page. If the problem persists, contact us." The changes do save, but it forces me to reload the dashboard and go back in that way. It is super annoying.
  14. Site URL: https://cow-tulip-6fsz.squarespace.com/yoga-with-lizz I have a website that features Yoga, CBD products, and Coaching services. We created a page for yoga, CBD, and coaching. The page we created for Yoga is now showing up on all our pages (CBD, Coaching). The other pages only show up when selected in the navigation bar on home page. Is there a setting to change this?
  15. I had on old website template I was using on 7.0 and after experimenting with a template on 7.1, I decided to migrate all my old content from 7.0 to 7.1. I cancelled my subscription on 7.0, upgraded my 7.1 trial site and resubscribed. I then moved my domain from the old template to the new template. However, when I try to access my content from the 7.0 site, it seems to have disappeared. I had a "home", "projects" and "about" section in the navigation and it seems that the projects section has completely disappeared. I don't want to have to re-write project descriptions if I don't have to, but
  16. Hi guys! I'm trying to create multiple portfolio pages on the same website which use different settings/ styles. For example I want one to be a 2 column grid and another to use a 4 column grid with different hover functionality/image proportions. When I update the settings of one it updates these across both portfolios. Is it possible to style these separately or is this a limitation of 7.1? Thanks for your help.
  17. Site URL: https://sageclan.org/ Ideally when you click on "home" for the website to bring you directly to overview but you can't have more than 2 url links assigned to one page. => The same way people one click store and get there I'd like for "Home", "About", and "Gallery" (Once clicked to bring you to the first page or to go over all the subcomponents of that folder. As of now, when users click those folders "Home" "About" "Gallery" nothing will happen unless they click the subtopics under them. LOOKING FOR: a code that links the name of the Folder to the topmo
  18. Hi everyone. I just started doing my website and noticed that the dates on the blogs are from 2019 and won't change. How do I make them current. They were taken from a template and then I modified them now to make them relevant to me. Site is not published yet. Thank you
  19. I'm working in the Rivoli template. At the (near) bottom, there are blocks that show a grid of three page links entitled "travel" and "food". I'm confused by how to get these sections to link directly to just "food" and "travel" as when I click on them, they both just open up the general "blog" page. Should I be building new pages and titling them "travel" and "food" and have them on my navigation bar? And, if so, is there a way to also link the aforementioned blocks to the same page? Thank you. 🙂
  20. I'm trying to create multiple portfolio "Grid: Overlay" project style pages, but want to have different gallery image sizes on each page (i.e. 16:9 aspect and 4 rows on home page, 1:1 and 2 rows on a different page). Whenever I change the settings for one page though, it changes the project gallery settings across all pages. I don't know a workaround for this, and am trying to avoid custom CSS. Any ideas what I can do to achieve this?
  21. Update: I posted a new tutorial on hiding links in navbar here, in case you are interested I see that a lot of people have the same kind of problem and the root of it is that there isn't any effective way to have a bilingual SS6 site. So if you want to make a bilingual site what are your options? the Google Translator, which is no option for me this method by SS, no an option either After a lot of research and brainstorming I came up with the conclusion that you can: Create a blog/page in your primary language of choice (X- for me that's GREEK VERSION) Duplicate each page/blog(for blogs
  22. Site URL: https://cooperteam.co/ There are two subpages found under Properties link to two different page types: Buyer is a single page with an image gallery Seller is a Portfolio page with 26 sub Projects I've decided to combine them into one page, so, using the Buyer page as the main page, I'd like to then link to the individual Project pages from thumbnails on that page. My guess is that's impossible without having to rebuild each Project page again as a Page in order to make them navigable within the site structure. Is there an easy, or any, way to convert Project pag
  23. Site URL: http://www.stopthemaskerade.org When I connected my domain name to my website, the url goes to the blog rather than the home page. I disconnected, selected the home page, and reconnected it, but still the url goes to the blog rather than the home page. How do I fix this?
  24. Site URL: https://www.mesahatfoundation.org I am using the Basil Template, I have Several Folders, that contain Pages, in Each Language. My problem is that Both languages appear in the navigation menu, while I need the ONLY English to appear when the visitor Selects English at the Welcome Page, and Vise Versa. I tried the Create-multilingual-site, and several other things and it was NOT what I am looking for.
  25. Site URL: https://www.pokesports.org Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how I can reposition my social links to sit in the center of the page, underneath the page selection screen in my header. Currently they are left-aligned and above. Is this possible with custom HTML? Thanks! Mike
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