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Found 17 results

  1. Site URL: https://corn-apricot-zn88.squarespace.com/ i am having issues with Edge. My home page has an overlay of text that i supposed to be aligned with the logo on the left side. It works in Chrome but in Edge and IE it doesn't work. In Edge it is too far left and in IE the font is teeny. I have tried a few things like: _:-ms-lang(x), _:-webkit-full-screen, #block-4d7c97be77d43ef7bc95 { with CSS code changes here } but nothing budges it. PW is BA47. The code for the home page is the the header coding. HELP!!!
  2. Site URL: https://www.erateconsulting.com/ Hi everyone, I came across an issue when resizing my website using Chrome. On some screensizes (not all), the main navigation overlaps my logo instead of breaking into two lines. On the screen shot below my window is about half the size of my screen. Any ideas of how to fix it? 😞
  3. Site URL: https://www.davai.squarespace.com Hi all I am having some issues with a HTML code, that is supposed to change a image to another when hovered above. To access the page, you might have to use the password "davai" I have tried multiple solutions, but finally found one that actually worked (on one of the entities...) You can find it in the second section under "Kompetencer". As you can see, it works on "adgangsudstyr" when you hover the mouse above the image, but it does not work on the wind turbine over "Vindmølleservice" or "Overfladebehandling" The code i
  4. Hi all, Has anyone experienced the issue in 7.1 where images don't display? They upload fine, appear on the page, but then at a later date when the page is reviewed the image is missing and is replaced with an error symbol like in the attached examples. This happens across the website and in galleries and in stand alone images - sometimes when I upload the image again it works fine but then when I revisit the site again at a later date the issue is happening across a number of random images (either the same or new ones) Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks!
  5. I am developing a website using the Minetta theme (latest version). When I am editing gallery content blocks, the scroll bar in the pop up window for the gallery doesn't work. This means I cannot scroll down to reorder images in the gallery. See screenshot attached. I have tried on Firefox, Safari and Chrome on two different computers and no luck. Could someone from Squarespace Dev team please look into this? Thank you.
  6. Site URL: https://www.adjojewellery.co.uk Hello, The markdown section on my FAQ page doesn't work on phones, is there anyway to get this to work? Thanks
  7. Site URL: https://www.loxd.io/home-page/ Hello! I'm encountering an issue when I use safari to open my website. The pages loads up and then refreshes. I'm not sure what the issue is so I'm wondering if anybody has encountered it as well or it might be something with just my website and the custom code I'm using. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! PW: loxd
  8. Site URL: https://corkumcfl.org I have been running into an issue these last couple of days where I have been unable to edit content on any of the pages on my website. At first, the issue would work itself out after an hour or so, or I could just sign out and sign back in, and that would fix the issue. However, the issue has only gotten worse. I now have to open the site in another browser entirely to be able to edit anything, but that only works about 40% of the time. If I do not open the site in a new browser, and try to edit content on a page, I am met with a blue square around the block
  9. Site URL: http://cephtactics-dental.com Hey guys, Please can someone help?? There seems to be this additional text above the header section on the website...does anyone know why and how to correct it? Screen shot attached. Thank you.
  10. Hi, is it just me? I'm on the 14 trial period and have added some content to my site. The only thing is, when I've been editing I get a banner at the bottom nagging me to subscribe. When that appears "DONE" at the top left of the screen disappears which means I can't save the content that I've added. This is most annoying and makes me less likely to subscribe. I'm using an iMac and the browser is Safari. Is there anyway around this? Many thanks Kevin
  11. Site URL: https://www.adjojewellery.co.uk My website is currently on coming soon as my website isn't ready to go live but have attached screenshots as examples. Desktop and iPad are fine size but iPhone goes really small and makes all the writing looks huge. Also if you know how to make the image banner go all the way to the top of the header where the logo is that would be amazing! Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.courtneyjadeblog.com/ I have recently created two blog posts on my new website but the second one will not show the image on the blog home screen. Both of the posts were made in the same way & I'm stuck as I don't know how to get that image on the home screen next to the other one! Please help me
  13. Site URL: https://www.inhabitpilates.com/class-schedule Hey All, We are having a tough time getting Mindbody to load on our clients site without having to refresh the page. Essentially, when you click on the page https://www.inhabitpilates.com/class-schedule in the Nav- It shows up blank and does not load. If you then refresh your browser window- It appears. Any insights or tips on how to correct this issue? We have tried reloading the widget code several times. Mindbody does not seem to have answers either.
  14. Site URL: http://www.physo-arcus.com i am a bit disappointed, cause my lightbox form on my site has different font, color font, and button style as the rest of the page. the problem is, that i can not change it in style editor, cause that lightbox design seems not to be supported.. thats weird. anyone can help here? probably with a cosum code sniplet? thank you very much. mr.st
  15. Site URL: https://www.roostup.com/ I was making updates to my site and noticed that on mobile, my footer color comes up and overlaps most of the content on the page. I don't see a way to adjust this, as I can't select it as an element. Any ideas why this might be happening? Thank you, Alex
  16. Hi there I'm trying to add a hyperlinked image to a code block on a blog page (7.1). Immediately after the code block is another code block which appears in the CMS but not on the live site. Also, there is a second code block a text block of 3 paragraphs after the second code block. Every single word in the text block is appearing as a link - it's linking to the URL used in the code block. The code I'm using is below. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? TIA Jonathan https://www.jeju.plus/businessdirectory/cafesbakeries/ninebroscoffee p/w jejuplus <div cla
  17. On the mobile version of my site, on iOS, with Safari and Chrome, there is a significant delay between the time a link or button is clicked and the time the linked page loads. Sometimes the link doesn't work at all (randomly). When the link is clicked, the nav hamburger appears and then fades (menu not expanded though). If I click a bunch of times, it will sometimes work. Any clues? https://www.wayfarenursing.com/new-home
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