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  1. Site URL: https://daisy-ocelot-zdp2.squarespace.com/ I used the code from here to get my Horizontal subscription embed looking right, but for some reason it won't sit on the same line. I've raked through my code but I can't find what might be interfering?
  2. Hi all! Is it possible to automate adding emails from form submissions to MailChimp only when the person opts in through a checkbox field I added asking if they want to be added? Please see this contact form example: https://lindsaymcgowen.com/contact I added the opt in question to the very end of the form. I've been scratching my head about this for a while so any insight would be very appreciated!
  3. Site URL: http://www.yogalateslondon.com I need to embed a form from Mailchimp to collect email addresses but I can't figure out how to add this as a pop up (coming up when people scroll 2/3rds down the page). I know how to do this with the general code injector for all pages on my website, but how do I add this to just one page that's selling a specific thing? I don't want the pop up on all pages, just one page on my site. When I add it to the individual page's 'advanced' section it only offers it as an option for the header, but I'd like it to pop up further down the page while they are scrolling. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm using mailchimp as my main email provider. When someone goes to the checkout page and submits their mail without going further (giving personal info, card numbers, etc...) I can't see them anywhere as them being subscribed.. When they input their mail and press "continue" shouldnt they be subscribed immediately? I have attached a picture below for a better understanding:
  5. Site URL: https://www.grantlantalawn.com/contact-us Hello! I'm looking for any help with setting up automatic email replies when a customer uses our contact form. I understand Zapier/Mailchimp can help with that? If one of these is free that's great otherwise happy to pay. Thank you very much! Grant
  6. My goal is to use MailChimp to send an automated email reply when viewers enter their email address into a Squarespace form block. The list dropdown in the Squarespace forms does not contain the campaigns I have created in MailChimp. The accounts have been integrated together. Is there a different way I need to set up the campaign in MailChimp so that when I go into the Squarespace form storage list, the campaigns will appear? Thank you.
  7. My goal is to use MailChimp to send an automated email reply when viewers enter their email address into a Squarespace form block. The list dropdown in the Squarespace forms does not contain the campaigns I have created in MailChimp. The accounts have been integrated together. Is there a different way I need to set up the campaign in MailChimp so that when I go into the Squarespace form storage list, the campaigns will appear? Thank you.
  8. My goal is to use MailChimp to send an automated email reply when viewers enter their email address into a Squarespace form block. The list dropdown in the Squarespace forms does not contain the campaigns I have created in MailChimp. The accounts have been integrated together. Is there a different way I need to set up the campaign in MailChimp so that when I go into the Squarespace form storage list, the campaigns will appear? Thank you.
  9. Site URL: https://www.akrogoniaios.com/ I have setup a custom form (Product form) to collect some information, and collect a survey response before downloading (or buying) the digital product. How do I connect this form data to a storage such as Zapier or Mailchip?
  10. We need a simply website for our nonprofit Jewish genealogy society with less than 100 members and very little traffic. We need fillable forms for membership and mailing list signees. Is there a mailing program similar to constant contact or mail chimp? We also have a newsletter. Ideas on a squarespace program that will assist in our newsletter online mailings. Thanks so much Leah
  11. Site URL: https://extremecommunitymakeover.org I am working on connecting my custom domain to MailChimp. I have been given the CNAME & A Record information. However, when I go to add these to my squarespace DNS settings. However, keep getting Error message: DNS Record Conflict. I have gone through trying to identify the conflicts, looking for similar types of records or records with data that might conflict. I don't see it. Mailchimp instructions states the following for CNAME & A Records: Copy the following value into the CNAME record named www for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If this record does not exist in your DNS settings, create it. Do I replace the current CNAME on with the one they provide? Copy the following IP address into the A record for extremecommunitymakeover.org. If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide. I have four A record IP addresses - do I remove the all and add the new record? Screenshots of the DNS Records are attached. Really looking forward to some help and advice. TIA
  12. Hi all, I'm making my first Square Square site, and I'm really enjoying it! Everything is running smoothly, except one thing, I cannot find a way to add some information on my three Squarespace forms to make mailchimp segment working properly. I've made some screenshoot, since my english is basic, it could be much easier 🙂 On my first screen cap (in French, sorry…), I added an hidden field on my form and added an value to test (01). I can see the name of my hidden field in Mailchimp, but since it's not working, I guess I'm doing something bad here. Is it the "good" way to achieve this? Tons of thanks in advance. - Simon
  13. Hi everyone, we are considering setting up email marketing for our websites. The online reviews of Mailchimp tech support make me worry a little ... does anyone here have first hands experience with them? TIA!! https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.mailchimp.com
  14. Site URL: http://www.asarodger.com Hey Squarespace community, Just checking in to see if there's been a removal of the integration with MailChimp? I recently tried to add an email block and only got the choices of using Squarespace emails or collecting to a G-Drive Sheet. See screenshot attached, there used to be an option for mailchimp, but it seems to have disappeared. Curious if this is just me, or if the partnership/integration has ended? Cheers! Asa
  15. In my newsletter form it is not showing mailchimp as a storage option. It also displays an error message for Google Drive. please see screenshot included.
