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Found 62 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/ Hi Guys, I have added code in my header to link my folders in my navigation to an anchor on my homepage as I have created a one pager. Only the blog ,contact form and from Lomi Lomi in the dropdown of massages all goes to its own page. The issue I am having is ....It works at first as you will see when you go to the site https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/ but as soon as I Click the Logo to go to homepage and try and click on the Header links (Say I go to the About page, it says "This folder does not contain any pages."). Its also not linking on mobile at all. Did I add something wrong in my code or am I missing something. <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.11.1.min.js"></script> <!-- Redirecting Testimonial on nav --> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/testimonial"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#testimonial-home'; }); }); </script> <!-- Redirecting About on nav --> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/about"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#susan'; }); }); </script> <!-- Redirecting Individualized Massage on nav --> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/individualized"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#individualized-massage'; }); }); </script> <!-- Redirecting Location on nav --> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/location"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#location-address'; }); }); </script> <!-- Redirecting Massages on nav--> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/rates"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#massage-rates'; }); }); </script> <!-- Redirecting massages page --> <script> Y.on('domready', function(){ Y.one('nav a[href="/massages"]').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.location = 'https://www.susanchalkermassage.com/#massage-modalities'; }); }); </script> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> function anchorLinks(){ Y.all("a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item").on('click', function() { Y.one('body').removeClass('is-mobile-overlay-active'); }); Y.all("a.Mobile-overlay-folder-item").on('click', function() { Y.one('body').removeClass('is-mobile-overlay-active'); }); if(!Y.one('.collection-type-index')){ Y.all(".Mobile-overlay-nav--primary .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:not(.Mobile-overlay-nav-item--folder')").each(function(){ this.on("click", function(){ var newURL = "http://"+window.location.host +(this.getAttribute('href')); window.location.href = newURL; }); }); } } function scrollToURLAnchor(){ setTimeout(function(){ if(window.location.hash){ $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $(window.location.hash).offset().top }, 600, function () { }); } }, 700); } Y.on('domready', function(){ anchorLinks(); scrollToURLAnchor(); if(window.location.hash != ''){ $('a[href*="#"].Mobile-overlay-nav-item').on('click', function(){ var newURL = 'http://'+window.location.host +$(this).attr('href'); window.location = newURL; }); } }); window.addEventListener('mercury:load', anchorLinks); window.addEventListener('mercury:load', scrollToURLAnchor); </script>
  2. I have a long set of T&Cs (in a pdf document) that I want users to confirm they agree to via a tick box before submitting a form. Is there a way I can insert a hyperlink to the text in the form editor? e.g. "Read T&Cs here"
  3. Site URL: http://www.awakenedtopicals.com Hi everyone, I'm using the Brine template, and I'd like to remove the underlines from the links on just one page. I'd like the underlines to remain intact everywhere else. I've done this before, but can't figure it out now. How do I do this?
  4. On my website when I click the Link button and apply the action. The text turns black and is thus invisible on my black background. Is it possible to alter the colour of the text after you apply a link to make it white?
  5. I am trying to edit the colour of any link text on my site - both in the navigation and on pages - using 7.1. The option doesn't seem available in site styles/ themes, which seems odd as it's a fairly basic request. I'd like the hover over/ active colour to be #01aef0. I would also like the colour to remain when you are on a page - so when you are on the About page, the navigation title stays as the hover colour as an indicator. Sorry I don't know how else to describe that! My site is carbonbuddyproject.org Thanks, Emma.
  6. Site URL: https://www.digitalsikkerhed.dk/ Hi I am using the Bedford template. As I could not find an option to create a collapsible drop-down menu I decided to create it through coding. I am no expert in this area though. Problem: I have successfully created the collapsible. However, when trying to create hyperlinks within the collapsible it simply won´t work. Here is an example of the coding of one of the click on options of the collapsible: <button class="collapsible">4. Undgå falske beskeder (phishing)</button> <div class="content"> <p>Vær særlig opmærksom, når du modtager beskeder fra folk du ikke kender eller når en mail/sms indeholder links til hjemmesider du ikke kender. Et besøg på den forkerte hjemmeside kan inficere din computer eller telefon. Læs evt. denne <a href=”https://www.digitalsikkerhed.dk/undg-du-phishing”>særvejledning</a> om begrebet Phishing.</p> </div> If further information is needed please let me know. I hope you will be able to provide me with some kind of help. Kind regards, LauritsCB
  7. "Links must be formatted as www.example.com or example.com" So how are anchor links managed now?
