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  1. Hi there, I have tried for some time to add an existing (verified) Google Business Profile Listing to a client's site and the screen freezes at the square after allowing me to get as far as connecting the google account associated with it and clicking on "allow". I have tried troubleshooting with the following: -Waited and tried again in a few days -Tried on various browsers -Logged in, logged out -Verified emails, admin privileges, etc. -The site is live -Tried on various computers -Tried instead to just add a new business listing (this did not work either) I have successfully done this before, but I feel like there must be some update or something I am missing?) Thank you for any help or insight!
  2. Hi All – hoping for direction or a solution to the following workflow I am trying to implement in Squarespace Scheduling. Specifically, the Location field that appears in the Initial Confirmation, Reminder, Cancellation, Rescheduling & Follow-up emails. I require the ability to select from multiple location options when responding to a client. Currently I have setup 3 Appointment Types with the possible location options as listed below. 1. Google APM Coaching – location will be Google Meet link only 2. Connection Call - location can be either Zoom link or Phone Call 3. 1:1 Coaching - location can be either Zoom link or Phone Call Any suggestions on how I can accomplish??? Thank You
  3. Hi there, I started my Squarespace site in the UK and paid an annual subscription there in GBP. I have now moved home to New Zealand and I have found my website hardly comes up in relevant searches on Google (I am one of four New Zealand based Live Wedding Painters). I have changed my website location but analytics show that I am only appearing in UK based searches for this service. I tried to add a second domain with a .co.nz but Squarespace does not support it I would love any help or advice on this!
  4. I am very limited with knowledge of web design. This will be obvious with my question. My page links are displayed in the header and footer. Unfortunately, in the header, the page links are on the right as well as the shopping cart. They overlap. How can I remove the page links from the header leaving only the shopping cart? There is a slider I can click to remove the shopping cart, there must be a slider somewhere where I can remove the page links instead. Thanks,
  5. Hello, I have 3 hair salons that can have different services and prices. I would like my client to be able to choose the location and then the type of appointment on the Acuity appointment page. Is this possible? Thank you
  6. I'm having trouble finding the answer to this question. I'm building a second location for a client website, and I need to insert a snippet of header code (hreflang tags) on a per-page, per-post basis, both in individual blog posts and individual portfolio pages. Of course there is nowhere to add injection code to these in the page settings panels. Can I just drop a code block onto each post or page, and then label the hreflang code in some way that signals its placement in the header code? Thanks for any help you can offer! –– Cooper
  7. Site URL: https://hillaryjordan.com/TOUR I'm doing mostly virtual events these days, but I can't seem to get rid of the map in the location section. And deleting the location doesn't seem to be an option in design-->site styles in v. 7.0. My events are held all over the country, so I would also like to add a P.S.T., C.S.T. etc after the event time instead of having to put a separate line in the copy. If anyone could help I'd be grateful!
  8. When adding an image to a Gallery Page, showing a building we've built for example, in Image Settings/Location, should it be our company's address or is using the location of the building pictured help in some way?
  9. Site URL: http://www.toddhessbldg.com/ Hi there, I am trying to delete the address from the homepage of this website, but I can't figure out how to do so. I think it's quite an old site, but I'd love any suggestions for removing it. When I hover over it, no edit button pops up and clicking it just leads to the map, obviously. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, Can you anyone help, if it's possible to have some feature, like the below on a squarespace website? if yes can you please advise on how it can be don. I do not have a URL to share as i have not started working on the site, but trying to figure out the best platform to use.
  11. Hello, I am a developer looking to customize the URL or location of an appointment based on other data in the appointment form. As an example, say would like to add ?appointmentType=initialConsulation or ?startDate=1-1-0001 to the end of the URL that is generated in the "location" part of the appointment? The reason I want to do this is that I have a script on the page that will check for these query string parameters and update the page accordingly. I have looked through the API documentation and it looks like I could achieve this by having a webhook on the scheduler that will fire for each appointment and then I could make an api call to update the location with my new URL. I don't really like this solution because I would then need to maintain a resource is Azure or AWS to ingest the webhook and make a subsequent request. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure attached to my solution so if there's a completely different way to accomplish what I'm trying to do, I'm all ears.
