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  1. Site URL: https://oliviagavoyannis.com/ Hello, I want to remove the links on the images on my main blog post page so that users have to click on the post's 'read more' or title to go to the web pages I have linked rather than a blank blog post. Does anyone know how I do this? Thanks so much!
  2. Site URL: https://www.living-rivers.eu/ Hello community, I implemented a multilingual site using advanced code (https://www.bradgood.net/articles/multi-language-content-on-any-squarespace-template) and need to know how to make the footer links work properly. When I select the Impressum or Datenschutz links, both EN and DE menu items appear in the top nav. Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Site URL: http://www.yimthai.com.au/ I am using the Marquee template, and I have two "links" in my site navigation, which link to an external website in a new tab. It seems that my template automatically styles these links similar to a button, with a background colour behind them, and a smaller font. However, I can't find how I can change the styling of these links. I have searched the Design > Site Styles, and in the navigation there are only options to style the "page" navigation items, not the "links". Any help would be much appreciated – surely this can be done through
  4. Is it possible to link to a portfolio sub-page? For example, if I have an image on my home page and I want it to link to a portfolio sub-page, is that possible? The sub-pages don’t show up when trying to establish a link, so would it mean manually inserting the url once the site is live? Or am I missing something? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  5. Site URL: https://whitprint.squarespace.com Hello All, We're on 7.0, and there is something I don't quite understand: Say I use the Link Editor to create a page link that looks like "/alpha/beta". Will that link be updated dynamically when the page whose URL is "/alpha/beta" is changed to "/alpha/gamma"? It seems like there are times when it does and times when it does not, and I am not sure why. Do links to different types of pages (Layout, Product, etc.) behave differently? Thanks.
  6. Site URL: https://lychee-lanternfish-y5ft.squarespace.com/ I need to change the url links on all of my products in the shopping cart. Right now, they link back to the product, but I need them to link back to the page the product resides. (My actual product page should not be visible to visitors) I have about 40 product links I have to treat similarly. See attached images for more info: The "photography" link circled is the link that needs a different url (but all products do, as well) The image with the camera is the current link: /dyo/p/photography The image w/ th
  7. Site URL: https://fish-sailfish-58dj.squarespace.com/ How can I change the project links on a 7.1 Hover Background Portfolio to custom links? I want the project titles on this page https://fish-sailfish-58dj.squarespace.com/home2 To go to https://fish-sailfish-58dj.squarespace.com/weddings etc I have tried adding <a href="weddings">weddings</a> to the project title but it kills the styling and the hover effect. I have also tried URL mapping from /home2/weddings to /weddings but that doesn't work either The password is Golcar for the test site
  8. Site URL: https://reed-sawfish-m2k3.squarespace.com/home-3 Hi there, Having a couple issues and hoping the community can help. I've scoured the forum and frankensteined a bunch of code and running into a wall. Goal: Using Gallery:Grid Simple (See image #1) - Hover over image, caption centered, and clickable to link to another page. Issues 1. After hovering over image, white overlay is not aligned with image. Overlay starts at the center of the image and uses the caption from the incorrect image. 2. Would like to change the font size and typeface. 3. Image is n
  9. Site URL: https://www.%20anybodysautos.squarespace.com My website is going to showcase a gallery of featured vehicles from local car dealerships. What happens if the dealer sells that vehicle and takes down their product page? I'm betting that they don't actually delete those pages, but I can't count on them having their own redirect. Is there some kind of code that I can use on my website to avoid a 404 error when my link is about to take a viewer to my client's deleted page? Ideally, a viewer would click on a gallery image on my website, and if it's about to go to a deleted page
  10. Is it possible to add multiple links or buttons on top of a single image? I've got an image I want to use as my navigation, but I can only add one link. I tried chopping up the imaged into different blocks and add them individually, but then they don't line up. Is there no way to do what I'm trying to do in SquareSpace? Or is there some CSS code that would help? Thanks in advance
  11. I am trying to add links to specific blog posts on other pages within my site. When you create a content link, you only get a list of pages, included the blog list pages. This is great, however, I am working on translated versions of individual blog posts and I want to cross link them. Right now I have to go to the page in another tab, copy the link then use it to link the text. Is there not another way of getting a list of posts in a blog that you can just select instead of having to go through all of those steps?
  12. Site URL: https://krill-grasshopper-kdzd.squarespace.com Hi Everyone, Just wondering if I could get some help with css code to get the text/content links I have created in the footer section of this website to sit centered (rather than the text sitting to the default left alignment as it currently is). Password to access is AU2020 This template doesn't have the footer menu option like some so I have had to create it using Content Links instead. Any help much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Site URL: http://www.gkaperth.com/ Hi all, On my website, I have a link (Company Profile => English / Chinese) which when clicked on opens a PDF in a new window. Is there a way to instead provide a download / open prompt? Also, after clicking on the link, rather than returning to the last page, whist the PDF is opened in a separate window, it changes to a generic Squarespace 404 page; "We couldn't find the page you were looking for." Ling.
