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  1. Site URL: https://bymaza.co.uk/shop Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows how to make product items wiggle (or other effects) like on this website? https://www.blazedwax.com/shop (PW to page is Chunky123) Thanks, M
  2. Site URL: https://kamu.squarespace.com/ There seems to be a greyish/blue overlay. You can see it at the top of the image. No matter where I go, I cannot remove it. It looks to be the background showing through. I am newer to squarespace, but have been a hand coder for years. I have attempted to Save as a .jpg (made sure it was pure white before exporting it in photoshop) Save as a .png (made sure that I turned off the transparency) The template I am using is Colima. This has happened before on another theme and is extremely annoying.
  3. Is there any way to zoom our or change the position of a photo in a cover page without custom CSS? I'm using the Flash cover page template and my photo is cut off. This seems to happen no matter what photo I use. I have tried resizing the photo (and may have just not resized it to be smaller/bigger enough). I have also tried other photos, and they all have this same issue. There is no option to use the Focal Point parameter, like similar questions suggest (e.g. here), and custom CSS (like this thread suggests) requires paying additional monthly fees which frankly I'm not motivated to
  4. Site URL: http://silverstrand.capital Hello! On the mobile version of my website I have my partner logos all in one line, but on mobile version they become bigger and stack over each other. Is it possible to add a code such that all the logos remain small and in 1-2 lines in mobile? I am so frustrated that I cannot edit the desktop and mobile versions individually. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. So please bear with me as I'm a novice when it comes to CSS or any of this. I've been trying to google answers for the past few hours now to no avail. Essentially I'm just looking to have 1:1 images, with a title and a description, stacked in 2 columns on mobile. A gallery grid does basically what I want on desktop and mobile - but doesn't show descriptions. A summary block does it too but stacks one image on top of another and when I have 60+ images, it becomes a huge scroll. I have not been able to find solutions to either of these issues so if you have a solution to either instead it'd be
  6. Site URL: https://www.alexnoriega.com I just changed my background image today, back to one I've used before. My issue is that I'm being served a 1000px heavily-compressed version of it that looks like shit when I load the site. All regular images (thumbnails, images viewed in lightbox) are totally fine and look great, but the background is terrible. I inspected the element and here's what it's serving as a background: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5755d322b654f9b7a7138680/1606350861458-8WUULLI98145H7NVJL2W/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kLkXF2pIyv_F2eUT9F60jBl7gQa3H78
  7. Site URL: https://raccoon-salamander-dgyf.squarespace.com Hey y'all, so I have lightbox anything set up to display an image gallery when a user clicks an image on the Collections page (password for the site is highfashion, if you want to take a look. I need a way to integrate some kind of magnifying glass or an image zoom that follows the cursor within the lightbox, any ideas? Cheers! @tuanphan, any help? 🙏🏽
  8. Site URL: https://vanilla-apricot-sjab.squarespace.com/benelux As seen in the linked project, the top image is significantly darker than all the following ones (scroll down a bit to see the difference), even though the export settings were all exactly the same and uploaded to the site in the same way. What is causing this?
  9. Hi All, I am looking to create a team page with the same effect as this page has - https://www.conducthq.com/about-us/. Would like to have one picture change to another when you hover over it. I know squarespace can only do this with custom code. Can anyone help with this or point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Sandra
  10. Site URL: https://helicon-mackerel-9k6a.squarespace.com/ Hello, I have followed rebecca's tuto to edit all the background image on mobile. When I do that it seems to work well but the issue I have is that mobile images keep disappearing. The link generated with the custom files for the images to not redirect to an image. It looks like Squarespace remove that image from the custom files. What should I do to solve that problem? Here is the code structure I have used for each section where I wanted to show a new image @media @mobile { /* Insert Code for Mobile Below This Line*
  11. Site URL: https://smith-and-meade-template-2.squarespace.com/portfolio Hi there, I've seen a few posts about this but am not sure if it's the same issue. But Ive been having an issue with the image of the first listed project on my portfolio page. I'll duplicate it, and it will stay for a few days, then disappear again. Are there any solutions for this? Could this be a conflict with some of the custom css? https://smith-and-meade-template-2.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: Smith&MEADE Thank you
  12. Site URL: https://www.samanthamadeo.com/brandkits How do I increase the padding around my title in this overlap image block? I want to have the color background behind the title, but the text hits right at the edge. Can I add more space to make the title easier to read?