  16. Site URL: https://www.makesense.games/funnel Hello community 🙂 I have 2 different sign-up forms in my squarspace that i would like to connect to 2 differents mailchimp lists. They are connected like a chain : the first one is for non-vip, than the 2nd one (with a 1$ reservation) is for the VIP. Both lists receive a specific newsletter : they can't receive both. i need to split the subscribers in 2 groups (or 2 tags). The only thing squarspace allows me is to choose between 2 mailchimp audiences, which is problematic in mailchimp. Mailchimp told me it need to be solve by a developper. Any idea how to do this? thanks
  17. I keep getting error emails of mailchimp-squarespace connecting You have an unsaved Form Block submission Your most recent submission to the "Subscribe" form on Cristina Arango didn’t save to your storage method (Mailchimp List). This may be the result of a connection issue between your site and your storage service. I have follow the troubleshoot and doesn't work Please help!
  18. Hi there, My client wants to use an opt-in subscribe form on her new website. She uses Mailchimp free version and has already an existing audience but these contacts were added manually in mailchimp. I read that you should only use empty mailchimp audience to connect your storage to squarespace. Does this also apply for an existing audience without having a subscribe/newsletter block? I really appreciate your help on this! best, Hanita
  19. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com/ Hi friends! We have a site where we are showcasing artists across a variety of styles and price points for unique commissions. Currently, in order to get in touch with an artist, we have a button at the bottom of each artist page (product page) connected to a squarespace form that will be sent to me. At this point, I would get in touch with the artist. However, to better automate responses and track orders, we would like to create the form in agile crm or mailchimp instead and then have a button linking to that external form. However, I cannot find a way to connect a button or form within squarespace that will be linked to either agile or mailchimp. Do I need to add custom code? Any help would be appreciated! The site has not yet launched, so is still behind a password - Tealcanvas0202 Jay
  20. Is it possible to pass a product's tag through to mailchimp in order for new customer to start receiving the appropriate automated sequence or campaign? Would this be better handled using Squarespace's email marketing tools? Thanks in advance!
  21. Site URL: https://www.moonswordbooks.com/ I post lengthy (1000+ words) articles on my SquareSpace site weekly. I have it linked up to MailChimp so that when something new appears on the SquareSpace site, it gets emailed by MailChimp to the relevant audience, using the RSS feed system. This all works fine. In MailChimp, when you put the merge tage RSSITEM:CONTENT into the email structure, it's supposed to pick up an excerpt of the post, defaulting to 500 words. In fact, it just sends the whole thing, no matter how long. I have searched online and I am not the only person to have this problem, nor have I seen much indication that anyone's found much of a solution. While I work on that end of things, however, it seems to me that maybe I can resolve it on the SquareSpace end. In the Options pane for each post, I can create an excerpt manually. If I could send this through MailChimp, with their "read on..." link going back to the post itself, that'd solve my problems and be much more readable anyway. But MailChimp does not have--or doesn't indicate, anyway, an RSS merge tag that will pick up the Excerpt text from SquareSpace. Can anyone suggest some code which I can substitute for RSSITEM:CONTENT in MailChimp to pick up the Excerpt instead of the total body text? Thank you!
  22. I downloaded/exported my mailing list from one of my Squarespace websites to import to my other Squarespace website. When I try to import I get screen that says "The first column of your CSV must contain at least one email address." Shouldn't the Squarespace system be downloading in the correct format that they require? I don't know how to edit a CSV to reformat.
  23. Site URL: http://www.oldish.com I am using the free version of mailchimp to send out an automated email to subscribers to let them know a new blog post is up. I want to only show the first image, title and an excerpt of the blog post in the email. When I choose the excerpt option on mailchimp, the whole blog post is still showing in the email. I have tried putting some copy in the excerpt option in the Squarespace blog but it messed up the blog format. Does anyone know how to only show the title, the first image and an excerpt in the mailchimp platform?
  24. Hi, I want to be able to send professional-looking emails to subscribers (if I get any!🤣🤣) but I was wondering what the best email platform is. Any recommendations? Thanks. CharlieBrown
  25. Hey all, was just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to integrate Mailchimp subscriber numbers as an auto-updating figure on a Squarespace website? Most likely as part of a code block, eg. to have a section that says "Join (x) subscribers on this list", where (x) is the number of subscribers on the list.
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