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Found 14 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.octantacademics.com/homepage-draft-iii Without changing the padding for the rest of the webpage, I would like to make the top/bottom padding for the 'Our Approach' section (URL provided) consistent with that of the 'Who We Are' and 'Newsletter' sections. The latter two sections have background images that are simply the colors you see. I am assuming the solution will require a CSS code injection for this specific page section, but I do not know what code to use. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://exhibitale.squarespace.com I'm looking for CCS to change the header background color on individual pages in the Nueva theme, and I may need some code to change the font color as well. The password to view the site is "ale" I appreciate any help!
  3. I'm wondering how to make the text in the poster blocks show up as a larger font on mobile. I want to use images with text throughout the blog posts on this site, so if there's just an easier/better way to do this than using a Poster, I'm all ears. I just want people to be able to read the text when on mobile well, as currently on desktop it's fine, but on mobile incredibly tiny.
  4. I'm using the Nueva template and for the primary and secondary navigations, the titles of indexes (not pages within indexes) show up in the navigation bars, which is fine. However in the footer navigation only the titles of pages within indexes show up in the navigation bar, not index titles. How do I make the footer navigation behave the same way as the primary and secondary navigations? Seems like it should be simple but all the other questions on here about this have no answers.
  5. Site URL: http://www.berlinheadshots.com Hi Everyone! Trying to take away (or at least reduce below 17) the padding around a gallery on a mobile site only. Goal is for it to look more like a banner, and in the process giving a greater space for the images sit in. Attached is how it currently looks! Template is Nueva. Any tips welcome! ps also does anyone know ifs there's code to stop the words from hyphenating?!!! super annoying!
  6. I am using the nueva template (brine family) squarespace version 7.1. I wanted my folder in the header navigation to link to the first page in the list. To do this, i put 1.< a href="mission">About Under "Navigation Title" under the configure folder settings. It works, in that clicking "about" in the header nav now takes user directly to "/mission" BUT now the word "About" in the header nav appears slightly lower than the other navigation options. The website is not published yet, but here is what the issue looks like: The formatting change goes away when i remove the code in the navigation title.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Ps: I got the information on how to do the folder navigation title insert here: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/13008/folder-navigation%3A-top-folder-doesnt-link-to-anything%2C-can-i-get-it-to-or-remove-link-behavior.html
  7. Hi everyone, I've been sent in this direction by Squarespace support after they told me it's not currently something they do but might be achievable with code? I wondered if anyone could help me? I've just changed template to Nueva (which has a main homepage with a photo as the whole page) and have a logo that I want to be in the top centre in the header so I've made the logo transparent with white writing so that it can be seen through the whole page photograph with the navigation links/buttons across the top header.. However on all the other navigation pages of the website, I plan to have a white header with black navigation links and matching logo. So I've got the same logo inverted with black writing and a white background to match the header in all the other pages. Is it possible to do this? So that I have one logo on the homepage and on all the other pages of the site it is the same logo just a different colour, sort of inverted? Example website: https://www.jbivphotography.com The main page logo is what I have at the moment with a transparent background and white writing and then if you click on 'About' he has white background on the top with black writing. Many thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Hello, I would like to change the Logo size on the Nueva template. website is not active yet www.prescottpapercranes.com
  9. Hi! I am stuck trying to make my navigation bar fixed. I really don't know a lot about coding and need help trying to figure out how to make my navigation bar fixed in my site. Thank you!
  10. I am using this code on the Nueva template: .Header--bottom.Header--overlay { box-sizing: border-box; position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; background-color:white; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; } It fixes the navigation on three of my six pages. All of them are index sections with pages within but for some reason it only freezes the nav on half the pages. Any idea why this would happen? I tried removing the overlay which was suggested in another forum question but all that did was reverse the problem.
  11. I'm trying to remove the overlay color of the banner section of one of the Index Pages on my site.... The option in the Style Editor will remove it from all pages... Any idea?
  12. Site URL: https://www.laxacad.com/ I am using nueva template. I would like to hide the site logo at the top of the page (but underneath nav bar) from one page. How do I do this? I've read about 20 posts that offer code injection, but none have worked for me. Thanks so much. I have attached a photo of the logo that I would like to hide on this page.
  13. Site URL: https://www.nwcphotos.com/ Hi guys, Need some help removing my footer from the mobile display. It doesn't display properly and honestly doesn't really need to be there on mobile. I'm using the Nueva template and figure there's a couple lines of code that could hide it. Site PW is: lock Thanks!
  14. How do I make the poster text bigger on the mobile version of my homepage? The template is Nueva. Screenshots attached for reference. There is a second section below this one where I'd like to achieve the same look. Site: https://grouse-apricot-2ba7.squarespace.com/ Thank you in advance!
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