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Found 23 results

  1. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/home Hello, I'm using page header code injection to add a line of text to a "gallery" page. Unfortunately gallery pages do not allow for text boxes, so I had to use custom HTML lines. I was able to insert the text, however the text does not look good on mobile, so I would like for it to be only visible for desktop users. This is the HTML: <html> <head> </head> <body> <style> div.center { position: fixed; left: 50%; bottom: -21px; transform: translate(-
  2. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/ I posted about an issue with the momentum template a few months ago stating that it is completely broken on mobile and it still has not been resolved. I'm not sure if this template is just not widely used, but I reported the issue to Squarespace, they said they were aware of it and would work on a fix, and they still have not done anything. My site, like every other site using momentum, is completely unusable on mobile. Attempting to swipe through the gallery causes it to instantly freeze and break, and even using the arrow keys causes it to break
  3. Anyone know how to duplicate an index page? I don't see the option. Using MOMENTUM template. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/ Hello, I'm trying to disable scrolling (both horizontal and vertical) site-wide because it's completely breaking my website on mobile. My website is used to host images, and the template I'm using, Momentum, seems to have serious issues with displaying images on the mobile site format. The website is insidefukushima.org, and the issue begins in the photo galley pages, like https://insidefukushima.org/no-entry-signs. On a desktop, the page looks completely normal and you can scroll through the images by clicking on the left or right side of an
  5. Site URL: http://www.michaelvanwegen.com Hi, I am looking for code to adjust the size of the thumbnails on my gallery pages. Ideally I would increase the size of the thumbnails by about 50% and reduce the number of thumbnails per row as a consequence. Any ideas / suggestion on code to make these adjustments? I am using the momentum template and the gallery pages apply autocolumns. Many thanks. Michael
  6. Site URL: http://www.michaelvanwegen.com Hi, I am working on my photography website, which is using the momentum template. I use gallery pages which apply autocolumns. I would like to increase the size of the thumbnails shown on the gallery page (and have less thumbnails per row). Any ideas / suggestions how to manipulate the size of thumbs / number of thumbs per row for a gallery page setup? The image below shows the current (default) setup of the grid. I have come across CSS to control / amend thumb size / number beyond the standard options for gallery blocks, but i really struggle to
  7. Regarding the Momentum Template: Is there a way to add the nav arrows back into the gallery slides after the 1st one and have it a click only on the mobile sites? Apparently they are purposely "left off" to provide for a swiping motion... yet the swiping motion creates a gallery that jumps all over the place and isn't stationary any longer. The knowledge base states this: "Gallery navigation arrows disappear after the first slide on mobile devices This is an intentional part of Momentum's mobile design. Momentum's gallery is designed for swipe navigation. The first arrow in a Gallery s
  8. I am using the Momentum template for a portfolio/cv related site. No issues past two days. But all of a sudden, my hover decoration in the navigation bar is positioned midway through the text. I would like to reposition the navigation bar hover decoration or remove it completely. Thank you.
  9. Site URL: https://www.karenmainenti.com/recent-work In the Momentum template, I like having my initial view be in a gallery grid, so all images can be seen together. But then, when you click into an image, how to custom CSS so that the description shows immediately? Many visitors don't find it intuitive click on the "i" info icon, so I'd like it to expand right away so they don't need to click to see the image description. The only existing alternative I see is to use the initial gallery Info View and then they would have to click the "four squares" icon to see the gallery which also d
  10. Hi Squarespace Community, How do I make my different gallery pages have different styles (i.e., full bleed for one and center for another) in Momentum template? I am using a gallery page for my homepage in full bleed, which looks great. I also have the "Gallery Initial View: Slideshow (homepage)/Infoview" selected. This makes all my other gallery pages show up in infoview, which is also what I want. Except the images in the infoview pages now all hug the navigation bar at the top and left screen instead of being nicely centered like they would if I used the the "Center Gallery Style" for
  11. Hi everyone! How can I remove or hide a blog post date on just one page using the Momentum template? If you go to the link below you will see the post date under the photo that I would like to remove. https://devbio.stanford.edu/david-hogness-memoriam-guestbook/2020/1/7/guestbook Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi friends! How can I remove or hide a blog title on just one page using the Momentum template? If you go to the link below you will see where it says "Guestbook" on the top-left side above the photo. I also attached a screenshot with an arrow pointing to the title. https://devbio.stanford.edu/david-hogness-memoriam-guestbook/2020/1/7/guestbook Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello everybody I would like to place several slideshows one below the other. (See attachement). The individual containers should be able to include images, scroll text and an embeded sound cloud links. There should be space for two slideshows below in the Mobileview. I use the momentum template.
  14. is there any way to bottom right align the nav bar for the momentum template ?
  15. Hi! I’ve just started using Momentum and I’m choosing to centre my images instead of having them set to full bleed. This works great on desktop but on mobile there’s too much padding at the top of gallery. I’ve tried various CSS solutions but none work on the mobile site. Is there something I’m missing?
  16. Hi, everyone. I am currently using the Momentum template. My page width is set at 1000 pixels. How do I make it that the navigation bar is also constrained to 1000 pixels? Thanks in advance!
  17. I'm using the Momentum template for my website: https://earthworm-mandolin-xeek.squarespace.com/new-page-horizontal-masonry What I want to do: have a single image block that I can upload several images at once. the block of images are not all of the SAME size. Preferably Auto-Size or I can manually tweak as needed. the single block of images have ONE lightbox for all the block e.g. you can scroll and naviaged through the images once you've selected one. Options I see with this template that is not working out. Horizontal Masonry page. Issues: 1) I have to upload each image one at a tim
  18. I've made the header transparent on my site but wondered if I could make it visible with a white background against specific images that make the header hard to see? I've uploaded an image for example. My website is: http://www.jamie-kirk.co.uk
  19. I'm using the Momentum template and wondered if there's a way I can make the logo (and if possible header text) always visible and adapt in colour depending on which background image appears? My website is: http://www.jamie-kirk.co.uk Any help would be massively appreciated.
  20. Hello, I am using the Momentum template and I would like to expand the images to go over the navigation so it covers the full screen - Similar to landing pages. Can anyone help with this? Thanks,Nishant
  21. Hello All, New member here; apologies in advance if this is a daft question & I'm missing something obvious! Im trying to add a header to my Momentum site & wherever I click (at top of page) I don't seem to get an option to add one. I've been able to add a footer no problem but not a header. I've done my best making general trawl/searching online for some answers but can't find what I need. Perhaps I'm being daft & Momentum simply doesn't give a header as standard option? If that's the case any pointers to plugins etc out there would be useful. Any help much appreciated. Best,
  22. I'm looping back to address the issues I've had with aspect ratio when using full-bleed mode for image galleries in Momentum. Some of our images are vertical, most horizontal which means the vertical images are zoomed in and cropped oddly when you enter full-screen view from infoview. Luckily the galleries are pretty grouped according to aspect ratio, so I've been thinking of just trying to disable the infoview on the pages that have vertical images rather than having to photoshop in black borders to meet the correct horizontal aspect ratio. I want the images to stay in infoview and there not
  23. Essentially I want to have one page, my home page, different to the rest. Is there anyway to do this? I don't mean change the layout or what have you, I simply want this page to have all its aspects transparent. Such as Content Background, Headings Colour, Body Text Colour, so you can just see the background image and it acts like a home page. I want to be able to change the aspects of the page without influencing or changing the whole site... I am using the Momentum template. Cheers
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