  14. Site URL: https://beatnk.squarespace.com/thanks?password=trust Before posting I've searched to see if others are having the same issue. I see a couple of you actually are having the same issue, but I'm not seeing this has been answered. I'm using a stock cover page on Mojave (Brine fam). The logo in the upper-left isn't linked, and there's not an option to add a link. https://beatnk.squarespace.com/thanks?password=trust Is this a bug or a known issue?
  15. Howdy I used to be able to do this on other Squarespace templates so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong in 7.1. I've got a folder with two pages in it, and I want the folder itself to be a link to the first page in the folder. I've tried adding <a href="website/about">About</a> into the navigation title but that's not working. Any tips?
  16. Site URL: https://www.formworkllc.com/ The long and short of it is that we need more than two buttons on the homepage... which I was able to pull off by adding a contact form, but I don't want it on the left – should be on the right. So, then I tried changing from buttons to nav links, but those don't look like buttons and I can't figure out how. I looked through the forums with no luck, so asking now.
  17. For some reason, the Pulaski theme is automatically lightening all my links when they're hovered over. This is the default functionality. Normally this would be fine, except that I've decided to customize my links and buttons on hover. Specifically, I want my links and buttons to turn a certain color when hovered over. Whatever color I choose automatically gets lightened by whatever default Squarespace is applying. How do I override this default?
  18. Site URL: https://www.enpleinair.nyc/shop/palo-santo-tee-ash-grey how do you change the link color in PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE Description? Currently the link color shows as white against the white background. https://www.enpleinair.nyc/shop/palo-santo-tee-ash-grey p w : epa2020 thanks in advance!
  19. Site URL: https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/pub-quiz Hi! I am trying to stop the images linking to the blog posts as they are just to display brands. I know I need CSS something but I am VERY new to this. I was also wondering if there any way to have the carousel move automatically as well? I know- there's a lot happening here. Cheers! Here is my site: https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/pub-quiz
  20. Hi, hope to find a little help here. I have no idea about coding... I tried to set anchor links - linking from the main navigation (placed a "link" instead of a new page) to a special block at the home page. I followed all guides to this topic so far. But it seems not working right. By clicking the link in the main navigation it's loading a while and then just the top of my home page is shown. It's not scrolling down to the section I want to. I've read in the guides that it should be useful to enter the website url and page slug before the specific id in the code. I've t
  21. Hello! The index page of my site (Clay Template) has multiple anchors allowing users to navigate to different parts of the page from the main navigation menu. The anchors are titled #mission, #facilities, and #contact. To get to their locations from somewhere other than the homepage I've added the full URL to the navigation link, ie. pvactx.org/#mission, etc. This is not working, so I'm writing here to see if anyone has any suggestions. Website is https://pvactx.org Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, in navigation menu I have Folder with pages in it, normally Folder wasn't clickable only submenu so few years ago I have added this code in to the folder title to make it clickable: <a href="/indoor-moebel">INDOOR</a> and it was working flawlessly till yesterday. On Brine template now opens up first page in a folder and on Supply template it does notting as it is by default... Please help I really need this click trough function!!! Thanks in advance
  23. Site URL: http://www.stevegallagher.com/ Hi, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction? So I have a section with-in my website called “CONSULTANCY” which directs you to a homepage, the current link takes you back to the” main portfolio website” on a separate page (under construction) What I would like to do, is make it so it open into a page where it doesn’t show all the categories on the left hand side from the original “main portfolio page” - Ideally would only like to see the Logo, CONSULTANCY tab (would like include a drop down folder section visib
  24. Site URL: https://coverkitchen.com/ Hi, All I am using version 7.1 and have come up with a good way to add a secondary gallery to facilitate navigation in a portfolio section, but need help to refine it. As you can see from the screenshots (Screenshot #2 illustrates what I would like to do) on the subpage of a portfolio section, I have added a secondary gallery section that replicates the portfolio section page. This gallery replaces the navigation arrows, with a far more practical and visual way to navigate through other projects within the same portfolio page, book covers in my
  25. Hi, I'm using Brine Template and would like to change my links in the text to bold. I couldn't find it in the settings. I tried this css code: a:link {; font-weight: bold;; } however it changed all my links to bold, not only text blocks, but also links in summary and other blocks, which I don't want. Does anyone know how to make bold links only in the text blocks? Thanks in advance!
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