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Found 6 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.wisemensanitizer.com/store We have only one product in our store, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to have the template go directly to the product's "add to cart" page. What am I missing? Thanks so much for any direction! Zack
  2. Site URL: https://www.ladiesdrawingnigh.org Hi, I have the Brine- Rally template and am trying to create a landing page with no header or footer. I've tried many things. I'd like to do this in the Custom CSS instead of on this index page's settings. Can someone help with this? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Teresa EDIT: Am able to hide the footer and the header with this code--don't know why it wouldn't work with footer, header in the same bit of code. I had to separate it. body#collection-5eaa0a46b0caa85f5c39b770 footer { display: none !important; } body#collection-5eaa0a46b0caa85f5c39b770 header { display: none !important; }
  3. Site URL: https://lavender-heron-3pxt.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, I am all new to Squarespace and I am French so sorry if my sentences aren't clear... I'll try to explain as much as I can. I am still in the free time period so I'm not sure you'll be able to access my website. Anyway, I downloaded the template "Sonny", and I want to do a one page only website, with links in the navigation bar leading to the different posts of this one page. .Here is a perfect example of what I'd like to do, I believe this is a squareplace website : https://www.asgeirmusic.com/ So as you can see clicking the link just below, this one page (home page I guess) will include several posts following each other by scrolling down : home, about, news (being a dispatch of summaries of articles leading to separate pages this time, I won't put every articles on this home page, only my main navigation). My problem is, and I tried with different templates it seems to be the same problem, that when I add a new page or button in my main navigation, it automatically creates a completely seperated new page, when I want it on the home page so I can just scroll down to access it. And if I add a new page/button in the hierarchy of my home page, it will create a new post on this home page, just like I want it, but it won't appear in the navigation bar ... For example, I created a home page called "home" on which you immediately arrive when you click on the link of the website. I tried to add an "About" page, which I want it to appear on the home page by scrolling down BUT I also want an "About" link to appear in the navigation bar, so that when you click this button in the navigation bar, it leads you to this "about" section of the home page. Will I be able to do this with a "personnal" subscribtion? I know i cannot modify code with this subscribtion .... I am not sure everything is clear, but do not hesitate to ask me if something's not understandable ! To sum up everything, I would like to create a website like this one : https://www.asgeirmusic.com/, but can't seem to have navigation links leading to different sections of the home page ... Thank you everyone in advance for your help! And again, I am all new to this and still on the free trial period ...
  4. Site URL: https://canals-amsterdam.nl/ Hi forum, I'm not a web designer but was wondering if you all had any insight on how this particular site was made https://canals-amsterdam.nl/ and if it's possible to do with Squarespace ? Is it what web designers call Paralax Scrolling? and if so is there a comparable template or if it would need to be all custom ? (I wouldn't need the clever animated transitions as I'm assuming that's custom code) and if it needs to be all custom about how much would it be? like a grand? It's so simple and beautifully designed. Basically I want to take the traditional zine format and split it in half for a mobile first friendly design that just is one page that scrolls infinitely for however many pages I add. Rough sketches attached -again I'm not a designer this is just an idea for a personal project and I thought the format would be cool for storytelling Appreciate your help Thx Ben
  5. Site URL: https://notablevoices.co.uk/ Hi folks. I'm trying to create a one page scroller site, with header buttons along the top ( e.g. about, gallery, video) that take user to corresponding content but down on the same page. I cannot find any themes with it in the new offerings on Square Space. I have found 'Pacific' but this seems to be old and not as clean. Can you please advise how I do this or send a link to information? I have enclosed an example of a site which follows exactly what i'm hoping to create. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to have my navigation items stay on one page. Basically the same concept as the Horizon and Pacific template. I'm currently using Hunter as my template. Can this be achieved on that template? Thanks!
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