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Found 72 results

  1. Hi I've been creating a website and managed to find a code to create vertical lines on my site. The code is .vertical-rule { display: block; width: 1px; background: #FFFFFF; height: 5250px; } I love the look on a computer screen but when I go to mobile view the lines block up the other images. I want the lines removed on mobile display but to stay on the computer display. Can anyone help me? I would be happy to provide my login details.
  2. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/ Hello, Is there a way to disable any zoom on mobile device? For example, when I look at my site sometimes I accidentally zoom in and it looks odd as attached! Site - https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/ Pword - bluebird Best, Faizal
  3. Site URL: https://venenpraxis-chur.squarespace.com PW Site: 6E-svB?e I have now created 12 Squarespace websites in German, and everytime I run into issues on mobile: longer words in headers are just broken off onto the next line. There is no hyphenation. Is there a way of activating German hyphenation rules (with custom code?) Cheers Dave
  4. Site URL: https://halibut-pelican-gm25.squarespace.com Hoping to be able to increase the height of images in carousel-gallery when in mobile view. Using Bedford, gallery appears in pre-footer on all pages.
  5. Site URL: http://www.jessicawisemanphotography.com Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with the mobile version of my homepage. I had previous help on here with some code to get my logo large enough for the web version as well as to have to colour white on the home page and black on all other pages which all worked perfectly for the web version. However, the code has been applied to the mobile version too and the logo is simply too big for the mobile version. This is the code I have used so far...... .header-title-logo img { max-height: 3000px; max-width: 500px; } .homepage .header-title-logo img {filter: invert(1);} As you can see from the attached photos below the logo overlaps my page links and doesn't fit in the space. It would be nice to have it a bit smaller to fit and not overlapping. Im not sure if this is possible but I would also love the drop down menu to be higher, more towards the top corner of the page rather than on the side half way down. But honestly that isn't the ain priority right now. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!! @tuanphan
  6. Site URL: https://www.lensflair.org/ My banner video plays normally on desktop but when viewed on mobile there is a crop on both sides of the screen. Does anyone have an idea on how i can make it conform to mobile (scale to fit screen size) instead of cropping it out? Or is it possible to have 2 different videos for mobile and desktop view. Thank you so much, ive been breaking my head over this. Cheers
  7. Site URL: https://www.justinphang.com/ Hey there! My current homepage (index page) display multiple images, is there a way to control the height of each images so that it can display more? Here's what I mean
  8. Site URL: https://www.karmick.net/ Hi, I just finished setting up my website (Karmick.net). It looks great on a desktop or tablet, however, on mobile devices the background image on the homepage gets cut off on both edges. How can I change the homepage background image to one that fits mobile screens better, but only on mobile devices? Thank you in advance for the help! - Karmick
  9. Site URL: https://www.karmick.net/ Hi, I just finished setting up my website (Karmick.net). It looks great on a desktop or tablet, however, on mobile devices the background image on the homepage gets cut off on both edges. How can I change the homepage background image to one that fits mobile screens better, only on mobile devices? Thank you in advance for the help! - Karmick
  10. Site URL: https://toilestudios.com/prefix/prefix-set-caffeine Hi guys, my product page works fine on pc/tablet (its on the stacked style on pc) but when I try opening it from mobile view it turns to carousel style and the carousel is showing nothing. Just a blank space which render my product page useless in the mobile view. Its as if I don't have any photos of the product. My Squarespace is the 7.1 version. Any leads much appreciated! Im at my wits end!!
  11. Site URL: https://cod-aqua-4bdk.squarespace.com Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to reorder my image blocks in mobile view. On desktop, the images are arranged as such (which is how I want it): βž€ ➁ βž‚ βžƒ But on mobile, the images are displayed in a different order (vertically): βž€ βž‚ ➁ βžƒ Is there a way I can force mobile view as this? (vertical scrolling) βž€ ➁ βž‚ βžƒ Help is very much appreciated!
  12. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/ I am trying to hide an entire section from my mobile device view, but still keep it visible in the desktop view. Is this possible? Please help! Many thanks.
  13. Site URL: https://www.puuseppakimmow.fi/ Hi! I am adding a Gallery section to my site's (puuseppakimmow.fi) front page. I manage to create a nice row of four images (grid: simple). But, in mobile all the images are displayed in column-wide, so the visitor has to scroll all four images to get to the actual content. Is it somehow possible to divide the Gallery section mobile view into two columns? I use 7.1 template. I would very much appreciate your help.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to increase the Banner Font in my mobile view only. It's very, very, small in mobile view, you can barely see it, but looks fine in desktop view. I read a few similar forum Q&A's and tried this code, but I must be doing something wrong because nothing happens: @media only screen and (max-width: 700px) {#collection-5de407418ca23e2f1db0bc3a {font size: 90px ! important;} } I used the chrome Block ID extension but the banner doesn't pick up a block #, only a collection # Can someone let me know what I might be doing wrong here? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://jp-papahale.squarespace.com/ HI there, I have an issue on my mobile view for slide-show. Somehow, there are too much spaces on mobile view coming up and can not fix it. Do I need to insert any specific CSS coding or anything I can change to fix it? Thanks.
