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Found 113 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.tonymarzano.com On mobile only, all body text is displaying as bold, despite not being built that way. It displays properly (not bolded) on desktop. Example of issue on a page: https://tonymarzano.com/peace-tea Thanks in advance for the help. Desktop: Mobile:
  2. Site URL: http://rootstolimbs.com I have version 7.0 Montauk (Classic). I do not want the titles of my products or blogs to be the same font as the title on my site. I have been trying for hours and I can not figure out how to do this 😞 I know I need to insert a custom css code, but everything I have tried either does not work, or changes the font of my company's title as well. I would greatly appreciate anyone who can take the time to help. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: http://sircheddar.com Hello, this is the first time I am asking a question on square space. I am currently building a section of my site to display my videos related to my products. However, when you click on the image in the blog area, it takes me to a sub page of the website. I want to unlink the subpage, so that clicking on the picture doesn't take me to a sub page. I have tried looking at some other people who ask similar questions but their results and css codes don't seem to work for me. I am on 7.1, crosby style template.
  4. Hey guys, I'm building a website which will need to function as a directory for a local town. It will be showing what's on along with reviews, maps etc and subscription options (ecommerce) So far, I am finding only wordpress examples... https://athemes.com/collections/best-directory-wordpress-themes/ Would anyone know of any themes that would work similarly to the above wordpress ones? OR would it have to be fully custom coded? Thanks very much, Katie
  5. hello there me and my family run a small bakery which opens every Friday since we are a small business we would like to use square space in order for our customers to preorder the items so we will have a rough estimate on how much of each item we need to make my question is: is it possible to use square space to preorder without using a creditcard and without shipping right now we are doing it with google docks and its really feels like hell thanks ~itamar84
  6. Site URL: http://www.maryalices.com Hi I included the link of the current website but the website I'm working on right now is here: https://plane-mayflower-pn38.squarespace.com/config/ Is it possible (especially the second image on the slider) to make it look like the balloons are floating and not cut off like the original site? I feel limited in the slider settings but maybe I am doing something wrong!
  7. Hi guys, been with squarespace for a very long time and I have only come across this issue right now. Its only now that i have decided to utilise the search bar on this website i am developing, but I am coming across one irritating thing that i would really appreciate anyone with any knowledge of how to overcome it... The image attached shows my search bar, when you type in, for this example, the start of a postcode, the search bar shows the Name of the file with the JPG present... Does anyone know how I can remove that JPG wording within the search bar, I have noticed that the images from squarespace do not have this problem, where as images i upload onto the website do? Really grateful for any responses and thank you
  8. Hello, Squarespace support suggested I ask for help in this forum. I currently use Flatiron as my template (and I don't want to change it). I DO want to REMOVE / HIDE dates from Blog Posts. Squarespace said that certain templates do not allow for that and Flatiron is one of them. They suggested I ask for help on here regarding coding to REMOVE DATES from my Blog on Flatiron. Any help? Side bar- Coding is very, very new to me. I haven't a clue where to start. So, I decided to start here. Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer a newbie to coding
  9. Site URL: https://www.mattiaantonelliofficial.com/store/adobe-lightroom-dolomiti-preset-pack Hello, can you please help me with this request? I would like that a customer will be redirected to the shopping chart from the same button used to add an item to the cart. Once a customer clicks "add to cart" it would be great the button switches to "view chart". Anyone know how to do it? Many thanks for your time. Mattia
  10. I am trying to create a hover box with the title of my pieces on my grid gallery.I have no CSS experience, I would really appreciate the help! My template is: Ishimoto. Here's my site: http://www.studiobanan.com/
  11. Hello! I plan on changing our site template so that it will display the pages of our forthcoming comic book. Does anyone know which template is best suited for comic books or graphic novels? I've read that using the Blog feature to display our comic pages is a good way to go. Is this accurate? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://godhasnoedgerecords.co Hello, I have been trying to change the fonts on the product titles to match the rest of the font on the website.. I've tried all the codes in this post and others but it still isn't changing. I also need help changing some titles from a portfolio layout ( where it usually says project 1), I can't get that to change in the css either. https://godhasnoedgerecords.co GHNER to get in This is the link if someone can help figure out why the titles won't change to my custom font.
  13. Site URL: https://halibut-pug-a53x.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I just finished my site for desktop, but when viewing the site on mobile, the gallery at the top of the page gets cut off horizontally. Is there any CSS I can plug in to show the full image on mobile? Thank you so much! I'm on Squarespace 7.1.
  14. Site URL: http://www.inkahoot.com Hey everyone! Quick question as I'm trying to wrap my head around this problem: Has anyone developed multi-language websites and is aware of any way of doing so that doesn't involve prompting the user with a choice at the beginning and a redirect to language only pages?
  15. Site URL: https://www.atelierbymintstudio.dk/ Hi, i would like to remove the underline from my links, but only in the footer. Anyone who has a code for this?