  12. Can anyone help me with this issue? Every time I pasted a normal URL from my Vimeo video into my Squarespace video block, it kept saying:"Unable to locate content" then it wipes the URL blank. I have removed and re-inserted the video block again and again to no avail. Any help is much appreciated, Ronald EDIT: the problem lies with my Vimeo setting. I changed the embed permission to 'Anywhere'.
  13. Site URL: https://cykelfiket.se Hi! I need some help to use the mobile information bar with both location and opening times but for two or more physical locations. We're a bike shop with two stores and our customers likes the information bar, so removing it due to the fact that it's only showing one stores location is last resort. Is there a way to add more places for businesses that has two or more physical stores?
  14. Site URL: https://www.jedensvetkosice.sk/ Hi, I wanted to ask whether the following things can be customised in individual event pages: change the language of days to Slovak change the font of event location change text "tagged in" and "posted in" change the language of days to Slovak of the next day For example on this page: https://www.jedensvetkosice.sk/program/filmovy-workshop-pre-deti Thank you!
  15. Hey! Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I did a search and couldn't see anything. I've created a map for my client via Snazzy maps (he needed something with a lot of location markers so the normal map widget wouldn't suffice). He's now asked if it is possible for the users GPS location to be displayed on the map when someone is on the page. I assume it's not possible as there's no option in snazzy maps itself. But wonder if there's a way around that as it's basically taking google maps and adding a skin to it. Cheers, Ian
  16. How do I add 5 rooms to my business for scheduling? I added one room but can’t see how to add multiple rooms.
  17. Hey all, I've got a client who needs a real estate photography website. He would like to add in an address form for his clients to input the address of the property that he will need to shoot at, but he wants the address to autopopulate as they start typing (typical google autogenerate). I've tried everything up to this point but it seems I may be using incorrect code - does anyone have any insight into adding an autogenerated address block in a SS site? Thanks in advance!
  18. Site URL: https://magnolia-sepia-scxn.squarespace.com/ My site is just a single page with one code block in it at the moment, but have hit an early snag, my site has a location field, which gets the location of the device and fills it in as a google maps widget, it works fine when accessing the site directly but within SP it never gets the location, I see no error messages or prompts to allow access to location. Is this something I need to turn on / give permissions to in the setup.
  19. Hi everyone - I am creating a website for the company I work for. Our website is hosted by a company that we aren't really happy with which is why I am trying to make the switch to SquareSpace. We currently have a search to find dealers and installers for our product. You enter your zipcode and get contact info for all stores/contractors within 50 miles. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to acheive this?
  20. Site URL: https://www.fitbarstrong.com/ I want to be able to adjust the "Cart (X)" font on desk top and mobile, and I want to move the "Cart (X)? from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. I may also want to change to an actual ICON, although I think I have seen code for that. Using Fulton / 7.0 I would also like to adjust the background color of the block. See attached, Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://www.christopherwilhelmiphoto.com/birds Hello, In a Gallery page (link above) I have the Page Header (with the locations where I took the photos and the equipment I used) and below it all the photos. In the bottom of the page I have the Footer (which is the same in every other page in the website). I would like to relocate the Page Header UNDER the gallery and ABOVE the Footer. Not sure if this is possible in a Gallery Page. In the first image attached you can see the Header that I want to relocate, and in the second image you can see where I want it to be. Thanks for your help! Chris
  22. Hi, I have a client that wants a city to dynamically show on a landing page. I have looked at embertribes answer, but I am having difficulty getting it to work. (See here https://blog.embertribe.com/how-to-personalize-your-landing-pages-dynamically-based-on-location) Has anyone done this on their SQSP site and If so can you share the steps?
  23. Site URL: http://armadilloboulders.com Hey all - I run a climbing gym in Texas, and we are about to open a second location in a nearby city. I would like to transition our current website to be able to cover both locations, and easily toggle between locations to get info relevant to the different location. Essentially two different sites, but with a menu button or header link that connects to the other location. I haven't been able to find an elegant way to handle this, and haven't found help searching the forums or web. Any help or being pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://burgundy-lime-jfgk.squarespace.com/store/p/edm-essentials-vol1 Website Password: producerhaven I'm trying to move the audio player so it looks something like this. Maybe I'll place it under the product title even but if I know how to move it at all I'll be able to figure out how to place it in different places. Right now it's at the bottom of the page. Any help is appreciated!
  25. Hi--Is it possible to setup more that one location in a calendar? I only see the ability to setup one location in the following: Availability > Calendars > Calendar Settings > Location. Thanks
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