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  1. Hi, I'm on 7.0 with the Five template and would like to find a way to enlarge the thumbnails that sit underneath my main product photo on each product page. They're currently quite tiny. I was able to find another thread regarding this, but the solution didn't work on my site, unfortunately. I'd appreciate any suggestions/CSS - thanks! https://hettieroberts.com/holiday-shop/mn-ornaments
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some help with the product details pages on my web store. On mobile, I'm concerned that users may not notice that the images are scrollable when the black left/right arrows are against a dark background. Good example: https://catherineamesbury.com/shop/p/bella-pearl-bracelet On the desktop site there is a list of tiny previews of each image, which is perfect. I would love to have something like that on mobile if possible, but as far as I can tell there's no such feature built into the template I'm using. It also occurred to me that it might be easier to just add a faint white box around the arrows, as is default when the section format is set to Wrap, Full, or Half. I'm quite keen to keep it on Simple though as this looks best on desktop. Many thanks!
  3. Hi there, I would love some assistance to figure this out. I am using Bedford. In a poster image, the text looked fine on desktop, but was cut off in tablet and mobile views. I figured out to adjust the font size to work for the tablet view. However, when I adjust the font-size for mobile, it appears lower in the image and is cut off. How can I adjust it so the entire text appears over the image? I am attaching an image of the mobile view (cut off text) and also the tablet view (text visible). Thanks so much!
  4. Hi! I'm using Squarespace 7.1 (https://www.magdalenaolechny.com/), and I've recently noticed that site visitors cannot right-click and save images that I put in image blocks (e.g. here: https://www.magdalenaolechny.com/wanderers). I used said blocks because gallery doesn't have the option to display each image in its original aspect ratio, so I just manually arranged image blocks. It's very important to me that art directors would be able to save images displayed this way. I've found a similar question but it's dealing with images displayed in a gallery block and that doesn't apply to my website: Is there a custom CSS code to enable right-clicking on block images? Thank you so much for your help!
  5. I am needing to access server files for things like a banner image. Does squarespace really not allow users to access files at a server level via ftp, server file management resource tools, ect? How does an individual download site resources that we upload for preservation or transfer? I have never encountered a service like this which is so closed off preventing its users from conducting basic site management thus I am lost. Is there a way to at least gain SSH access via Linux? Edit To Post: While I still would like to know if there is any server access as per my above questions... I did find a work around albeit a very clunky one. Open an alternate browser which is not being used for "development". Go so the site, simply right click to view image in browser and save. It is very tedious if your site is large, luckily the one I am working with is small. As long as there is no image protection enabled this will work with banner images, .ico files, and other image media albeit again... very clunky and time consuming.
  6. All the header images stopped displaying. Nothing was changed, and now nothing is displaying. When I try to edit to header, the image is still there. Images follow the image guidelines and were displaying fine for months. I've been reading forums and help guides and cannot find an solution to our problem. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. Hi all, In Design -> Product Items -> Aspect Ratio it gives you just a single option. The problem that I'm having is that some images on a website i'm building are (generally) either 4:3 or 3:2, shot natively on different cameras. Is there a better way to address this so images maintain their original aspect ratio and don't follow this setting? I found this post and some code: .summary-thumbnail-image.loaded { object-fit: contain !important; object-position: top; width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; position: static !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .img-wrapper { position: relative; width: 100%; height: auto; padding-bottom: 0px !important; But it doesn't affect product details page...see attached screenshots. Thanks for your help! J
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to create this feature please? I'd like to add a small window with text that gives more info about the image when you click on it (but don't want it to go to a new page) . Thank you!
  9. Please see the image attached. - The section with images is a gallery block - First text block is actually a jpg image. - I would like gallery to display four images including the first text image when the page is viewed on anything that is 993px or higher - Display six images, including the first text image, when it's viewed on anything that is 992px or lower. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi there, anyone know if there's a bit of code, or a work-around, for having a different number of gallery columns between the desktop or mobile presentation? I'm using the 'masonry' grid and if I change the column count it effects both presentations. Thanks, Mike.
  11. Site URL: https://oliviagavoyannis.com/ Hello, I want to remove the links on the images on my main blog post page so that users have to click on the post's 'read more' or title to go to the web pages I have linked rather than a blank blog post. Does anyone know how I do this? Thanks so much!
  12. Hello! I am not sure how and if this is possible but I am trying to create an image slideshow that would only serve as a block and not a full page. I want to create a page with multiple accordion blocks and the images on its side be a slideshow with multiple images. Is this possible? Thank you!
