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  1. I am trying to implement a instagram feed on a site. We were able to connect the customers personal instagram but don't have or see an option to change over to their business account/feed? Client says they only have one login to access both accounts? Has anyone run into this, know of a solution? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: http://www.doodliostudio.com Hello, I noticed my IG feed wasn't updating and I went to "Connected accounts" as usual to reset data and reauthenticate. However when I try to re-authenticate, I get the pop-up window asking me to allow access to Instagram, I tap "Allow" and I get this message: {"error":"Could not find the requested ExternalAuthenticationRequest with name: IJGoowwbq3gOgVu5uNw3n4E3yWwlGfJkLShaLWo_","notFound":true} Same happens if I try to connect a new account. I checked my permission on IG and Squarespace is allowed. I tried to do this in two different browsers and I get the same error. Any idea what I'm missing here? Help and thank you!
  3. I receive a "OAuthException" 400 error message when trying to link Instagram account to my website: Your account is connected to Facebook account, and your Facebook account's future off-Facebook activity is currently turned off. I have checked and reset my facebook's off facebook futuire activities and made sure it is on. Still receive the same error message,
  4. Hi there! My instagram account is set up to post / reflect updated posts onto my homepage as I make posts on Instagram but it keeps becoming disconnected some how. Does anybody know how to keep it connected? https://www.sweatbandrecords.com/ (scroll down to the tiled images that should be updating with each post I do) 🙂 Thank you! -T
  5. Hi, My Instagram feed is not showing up at all. It used to work fine and now it doesn't. My IG account is linked and 'pull enabled' I have also reset the data as well. When I click on the block it doesn't allow me to choose an account and has a yellow warning saying: There is no valid account connected yet. Select an existing connected account from the dropdown, or select Add an Account to connect a new one. I am unsure how to fix this issue or why it has happened so any assistance would be great as to why this is happening.
  6. Hi there I've linked my Squarespace Commerce site to my Facebook and Instagram via the integration data feed. Everything pulls through correctly bar the description, which loses all formatting and is condensed into one rather messy paragraph. Is there an easy way to fix this, please? Many thanks Chriss
  7. Hi All, Instagram is displaying well in a carousel yet is stretching anything that is not a square, primarily reels. Is there a workaround for this in squarespace? Anyone had issues with this? Screenshot attached. thank you for your help! Password is nancykissedapig
  8. Happy new year to you all! I need to link an Instagram account to my website so that I can automatically publish my blog articles on that account as well. I have already linked my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts but for some unknown reason I cannot link an Instagram account. I have attached the error message that I am getting every time I try to add the account. Is anyone able to help me with that matter ? Has anyone experienced the same issue ? Thanks a lot for your help ! Best, Ingrid
  9. Hi there I have an instagram feed on my website and Squarespace is pulling reels that aren't in my profile feed into the Instagram block. Is there a code to stop this from happening? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I need help removing a small space (green area in attached) that keeps showing up under the Instagram block when viewing on mobile. My site was created in 7.1. The space seems to get larger the smaller the screen gets. Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://www.cellerantconsulting.com/ Hello, Our company has two separate Instagram accounts that we want to add to one section of our home page. I have one added (at the bottom of the home page) however when I go to add the other account (both have separate logins) it logs the other one out. How can we have both showing on one page? Thank you, Stephanie
  12. Is there any way of changing the amount of instagram photos viewed on a mobile? If possible I'd like to keep 8 on the website but reduce it to 6 on mobile view
  13. Hey, is there a way to show on my homepage the latest tagged photos from our instagram? IG @sys.company Website www.ultra-complex.com
  14. I got some code from a web developer to take away the menu header and footer for an Instagram link page and it worked great except for the fact that it made my buttons turn to text only and I can't add lines. Would love and appreciate any help! https://homeownerhq.co/instagram Here is the code: <!-- Google tag (gtag.js) --> <script async src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=G-MTLGTBFXQR"></script> <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date()); gtag('config', 'G-MTLGTBFXQR'); </script> <!-- Remove the Header (7.0) --> <style> .Header { display: none; } </style> <!-- Remove the Footer (7.0) --> <style> .Footer { display: none; } </style> <!-- Remove the Header and Footer (7.0) --> <style> .Header, .Footer { display: none; } <!-- Remove the Header (7.1) --> <style> #header { display: none; } </style> <!-- Remove the Footer (7.1) --> <style> #footer-sections { display: none; } </style> <!-- Remove the Header and Footer (7.1) --> <style> #header, #footer-sections { display: none; }
  15. Help! I am only being given the option to link OLD products that I have deleted long ago to my instagram. I don't have a way to link existing products to a store or collection. I am at a loss and can't figure it out. Please help! Thank you so much in advance! Cat
  16. Hi there, I'm making a website for a music festival and I've linked the festival's instagram/facebook and mail to the homepage as well as to the contact page. I've made seperate pages for each band that's playing the festival and I want to link their social media accounts so when I added a social media block for one band, I checked the homepage and contact page and the social media accounts for the festival have been replaced with the social media account for one band. Is there a way to link social media accounts independently on each page? Hope this makes sense! Thanks
  17. Building a social media strategy can be tricky, but once you crack the code, it can be so helpful in building and maintaining a brand. Posting on-brand content for your community can help validate your brand as well as increase recognition and recall. What are ways you have found it useful to integrate social media into your website and brand? Share in the comments below!
  18. Hi there, Does anybody have custom CSS to have rounded corners on the image posts on the Instagram block? Thanks so much 🙏
  19. hello, is it possible to increase the number of posts in my instagram block? can i make it so there is no limit? www.be-with.org/honor thank you!
  20. Hi, how can I display Instagram Reels in the Instagram Block? Is there a CSS Code snippet that helps? Many thanks :-)
  21. Site URL: https://lily-smilodon-skf3.squarespace.com/ I have an instagram feed on my home page but I can not make the carousel the height I want. It seems to only allow for a very tall feed! I'm using 7.1 Thank you!
  22. Site URL: http://www.forestchaffee.com hello! i just added an instagram block to the bottom of my home page. the play buttons on reels are large and in the center of each image, which doesn't look good. is there code i can use to customize the play buttons on reels so they are small and in the corner of the reel? thank you!
  23. Site URL: https://steven.squarespace.com/test I don't understand why it's there. I double-checked the section setup and made sure that the block fills up the section completely edge to edge and top to bottom, but that pesky bottom padding still persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Site URL: https://www.andreaball.com/content I'm trying to embed Instagram videos from my own account on my website. I have successfully embedded videos from other accounts. I have Instagram embeds enabled on the Instagram app. When I add an embed from my account, it appears on my website in the wrong aspect ratio and as a link instead of an embed. Any other settings I need to adjust to embed Instagram videos from my own Instagram account? Pictures attached. TIA!
  25. Site URL: http://www.rikkeline.com Hi I have a client who's instagram shop has disconnected to her website. The shop is still visible but as a browser when you click on the product link it says not available. I've looked into the settings in her Facebook Business account but it's very confusing and I'm not sure how to fix the issue. Can anyone help? https://www.instagram.com/_rikkeline/ thanks Myf
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