  16. Site URL: http://www.humanbeingmankind.com THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry, i still need a bit more help! @tuanphan reference from this post: 1. This worked!!! Please advise me of the other code to make all the pages work! pages needed for include the all collections page.. but I would like 3 photos per row (6 total so 2 rows 3) is there anyway to change the order of them.. so that the last items on the desktop are the last items on mobile.. it seems like it fills column 1 then fills column 2... i would like it to fill row 1, then row 2.. and so on. 2. this worked! One thing, now the 'announcement banner' looks a bit strange because theres no padding between it and the banner photo. anyway to put this above the header at very top on mobile just like it is on desktop? also. this leaves a little bit of awkward space. (see attached for both) 3. on the mobile gallery, this also worked.. but one of the rows.. has one photo and then a blank space (see attached)
  17. Hello guys! First time posting here with a specific question that I hope y'all could help out with... Any other images I upload and preview through lightbox looks great! However, there's this one image that's kind of banner proportioned (character design turnarounds for animation) that will stretch too big and somewhat blurry when viewing through lightbox. If possible, how do I make this particular image crisp and not stretched out when viewing in lightbox? Many many thanks to those that pitches in and provides an answer!
  18. Site URL: http://www.damonomad.co Hello Squarespace gurus, I'm having trouble adjusting elements in the footer of my website. I'd like to eliminate the padding on top & bottom of the container to make the footer fit better under the page content. I'd also like for my email address to be closer to the "social icon" block, right justified. There seems to be spacing round the social icons that I can't chip into. Thanks in advance for the help!
  19. Site URL: https://www.crispymusic.net/ i keep getting a syntax error on line 1 of custom CSS i dont know why, heres the code im using: <script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script> <div class="elfsight-app-875cd077-465f-470c-89f0-f2006c18717b"></div>
  20. Site URL: http://www.eneri.net I am not a programmer and I have minimal knowledge, so I apologize if I use the terms wrong and causes confusion! I have an existing website, eneri.net, currently hosting with myhosting.com, domain registered and hosted at Network Solutions, and existing email is hosted at G-Suite. I need to move my web hosting over to squarespace, the email also needs to work. I have chatted with the SS customer support and I only got a bunch of links to documentation, they are not very clear on instructing what I need to do and if all this can work. The only thing I learned from the chat was, theoretically it will work. My questions here: - SS recommends that we "transfer" (instead of just "connecting/pointing the domain to the website") the domain hosting completely over to SS. Can someone really explain why ? Do we HAVE TO do that in order to gain access to the MX records, so I change it to point to Google/G-suite? - Will customer service help the migration when the time comes? So far I can only find support via chat and they copy and paste documents that doesn't sooth my concerns. I want to see if MORE technical support is available hidden somewhere. - How long will my email service be interrupted from the time I have to move the domain / transfer the domain, to changing the MX records ? Any smart ways to avoid downtime to a minimal? I care less about my website being down, but email is crucial. - Can someone list out a step by step list on what I need to do for the most seamless migration? Has anyone done this before and care to share the dos and don'ts, tips and tricks? - I don't want to "transfer" my domain hosting from Network Solutions to SS because I worry some years down the line I'll have to move web hosting, and it will be a pain or may not even be possible to get my domain name out. Is my worry valid? - Lastly an unrelated question - do we have to get the $18 business plan in order to use CSS?! Really? Thanks in advance and I hope I will get help here.
  21. Site URL: https://wearepercolate.com hello, need help on fixing the footer navigation on mobile version, it look messy. thanks!
  22. Hello! I am building a site using the Hester template and it won't let me add more than four columns to my product page. I would like to display 6 or 7 products per row instead of the four. Is there someone who could help me with this? Thanks! David
  23. Site URL: https://www.lukaseriksen.com/ So I really want to add a confetti animation to when someone purchases a product on my site. I have scoured the interwebs and have found some code which may let me do this, but I have no idea how i can integrate it into squarespace (https://codemyui.com/falling-confetti/) could anyone help me out with this? I would be super dooper thankful! Thanks in advance! Lukas
  24. I want my initial page to have an image of my logo in the middle of the (landing) page. The header/pages/logo is there though and I'm sure how to remove. On Wix you could simply disable them and I'm looking for a work around on here. Attached is a screenshot showing my header with my logo on the left and my pages on the right. The logo and pages need to go! Please reply with recommendations or code to help!
  25. Site URL: https://www.rwpho.com/ Hello, I would like to be able to have the wide aspect ratio pictures on my website be displayed larger than they are currently. They look very small compared to the vertical ones. Is there any way to do this? I am using wells template. Also, would love to know if there is a way to individually edit gallery options. I would like for the landing page gallery to be two images wide when viewed on a regular size computer, but one of the other pages only one image wide. Thank you so much for any help!
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