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  1. Hi, I'm trying to add variables to my shop. I am offering different print sizes of my art which works fine but I want to offer different mounted sizes of the same prints too butit won't work. I've added additional info but that doesn't allow the customer to use the cart and then paypal. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. So I created a product in Commerce/Inventory. It is just how I want it to look. I then created a store page. How can I add the product I already made in inventory to the store page? There seems to be no way to assign an already created product to the store page. I only have the options to add new products and start over.
  3. I set up the stock of my products in the SquareSpace store manually. When I went to look at my orders this morning, items are showing as sold out that should still show over 50 left in stock. I checked the order #s to confirm that the sales are correct. Why is my stock numbers resetting itself?
  4. I am trying to connect my square register to my squarespace website so that the inventory can be updated across the board when I make a sale. Suggestions?
  5. Site URL: https://www.thefriendsofACE.org Hi, Is there a way to customize the pop-up message that displays when the stock of a service is at 0? Currently, it shows the attached image but I'd like it to read "THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT - To add your name to the wait list, please email info@thefriendsoface.org" Is that possible? An example is when you click "add to cart" on this page: https://www.thefriendsoface.org/master-calendar/art-exploration-for-kids-wednesdays-85rel-xwezr-myggg-2hxaz-kj7gy
  6. I have a product with 12 different color options. On the physical product page in the inventory variant page it will not allow all of the options to be color, and also it only allows 6 options to be added. I am hoping to find another solution other than having to make 13 different product pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hoping someone can help me with this one. I've searched for nearly 2 hours and can't find the answer I'm looking for. I inherited a site that is poorly organized and doesn't use the many features around category assignments. I'm trying to reorganize, and use categories to align the products better. What I can't figure out, is how to assign an already existing product in the inventory area to a store page without creating a new product listing from scratch. Trying to avoid making duplicates and wasting my time. I can see how to assign a store page to a product when creating the initial product listing, but not how to edit 'Where' the product has been assigned initially. I can also see how to add a new product within the store page, but I'm not wanting to create duplicates of products. The site is currently using the template AVENUE on SQSP 7.0.
  8. Hello, is there a way to sort inventory on "All Products" by Sku, as opposed to stock or price? I want to update my inventory quantity. I'm aware you can update stock amount via the CSV template, but that includes a ton of other information I don't need to update, only stock. If I do it via the CSV template, can I delete all other headers except SKU & Stock, and will it accept the upload that way? I also do not need to update all products, so the export contains a ton of unnecessary information. Is there a better way?
  9. I'm hoping someone has custom code for this. The goal is to show the customer how many units of each LP we have available. Needs to look like this: https://vinegarsyndrome.com/collections/going-out-of-print/products/wnuf-halloween-special-terror-vision
  10. Hi all, I am helping a client manage their Squarespace store, and it looks like each time someone purchases a particular variant of a product, the inventory on that variant resets to 0. My client has tried switching the inventory to infinite as well, but it still resets to 0 whenever a customer purchases say, a size 9 pair of shoes (size 9 resets to 0 immediately after purchase, even when there is ex. 20 remaining in inventory), causing my client to have to manually re-enter the inventory number on Squarespace after each purchase. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? As I said, they currently have their inventory set to infinite, but that has no resolved the issue, and "infinite" -> "0" immediately after an item is purchased.
  11. Site URL: http://thirstydice.com Hi, I posted this in the wrong forum earlier and it was deleted, so I respectfully request to ask this again (this time hopefully in the correct plact): How can I use the API to assign products to a category? I have/will have hundreds of items uploaded/removed at various times but I can only see how to assign tags using either the Products API or the Inventory API. Categories are crucial to any online store, and I would argue that if the API is to be useful at all then it should allow category assignations like it does tags. I'm perfectly fine with adding categories before or after, but the ability to associate them with a product is pretty important. Am I missing something here?