  13. Hi fellow Squarespace users, I,d like to get help on setting up a hover effect to this gallery block here on my homepage: https://www.neynarhm.com - What I intend to do upon hovering is either: 1. the image can be darker 2. the image can turn into grayscale, like this one here (but no need to be moved up): https://www.victorberbel.work No 2 is the ideal one, but no 1 only is fine. Anybody knows what I should do on the CSS setup? Thanks for the help!
  14. Hello I would like to ask you for help with my shop page I currently use the SIMPLE setting but would like to switch to HALF, the problem is that the images look huge. I attach screenshots thanks for your help
  15. Hi there, my customer wants a team section, showing all team members with foto, name and title. Because the team is big we need a solution fur structuring the members into 3 different groups. Is there a possibility to filter it like they do here: https://www.t-knife.com/about/#frame0 or is it possible to arrange the portrait+title within an accordion, which is standard only for text content. Are there any plugins out there to get what I need? Any ideas out there? Thanks a lot!
  16. Choosing images for your website can be a fun, yet daunting, task. You need to decide how you want to present your brand to potential customers. You can choose to keep your website imagery focused solely on your actual product, or open it up to some more varied imagery. Showing people and faces in your images can be a powerful tool. They can serve as visual cues so that your visitors will ‘look where they look’, guiding visitors through your website’s information. This kind of image can provide context for your products, or even lend more authenticity to your About or Testimonial pages. Others can find the inclusion of people and faces distracting, particularly if the images are very obviously staged stock photos. Where do you land on using people in pictures? Have you noticed their impact or lack thereof? Share your learnings in the comments below!
  17. Hi everyone, I'm trying to change the layout of my "product detail pages". For now, if I upload multiple images it stacks them in a single column (making the page very long). Ideally, I'd like for one image to be large, with smaller images to click on underneath. I know this is the default feature on other templates, but I'm not sure if it's possible to achieve through custom code/CSS? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hey, Good Evening I am looking for a way to make the 1st section background media on my Homepage fill the height & width of the visitor browser window dynamically. I want the first section media to resize as the window size changes, in imitation of the homepage of https://grailwatch.com Site URL: https://sartori.squarespace.com
  19. Hello, Is there a way to change the background image for each of the pages on my site? Ideally, I'd like a different image for each page. "About" would have a specific image, "Fiction" would have its own image, and so on. I've done some digging, but haven't had much luck. Thank you! site: www.catlynladd.com template: Aviator
  20. I'm using black-and-white illustrations for a client's product images. A sample of the original artwork is attached (Envelope) and one of the updated versions that I altered in Photoshop to be blacker so they stand out better (Envelope group). Both files are 3508x2480, 795KB. They look fine until I upload them then they look rubbish. The link takes you to one of the product pages. Anyone have any suggestions about how I can get the web versions to look better? Thank you!
  21. Hello SS Forum! Has anyone worked out how to make folders in the image 'My Library' section - it'd be great to put all images for each website you create in subfolders..... any ideas would be much appreciated - TIA, Angie 🙂
  22. Hi, I'm struggling to get my middle footer to look tidy in mobile; Ideally i'd prefer the newsletter sign up to come first, then the collection of logos (Houzz, Declares, SBID, diversity). Currently the logos come first, and fill the whole width on mobile. It would be great to have them sitting in a row of 4, but a 2 x 2 would also work.
  23. Hi everyone! Today I'm trying to do the following thing to my website. I want to put 3 words just next to the footer, actually, it's working without problem already. The problem comes when I try to see it on mobile. I have a different image just for it, with the deescalated resolution, and fitting perfectly, and it worked without problem on the homepage, but what about the others? The website has 3 different pages, called "Discierne", "Conoce" and "Ser Trinitario" also the Home landing page. The code I've used to change the background from the homepage desktop's version to mobile's version is the following: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ body:not(.view-item) #page .page-section:nth-child(3) .section-background img {opacity:0 } body:not(.view-item) #page .page-section:nth-child(3) .section-background { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6358e737b6bd2b0a7e5c543b/t/637f2f20ca58bc0709564e62/1669279520834/1try.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; } } If I repeat this line of code to change the other 2 pages I already need to change, the change get's shown in the whole website, so the main problem is to do the "desktop to mobile conversion" without affecting the whole sections of the page. Hope you can help me, thank you so much
  24. I just redesigned my new page yesterday and stumbled onto the cool image filter settings. anything else interesting I might have missed? thanks! grant
  25. Hi, I'm still in the building stages of my site and I've been trying a few codes from this forum to try fix this issue, but none seem to work. I'll be using this images block across my site, but it leaves a big unneeded padding gap at the top of each gallery. Is there any way to reduce the padding?? Any help would be great.
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