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  1. Hi guys, I need to build a job board on my squarespace site which advertises jobs from external sites. It's basically a list of links which should be filterable by pre-defined tags and categories. I would like to display it in a similar style like the blog post summaries. Main requirements: - Option to add individual categories and tags - Redirect to an external page link when people click on the ad - Option to filter the job ads - No item limit -> I tried using the squarespace blog and the universal filter to build a workaround but it has a 30 items limit and it's also a lot of effort to administrate. I've also checked out the job board plug in by elfsight but unfortunately it doesn't have a filter option and does not allow me to change the button text or category names. Do you have a suggestion for a good plug in that I could use?
  2. hello. trying to add a colored hover link to text but it changes button too. is there a code to stop this? thank you!
  3. Site URL: http://www.cherrytreeinteriordesign.com I'm wondering if there is a way to make a simple list with cards and make the cards themselves clickable to another page (I use 7.1). I'm aware you can add buttons, but I don't like the way they look. I want it to look more or less like the attached picture. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://paigeowen.ca I want to direct my cover page logo to another page on my website, instead of having to create a button or action. I've read a ton of forums and no custom code is working. I'm using the wells template. I want the cover page logo: https://www.paigeowen.ca/welcome to link to https://www.paigeowen.ca/home Right now I don't have the cover page set to home because I can't get it to link so it's just a page. bonus if I can get the website logo to link to home as well instead of the cover page. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: http://www.waterfall-gallery.com Help me to... Option 1: Add a link both when clicking the image and on button for image blocks. In the default setting, I can only choose one or the other. Option 2: Add an underline on the hyperlinked text (Learn More). The Design setting for Image Blocks does not have option to show underline for hyperlinks. Please HELP!!
  6. Hi all, https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood I have a table block that I am trying to style. For some reason this code I have inserted does not target all links. The text "City of Casey" near the bottom should look and behave like "Endeavour Hills". The hover styling works but the link text does not seem to apply the #ff8500 color. Any ideas? .custom-table-block a:link { color: #ff8500 !important; } .custom-table-block a:hover { color: #ffa500 !important; } Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Site URL: https://www.wisdom2be.com/ I'd like to change the look of my hyperlinks to one universal color (on all pages). Presently, they lack presence. Ideally I'd like of of them on every page to be a dark red — and an added hover effect. I've included a JPG of what those links presently look like.
  8. Site URL: https://www.meshsecurity.io/ I want to upload a support guide (PDF) so that I can include it as a link in order emails that our customers receive. So the customer clicks a link in the email and it opens the PDF. Is this possible? So far I can only achieve this if I create a link and then drag it under the main navigation (I don't want this to be publicly facing). I know I can create a new page and then add the PDF as a link behind some text there - but that means our customers would have to make an extra click, which I want to avoid. Looking forward to your suggestions, Brian
  9. Site URL: https://www.thedailyassist.com Hello, I've tried to follow previous support posts about changing the link styling in the header and throughout my website. I would like to add a hover color + a color underlined under the hovered link, plus a colored underlined for the active page. All of the codes I have tried have not worked, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong? The webpage is currently password protected and can be viewed by using the password "thedailyass"
  10. Site URL: http://www.doodliostudio.com Squarespace homepage has this nifty link animation on mouse over. I can't seem to find a way to do this on my website. Is this specific to a style? Or perhaps to version 7.0? Apologies if this was answered in the past, I couldn't find it. If it was just link me to that thread and I'll take it from there.
  11. Hey, I'm only starting up my online business and I am going to run 1 workshop each month via zoom which i want to sell on my website. Do I have to use Scheduling if I only host 1 event a month that needs a zoom link? Don't really want to sign up to something that I really don't need. I do intend to have future monthly events live on the website for purchase, so ideally I would like to be able send out separate emails for each event? If the purchase email isn't customisable, is my only other option to set up my store with a digital download and include the link there to avoid me having to sign up to Scheduling? This is all new to me, so I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks
  12. Site URL: https://debrarbryson.com/ Hi Everyone, I have a quick question. I am trying to make the below text Privacy Policy & Terms of Service appear centered (ONLY on mobile), just as the Copyright © 2021 Successful Transitions, PLLC does. I tried writing my own code (in purple), but it isn't doing anything. What am I doing wrong? Does it have to be a different indicator since it is a link, not just text? @media only screen and (max-width:640px) { div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1629405178529_6127 p3 { text-align: center; align-content: center; } } Thank you so much!!
