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Found 45 results

  1. Hi! Please help I'v tried every code i could find in this forum but i can't seem to get rid of the lines under links (portraits fasion & beauty and lifestyle & commercial work). Any suggestions? I'm using Brine in 7.1 and the text is a medium heading. See screen dump. Im in trial mode so don't think i can share url without password but here it is: https://tetra-watermelon-pw42.squarespace.com/config/
  2. Hi, in navigation menu I have Folder with pages in it, normally Folder wasn't clickable only submenu so few years ago I have added this code in to the folder title to make it clickable: <a href="/indoor-moebel">INDOOR</a> and it was working flawlessly till yesterday. On Brine template now opens up first page in a folder and on Supply template it does notting as it is by default... Please help I really need this click trough function!!! Thanks in advance
  3. I have a blog with several posts. When create a summary block and choose the blog, everything previews properly but the image thumbnail is not clickable. I want people to be able to click the thumbnail and go directly to that post. The title is clickable but I do not want to display the title. When I am on the dedicated blog page the thumbnails ARE clickable but I not in my summary blocks. I am using the brine template. Thanks for your help.
  4. So here's the scenario, my website using the hudson theme has a nav bar where some of the links are folders. In the past, the folder titles are clickable because I added "a href=/page">Page</a> . It suddenly stopped working. Does anyone know why and how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, I have the Clarkson template and I'm trying to make it so that the logo doesn't do anything. The idea is that these websites will basically be in kiosk for in front of doors. Any help would be great. www.cumcwfsignage.org thank you!
  6. I need to make my folders not link to the first page in the folder. I don't want anything to happen when the folder name is clicked on. I've looked through the forums but nothing has worked for Bedford. Help please! Thanks!
  7. I run a podcast as a part of a blog I host on Squarespace. As a result, I regularly link to external URLs on my Squarespace blog. However, it seems I can only link the post title to the source URL and not the thumbnail. I'd like to be able to link the post's thumbnail to the external URL as well. Currently, when people click the title, they end up at the correct content, but when they click the thumbnail, they're sent to an empty blog post. Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? Someone else seems to have brought up something similar in November:
  8. Template: Forte Hi all, I setup folder links using <a href="url slug"> to link to an alternate menu, but they have since ceased to work. Thinking that it might have been some issue with the relative addresses, I have tried using external addresses to no avail. Ling.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know how to change the colour when hovering over the links on my portfolio page? Thanks! Coral
  10. I have a folder in my primary navigation with 3 drop down options. When you click Navigation title for the folder it automatically takes you to the top page in the folder. I wondered if anyone had a way of linking a separate hidden page so when you click the navigation title it doesn't take you to any of the drop down options but a separate page.
  11. Hi, I'm facing some difficulties when I try to add a Vimeo video to our Cover page : https://www.hoth.is/ Vimeo video is under 40 sec and it works with another video from same account. Only with one exception; it displays a video player icon on top of the video - which is not preferable. It's a Vimeo plus account. The video is not coming up on other peoples computers when it's linked to our Cover page. The video that works is this one on Vimeo: video 1 The one that will not display on other computers than my own is this one: video 2 Summed up: We want to display the second Vimeo video on our cover page, - and without a video player icon on top of it Any input or suggestions? Thank you in advance -
  12. I did a chat with squarespace but I am still struggling. I am trying to create multiple pages inside a page. I was told about anchor links and adding links. I created a text box and did a link (called new page) and created it I then created another link but now I don't know how to link it to its own page so I can create it. I clicked on new page again but it just sends me back to the first link I made. I need to make 26 extra links. Can someone dumb this down for me. I read everything online but I feel confused. Thanks
  13. Hi, I am using the Wexley template on my website joshakatz.com I would like to know how to enable the site navigation links at the top of the page while in Lightbox mode and also to know how to enable captions when in Lightbox mode. I found a bit of CSS script that added the captions but the links I've created in the description of each image are not clickable when it's in use. My photography is mostly of bands/musicians and I use the descriptions to link to their personal websites.
  14. I'm trying to build a portfolio site, but am frustrated. I want to have thumbnails on the home page, showing various sections of the site. When a user clicks on the thumbnail, they will go to the main page for that section. Once there, they will be able to see the images for that section. I want to have the images appear in large format to show detail. I don't want more than one image per page due to concerns about the time it takes to load more than one image. So, I want the visitor to be able to see all of the images by clicking on right and left arrows on the current image. Any help/suggestions will be most gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, can any one help with some code to remove the thumbnails links from the bottom of every page in the flat iron template (Other than the index page) The old forums seems to have the answer to this but SP have deleted them! Thx!