  12. Site URL: https://www.audioexcellence.ca/ We are currently using Ecwid for our online store, but we wanted more customization overall. So now I decided to use the Squarespace commerce. I have added some test products to inventory to start off. But the issue is when I try to develop the store page itself, the products I made in the "commerce" -> "inventory" section does not show up in the "pages" -> "store" page that I create. any help will be much appreciated
  13. I would like to offer discounts to customers for purchasing over a certain quantity of a specific product (otherwise known as bulk discounts). When creating discounts, there isn't that option. I thought I could create a new product from an existing one and label it a "10 pack" to offer different pricing. However, I am running into inventory tracking issues. For example, if I have 50 wallets posted as one product and then subsequently posted the 10-pack of the same wallets but label it as 5 available, then the inventory does not track across the product. Someone could essentially by 5 (10-packs) and also 1 single wallet even though I only have 50 in my inventory. Is there any other way that I can offer bulk discounts while maintaining my inventory integrity?
  14. Site URL: https://matttyreeart.com I have the option selected to show SOLD OUT in the variant dropdown, but it's not working. It just shows the sold out variant the same as the in-stock version. You only know it's out of stock once it's selected and the message is displayed in the product listing. In the attached image, the 12x18 Full Bleed should be sold out. Is there something else I need to set up to have this work? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://wolverine-bulldog-2z5j.squarespace.com Thought I'd reach out to @paul2009 on this one: Any chance there is a way to set a master Unit Inventory for a Product and all its Variants (instead of being forced to set individual Variant inventories)? For example, right now on the site I’m building, I have a product (site pw: unique) I’m setting up, which is a room aboard a boat expedition in Alaska. So, that room is the resource of mine you buy. However, that room can be 3 different price points: the price of 1 adult taking up the whole room, the price of 2 adults taking up the room, the price of a 1 adult plus 1 child taking up the room. I’ve set these three price points as “Variants” to the product (because doing so allows me to avoid 3x the amount of Products and some other messes). The problem is that the minute I add Variants to my Product, Squarespace removes the master Product unit number, and makes me select unit Inventory for *each* Variant. In my case, that’s a problem, because I can’t sell 10 of each of the variants, I can only sell 10 of the master Product. This scenario seems to be suited for Squarespace's Scheduling, in that you can set a set number of Resources that applies to multiple products, however I went all the way down a pretty intricate Scheduling setup to arrive at a pretty backwards UX for my clients' clients in many other facets of the process. Commerce, on the other hand, creates a perfect UX for my clients' clients, except for this one issue of the master product inventory. This is why I am going through the effort of checking in. I reached out to Will Myers on this one, since I've enjoyed his plugins, and he mentioned he's heard this issue before as well from clients, and recommended maybe tagging you. If there is no solution, unfortunately I feel I may have to just break my Commerce strategy apart and not use this Variant method. SITE: https://wolverine-bulldog-2z5j.squarespace.com/ PW: unique Thank you in advance, Marisa
  16. Site URL: https://rachelsamek.com/shop Hi! My website is https://rachelsamek.com/shop I know I can hide all sold out items from the site, but I was wondering if it was possible to instead include links that say "available products" and "view all." I'd like customers to be able to filter out the "sold out" items, but still have the option to view them if they want. Is this possible? Thanks for your help!:)
  17. Site URL: https://www.lutband.com/store Hi there! I currently run a merchandise store from my band. How it's set up now is I have for example a T-shirt as one thing, and a bundle where you can buy both a T-shirt and an LP record for a cheaper price, but every time I sell on or the other I have to manually decrease the stock on the opposite thing. Is there a way to let's say; If I sell a T-shirt bundle, that it automatically decreases the stock in both things? Ideally three separate things: The bundle itself, the T-shirt and just the LP record stock. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.barras-blades.com/shop-front/p/blade-push I see an item which I 3D print so i try to keep a tight control on how many i have it is used for cleaning clipper blades I have an option so that it can be purchased with an oiling bottle for an extra £1 I have a massive pile of bottles so they can be treated as infinite (thank you aliexpress) But at the moment for example i only have 4 red ones the way i currently manage this is to have 2 with a bottle and 2 without which is 4 if someone buys 2 with a bottle then i will shuffle stock so i have one of each option is there a way so that i can have squarespace handle this automatically?