  8. Hello,I've pasted a long essay (with footnotes) on a single page in the Miller template. I’m anchor-linking the 25 footnote numbers to the corresponding footnotes at the bottom of the page. So far so good, BUT I'd like for readers to be able to click the number of the bottom-page footnote to return them to the original footnoted text. Is it possible to create a two-way anchor link (as with the red hyperlinked Kindle footnotes in the attached image)? Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://wespeak.bm Hey guys! I've got my hyperlink color set in the style editor which is working great across my site. I'm looking to change the color of a hyperlink in one particular (or maybe a few) text block(s) Any ideas? THANK YOU! Site: www.wespeak.bm Template: Brine family template
  10. Just want to remove the underline for text links on a version 7.1 site.
  11. Site URL: https://firstsignals.squarespace.com/ Hey, I set up a summary feed that collects my blog posts in one carousel. Most blog posts are from my own Squarespace site but there are a few ones that directly link to the Source URL (and this is important!) - however, I don't want my visitors to exit my website for a third party's, so I'd like to have the link be opened in a new tab. How would that be possible? This is what I mean, but in a new tab. Thanks in advance and greetings Bastian
  12. This post was closed to additional comments, but I wanted to add a bit of info I discovered. I am also using a Brine family template and onewheels had a great suggestion for applying the change to the entire site by going to Home-->Settings-->Advanced-->Code Injection and inserting code to change the link behavior of the Site Title logo. I made a small change that makes the code more universal. Instead of the complete URL, I used the relative link "/home" which is the URL slug of my home page beyond the Cover Page. I did have a small snag because Squarespace uses all lowercase for URL slugs and I had originally used "/Home" which threw an error. Check the URL slug on the General Page Settings for your homepage and use that. Here is the code I injected: <!-- point logo back to my "/home" URL slug --> <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> <!-- change the link on desktop --> $(document).ready(function () {document.getElementsByClassName('Header-branding')[0].href="/home";}); <!-- change the link on mobile devices --> $(document).ready(function () {document.getElementsByClassName('Mobile-bar-branding')[0].href="/home";}); </script> Just replace the "/home" with whatever URL slug is on the page to which you want the logo click to return. Thanks, onewheels, for the code!
  13. When I create a hyperlink, it underlines it and it is in black. How do I change it so that the hyperlink changes the font color of just the link to blue?
  14. Site URL: https://www.bfsbuilt.com I am trying to create an accordion (expandable section) to list vendors our business features, with each vendor listed linking to their website. Using this tutorial I have built the content out (https://www.itssevenone.com/tutorials-for-squarespace-71/accordion), but now I cannot get my links to open in a new tab. Each time I select this setting through the hyperlink options in Squarespace, it continually reverts back to opening links in the same tab.
  15. Hi guys, I would like to add a hyperlink to these Checkbox options. Any ideas? Thanks, Floris
  16. Site URL: https://menos.cc Hey! I have headlines with weird spacing I can't remove. I noticed these spaces appear only when adding hyperlinks to words - check my homepage on mobile mode for some example. The problem is mostly that a space appears even when the word starts on a new line, breaking the paragraph alignment. Is there a way to fix this through coding (or anywhere else)?
  17. Hi All, I’m working with the Novo template in 7.1 and trying to modify the portfolio page click through link for one of my sub-pages. The portfolio page automatically adds a hover effect on top of my preview image which I’d like to keep so I don’t want to build these using different page types. I’d like to just stop the link from being active. I saw that it might be possible with a pointer event tag but I’m not sure exactly how to execute that. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://menos.cc Hey! I was wondering: is there a way to customize all website's hyperlink styles? I wanted the underline to be a dotted line, is it possible?
  19. On the mobile version of my site, on iOS, with Safari and Chrome, there is a significant delay between the time a link or button is clicked and the time the linked page loads. Sometimes the link doesn't work at all (randomly). When the link is clicked, the nav hamburger appears and then fades (menu not expanded though). If I click a bunch of times, it will sometimes work. Any clues? https://www.wayfarenursing.com/new-home
  20. How do you change color of hyperlinks without affecting navigation links?
  21. Site URL: http://arsene.studio Hello, I show my services with videos. I want that when people clic on one of them, the browser moves to the related service page. There is no option in the video block to add a URL so it had to be done with a code. Any help would be great. Thanks, Leo
  22. Site URL: https://localdesigncircle.com/articles/posterjam-offbeat-typethursday-january Hello, I just recently published my website and connected it to a third-party managed domain. The problem I have is that the gap between the hyperlink text and the underline is too big, all of a sudden. Before connecting my domain it was all good, but now it's a big gap, that gets over the text beneath. I tried unlinking and linking it again with no success. Even for new added links the story is the same. I also tried to see if it's a problem with the text line spacing, but it's not. Changing it does not affect the gap. The problem even persists on mobile. Attached, you can find a screenshot with the problem. Thanks!
  23. I'm wondering if there is an option to create a link on the Squarespace templates that once clicked, goes to either: DropBox, Google Docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, or some other cloud based site. From there I'm looking to have people upload photos/video's, and once the upload is completed, then return them to the original site?
  24. Hello everyone, Recently I encountered an unexpected behaviour during design. Text links in page footer were showing lines under the text. These lines are specific to the footer content only and nowhere else on the site. I tried contacting the customer support but it seems they can't help me with this as this is beyond their scope of support. Can I anyone help me with this? How do I remove the lines from text links? Thanks in advance. (The attached image shows the text links with lines)
  25. I have setup a stacked gallery to display a process model. I want to remove the hyperlinks behind the summary blocks (see below screen grab). Can this be done? Cheers Matthew
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