  16. Can we please get a way to link the folder title so it doesn't go directly to the first page in the menu?? Heck I'd be o.k. if we could just could just kill the link altogether. This should be a common feature in 2019/20.
  17. Hello, first time here. I am using the flatiron template, and I don't want to have a page linking to each image.. instead just the images displaying, without links. Is it possible? (want to do a general work page, just images). thank yoU!
  18. I would love assistance on what should be the simplest thing ever, but as my new trial and experience with SS is proving, SS has gone out of its way to make this difficult and inaccessible. For the template I selected, I would be very happy it keeping it as my landing page, however the only problem is that as a gallery, it wants to connect directly to the sub-breadcrumbed albums (or only) blank page therein. Is there a way to just change the URL link for that ONE link so it instead routes to a page on my main navigation? I spent a while with the live chat and they said it was not a possibility. Like I said, I am new to SS, but this is such an asininely easy thing to just toggle on/off WYSIWYG for that individual page. Am I missing it? Would really not have to start from scratch and find a new site hoster, Alex
  19. Hello! The index page of my site (Clay Template) has multiple anchors allowing users to navigate to different parts of the page from the main navigation menu. The anchors are titled #mission, #facilities, and #contact. To get to their locations from somewhere other than the homepage I've added the full URL to the navigation link, ie. pvactx.org/#mission, etc. This is not working, so I'm writing here to see if anyone has any suggestions. Website is https://pvactx.org Thanks in advance!
  20. Is there any code that allows one blank page with an image to link to another blank page with an image with navigation arrows? My reason for not using gallery pages / blocks is they do not allow for caption text below the image, only as hover which looks clucky and outdated.
  21. Howdy I used to be able to do this on other Squarespace templates so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong in 7.1. I've got a folder with two pages in it, and I want the folder itself to be a link to the first page in the folder. I've tried adding <a href="website/about">About</a> into the navigation title but that's not working. Any tips?
  22. How can I change the colour of underlines for the entire site to #C3B581. Including heading underlines and link underlines https://cube-dogfish-ly5w.squarespace.com/contact Password: ironwood
  23. Hello.. I'm using the Wexley template.. card block.. and it won't let me add a link to the text next to the image. I've done this plenty of times and never had this problem. I highlight the text, click the link symbol and normally a little box comes up where I put the link - however nothing is happening when I click the symbol/no box appears. I've tried on Safari and Firefox with no luck + have double-checked that pop-ups aren't being blocked in case that was the problem. When I highlight text on a different card (that I set up last month or earlier) the link comes up to edit. Is this a temporary problem or am I being a dummy somewhere..? Thank you :)
  24. Hi, I'm using Brine Template and would like to change my links in the text to bold. I couldn't find it in the settings. I tried this css code: a:link {; font-weight: bold;; } however it changed all my links to bold, not only text blocks, but also links in summary and other blocks, which I don't want. Does anyone know how to make bold links only in the text blocks? Thanks in advance!
  25. Index pages with anchor links to the various sections of the index are a very common website setup nowadays. Unfortunately the anchor links do not work correctly on mobile. In my case, when clicking an anchor link doesn’t close the menu and scroll to the correct section. My idea of solution is to add a click event. When clicking the anchor link, the mobile navigation will close. But this function still not work at my website. Can anyone tell me is that anything I did wrong? My website: I-kinball.org (pw: treats) reference website: riverstonedigital.com (mobile version) This is the function I added: <script> //Anchor link fix function anchorLinks(){ Y.all("a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item").on('click',function(){ Y.one('body').removeClass('is-mobile-overlay-active'); }); Y.all("a.Mobile-overlay-folder-item").on('click',function(){ Y.one('body').removeClass('is-mobile-overlay-active'); }); } // DOM Ready Y.on('domready', function(){ anchorLinks() }); //RSD Mutation Boserver wrapper function RSD_init(){ anchorLinks(); } // add watch function to window.onload window.onload = RSD_watch; // watch function to look for page changes using Mutation Observer function RSD_watch() { MutationObserver = window.MutationObserver || window.WebKitMutationObserver; var mo = new MutationObserver(function(mo) { var moCount = 0; for (var b = 0; b < mo.length; b++) { var c = mo[b]; if ("attributes" === c.type && moCount === 0) { RSD_init(); } } }); var options = { attributes : true, attributeFilter : ['id']}; mo.observe(document.body, options); } </script>
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