  16. Site URL: https://www.loganreulet.com/ I've tried multiple codes in the forum, but no luck getting any of them to work. I have an asymmetrical image layout that i'm trying to maintain across mobile and tablet instead of defaulting to a single column of images.
  17. Hello, does anyone know a CSS code to rotate an image 90 degrees when screen is reduced to mobile view? Thank you
  18. Site URL: https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/portfolio/the-catalog Hello, I'd like the catalog cover images in the 3rd section of my page to display as 2 side-by-side images in mobile, instead of one image. Is this possible? https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/portfolio/the-catalog PW: NOTREADY100 Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://textorteam.com/closed-transactions site password: textor The table looks so funky in mobile view no matter what I do. Any suggestions? I used a 3rd party add-on to create table via squarewebsites.org and with all its "mobile" customizations, I still am having trouble. For now, the table in desktop mode is not centered or perfect either but I can fix that, just wanted to simplify for now while trying to solve mobile view. THANKS IN ADVANCE!πŸ˜€
  20. Hello I would like to disable the mobile view on my site since the homepage is built up with pictures in width and spacers etc to make it asymmetrical and i would like to keep this look on mobile devices. Anyone out there who could have a solution for this? I'm using squarespace 7.1
  21. Site URL: http://tidypants.com site pass: pantstidy I am having trouble making my quotes display in mobile view. Check out home page using desktop view, scroll down, and you will see images (same image) displaying in slideshow mode with quotes (using image captions). When you view in mobile, the quotes disappear. I would like them to appear on all views (mobile, desktop, tablet). This is mojave template. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hey there, I am having some issue with a booking widget (Timely) being unresponsive on mobile and tablet devices (please see screenshot). Can i please have some assistance with the CSS to fix this? Desktop view is perfect. Template: Brine Thanks Kristen
  23. Site URL: http://rosellanyc.com Hi all, I've been working on a site (not published yet) and I've finally gotten the homepage set and ready. However, I HATE the mobile view. I'm wondering if anyone has any help or suggestions on how to code for the text to be placed differently; as well as a different point of view on the bird. I envision more mobile than computer traffic for this site so it has to look it's best. I've already added a custom CSS code for media views like so (below) but nada. Any help would be greatly appreciated! @media screen and (max-width: 640px) {} @media screen and (max-width: 1024px) { } @media screen and (min-width: 641px) { } @media screen and (min-width: 1025px) {}
  24. Site URL: https://www.themarcuschung.com/ Hey there, first post here. Recently it has come to my attention that the words don't arrange themselves nicely when viewed on a mobile device. There are many gaps at right of the screen if the word is too long , making the blog look very untidy. i will emulate an example below. Would changing the template help? By β€œspending” time on these non-negotiables , the compounding effects will accrue to a healthier body through time. I emphasize consistency and dispassion because emotions are susceptible to change. Stay the course.
  25. Site URL: https://www.thewordlady.co.uk/ Ok I'm totally out of my depth on all types of code and I'm winging it massively. I have a couple of key issues that I'm really hoping someone can help with? 1. I found a way to use code blocks to create an image hover effect where the text disappears on hover and a new image is displayed (most examples have the text appear on hover, but I wanted it the other way round). Anyway, I like the way the 6 code blocks look on desktop/tablet – 2 rows / 3 columns but I can't get them to display as 2 columns for mobile (instead of stacked on top of each other). I would like 3 rows / 2 columns for mobile. 2. I've messed about with the original html code I found and now can't work out how to keep my text relative to the size of the image – so have set it at 30px or something but I think this means it's not contained inside the image on some screens and I want it to just get larger or smaller depending on the size of the image in whichever viewport is being used. I hope that makes sense? Just to give an idea of the level you're dealing with here – I don't really know the difference between html and css and am just faffing around and hoping stuff works. This is the css I've got and I honestly don't even know if I need all this or if I've just left random bits in from various different Google results... .overlay-image { border: 1px solid #fff; padding: 0px; width: 100px; box-shadow: 0 4px 4px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0), 0 4px 6px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, .3); } /* Main container */ .overlay-image { position: relative; width: 100%; } /* Original image */ .overlay-image .image { display: block; width: 100%; height: auto; } /* Original text overlay */ .overlay-image .text { color: #fff; font-size: auto; text-align: center; position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); width:80%; } /* New overlay on hover */ .overlay-image .hover { position: absolute; top: 0; height: 100%; width: 100%; opacity: 0; transition: .5s ease; } /* New overlay appearance on hover */ .overlay-image:hover .hover { opacity: 1; } .overlay-image .normal { transition: .5s ease; } .overlay-image:hover .normal { opacity: 0; } .overlay-image .hover { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); } .container { position: relative; text-align: center; color:white; } .centered { position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); } Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this because I'm seriously losing brain cells trying to figure it out. If anyone can recommend a really great coding for beginners course I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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