  13. Hi, Is there a way to have my image above my copy on a tablet in the same way as mobile view? I'm using the Brine template. My website is https://www.jdglover.co.uk/home Thanks so much. Jennifer
  14. Site URL: https://www.friendsofdevilslake.org/ We would like to add an image of our president's signature to our donation receipts, but the stock editor does not offer an "insert image" icon, nor an opportunity to edit the code. Is it possible to add an image to donation receipt notifications? Thanks! Nick
  15. Hi, I am using the brine template... I want to target and control the size of a specific image when changing between desktop, tablet and mobile. The image is the logo 'tbk' and sits within a banner at the bottom of a page. The size of the logo is perfect when in desktop mode, too small in tablet mode and too large on mobile. Is there some custom CSS i can add that will allow me to control the sizes for each. See images attached. website: tbktest.squarespace.com Thanks in advance. Dan.
  16. Sometimes I want to use a previously uploaded image in a new blog post. As I have a couple thousand photos on my site, it is impossible to simply use the scroll bar in the image upload dialog to search for the image. Is there any more efficient way to do this?
  17. Site URL: https://www.superpowerss.com/ Hi, I have created a code for all the headers and for header for the images and it dosent show up on mobile. What would be the code for that? thanks!
  18. Someone asked this in another question-I'm trying to recreate a gold button as pictured (without the icon), but can't seem to get the coding correct. This is what I have so far... .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--large { padding: 10px 15px; text-shadow: 0 .5px 0 #959595; border-shadow:0 1px 0 #909090; } When I create text filled with my gold foil image, I use the following code. So I'm wondering how to merge the two concepts to have gold font and a gold outline. //Gold Text// background: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d49bbc0fd8be40001ace1ad/t/5d6593728c
  19. Hi there, Does anybody know how to add an image inside a drop-down menu? I have 2 header navigation folder items and would like to add 1 image on top of each one. They will be displayed next to each other, horizontally. Ideally I would also like the image to redirect to the page in question. Many thanks in advance, Clara
  20. Site URL: https://therobertpaulgroup.squarespace.com/home On the Services section on https://therobertpaulgroup.squarespace.com/home, I am having trouble scaling the icon images on mobile. They look fine on desktop (below) but I cannot figure out how to retain a max width on mobile. Below are mobile (horiz) and mobile (vert) I am attempting to mimic the styling seen on The Markam Group, which retains scale and position across desktop and mobile: https://www.markhamgroup.com/services/ So far I've tried the following code (with proper block code
  21. Site URL: https://pineapple-maracas-sd82.squarespace.com/home Hi! I am wanting the circle image in the third section of the page to overlap the section above it, so it sits between the two. I've tried targeting the image with css but have not been successful. Could someone offer some advice?
  22. Site URL: http://www.vidadoulas.ca Hey There, Website images look great on desktop, but when viewed on mobile, they are cropped in so you can't see the whole image when looking at the banners. I had a look at the forum and tried some custom code, but doesn't seem to work on our site. I would love any help to get it so the whole image can be viewed on the home page, but also our services pages as well. Thanks so much! Shea
  23. Hello Everyone, I have no real experience coding and I want to ensure the image seen on the desktop view is roughly the same size on mobile. How can I do this?
  24. Site URL: https://www.ryansmulholland.com/writing/job-guide Does anyone know if there's a way to adjust images on a blog post so that the images span a wider length of the page than my text? I'd like my images to stretch a bit wider, but I'd like my text to remain at the current width. I need to make my images a little bit bigger and would love to find a way to do this without also expanding the text.
  25. Site URL: https://ezechielphotography.com/ Hi guys, I had help with the custom CSS of this page a few months ago by a forum member (thanks again!). Now I added a new image to the before 6 images on my front page. How can I change the custom CSS code, so that further images will be included as well? Thank you all, Ezechiel
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