  13. Site URL: https://jeanetteryan.squarespace.com/config/ *****issue resolved it was some css that was causing this issue. For some reason, my text link is invisible. Not sure if I am losing my mind or what. The chosen font color of link is black right now but the text linked word is not visible at all. This is located in my product description (only one product). After the word, please, (refer to image)the word, email, should be visible and it's not. I also put a text link below somewhere that says view demo but that is not showing also???? Thank you! password: blix
  14. I simply need help making my home page background (cover page) link to another section of my website.
  15. Site URL: http://talisabaptiste.com/printsandmore Hi! I am trying to change the color of my category navigation titles in my shop. I am trying to use a custom code to change the color of the font and the hyperlink color when I hover over the link. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://innerelementspsychotherapy.com Hi there! I am wondering if anyone has custom CSS to add to change the color when the mouse is hovering over an item in a dropdown from the nav bar? Thank you!
  17. Site URL: https://www.parleycollective.ca/home Hi Everyone, Trying to do a home page similar to this: https://dept.llc/ You can see the centre is a text intro with clickable links to certain pages of the their site. I've mocked up something similar with still image gallery and we're happy with the aesthetic but now need to figure out how to overlay the a clickable text portions on top of an image gallery (after which where i'll remove the text you see on the image now as a placeholder) The idea is a texts underlined like Collective / Projects / Research are clickable. https://www.parleycollective.ca/home any help you give is great!
  18. Hi there, Quick question, I keep on getting asked by other businesses/ website owners to link to their site from my blog. I'm not talking affiliate links just links to other blogs/ services in related fields. Some people have even offered to pay. I know that external links can be really positive for SEO, but does anyone know if a poor link can be damaging to SEO? Luckily I'm ranking pretty well for my keywords on Google at the moment and don't want to do anything that could impact negatively. Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://pomegranate-badger-p3wd.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm trying to add a Shopify link / cart icon to my site header. So that when someone clicks on the logo, it will open up the checkout page on the side. Please see attached. Any ideas on this?
  20. Sorry that I can't provide a link, the site is under construction and this blog I need help with sits in a closed Member area. I managed to put the pagination on top of my blog (pic 1) but now need to put a small icon in the middle of the pagination (pic 2) that links to a overview site with the URL "/kursuebersicht" (German). If important for the code, the icon name is "navi_uebersicht.png" and it is 49x28px
  21. Site URL: https://seanxdesigns.squarespace.com/ Hello, I added a custom css on text (Heading 1) and I want to add a link in to it to open a new window and at the same time while hovering the text, the effects should be maintain on the text. I hope you guys can help me. Password: sean
  22. Site URL: https://www.woodstore.fr/ Hello ! I'm looking for a code injection that can work with 7.1 version of squarespace to put a search bar in the header. i've tried many different codes injections but none is working. Sometimes i have a search bar appearing but it's behind the logo on the top left of the screen and i don't remember how i arrived to put it a the right of the header but it doesn't makes any research if i type my keywords inside.. Can anyone help me ? :)
  23. Site URL: https://www.leaportho.com/schedule-a-consultation I am trying to add this custom link into the button so that the button will take the site visitor to the scheduler for my office software. The office management software gave me this link to use: <a href="https://www.anywheredolphin.com/forms/www.leaportho.com/t2gIDTgZ5E+JxjdOctQavg">New Patient Online Form </a But, when I put that into the button link, I lose the shape of the button and the display is this: The word display is active and can be use to schedule an appointment through my management software. Why do I lose the "shape" of the button when I insert that link? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi, I would like to ask if anybody knows how to make Link (overlay) that can affect Heading 2 instead of only affecting body text links. I want the "Learn more" text to be the same font as the ones above. But because the link colour overlay only affects body fonts, I am forced to use a different text to get the blue colour link overlay. If anybody can help, I'm greatly appreciated.
  25. Site URL: https://travelfullthrottle.squarespace.com/config/ Hi folks! I've generated a clickable map through https://imagemapper.pageballoon.com/#/ and swapped in my image source. The image appears on my page and when I hover over a linked area, my mouse changes, and I can see in the bottom corner of my page where the link will take me. However, I cannot actually click and be taken to a page. *Update: I can right-click 'open in new tab' but still cannot just click on the dang thing. I've tried entering it as a Code Block and as an Embed Block. Both provide the same outcome. My site is: https://travelfullthrottle.squarespace.com/config/ and the password is throttle. Any chance for some guidance? Thanks!
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