  19. I'm selling a digital product--book cover art--and I need to be able to limit the inventory so that each product is sold only once. But I can't seem to change the stock from infinite. Can anyone help?
  20. Site URL: https://www.barras-blades.com/shop-front/p/penny-purchase-order The basis of my company is that people send me a "something" or a collection of "somethings" I then sharpen these and then send out a cost for sharpening them if the customer hasn't told me what they are sending or if the cost is unknown as it is a repair To make this slightly easier I have a repair placeholder which creates an order number eg order 00069 To get an invoice out to the customer i must step outside the world of squarespace and either use my accounting software or stripe to send them an invoice In an effort to make life even easier i would like to send them a link to an inventory item on my website that is for example order 00069 with a few pics if needed as well as a description of what was done however i don't want this to be hanging around on my shop front page so is there a way of having items hidden from the general public but still useable if i send a direct link to the customer
  21. Site URL: https://testsort.squarespace.com/ Password: 1234 Hi, is there a way to auto tabulate the fields in blue from a separate Google sheet "onlydescription" ?
  22. Site URL: https://unexpectedmaker.com/shop/reflow-master-pro I get what inventory variants are for.. blue tees in small, medium & large - they are 3 unique stocked items, with individual stock levels. But that's not what my products are - I have a single items I sell , that have optional add-ons, for instance: Widget 1 is my base product, and I have 10 in stock I can sell. Customers can buy widget 1 buy itself, or with a case, or with an adapter, or with both. All have different pricing base on what they choose. But I still only have the fixed number of widgets. So when a customer buys widget 1 with a case, none of the other variations get reduced in quantity, so suddenly I have 9 widgets left in stock, but people can still buy 10 widget by themselves our with an adapter, but only 9 with a case.. This is a terrible user experience for me - I constantly have to go and update every variation of widget 1 every time I sell one of any variation, and if I have a sales spree - like overnight while I am asleep, I can over sell more then I physically have - which has happened to me many many times. Check the attached image of the total mess variants are for this situation - and I want to add more options, but it just compounds the issue exponentially! We desperately need a solution for this. Or, we need a way to have a product and "additional items at $X per item" - which is how most sane online inventory systems work.
  23. Hi all, I'd like to be able to allow customers to purchase items despite not having them in stock. We make 'made to order' jewellery with a small physical shop and a Squarespace store. We keep many items in stock, but other items we assemble when an order comes in (we let customers know that there may be a 2 week turnaround). Up till now, we've used the 'unlimited stock' option for items on Squarespace, but this means we can't keep track of the stock which we do have ready to go. Recently we invested in the Square point of sale system. One of the reasons for doing so is because Square allows to track inventory but doesn't prevent us from making a sale for an item we don't have in stock. We had hoped to use inventory management software to connect Square and Squarespace, but having attempted this with a few integrations, Squarespace marks the zero inventory items as 'sold out' and takes them off sale. Does anyone know if there's any way to allow Squarespace to sell zero inventory items, or to override the feature? Thanks in advance for any help!
  24. I have about 10,000 inventory items and I want to be able to import the into squarespace and associate an image location in the file so that I don't have to manually go in and assign each image to each inventory item. Any idea if there is a 3rd party or code out there to be able to do this?
  25. I have a client who wants to track the number of items sold - but here's the thing - he can only sell these items in their physical store, not online. He wants the website to reflect store inventory so locals know what he has in stock and to come Into the store, but online purchases will not be available. Is there a way to this up? Even if they're manually entering the inventory update at the end of the day?
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